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Level2 2016-01-12
Bangsar is always full of people having sweet treats or yamcha session.The parking maybe hard to be found but since we went during weekday unpack timing,we get parking and place to sit faster. If you were to come at night or holiday ,get prepare for the long queue !This is a great place if you are chocolate sweet lovers.I may love chocolate sweet, but here is chocolate overdose. Dip and Dip use only the finest chocolate, offering an array of dessert items and beverages – from crepes, to cakes, to traditional hot chocolate. Whether it is white, milk or dark, they have all chocolate you want. As standard order from what other people normally posted online.The brownies crepe is a thin layer of brownie inside the crepe then completely bathed in chocolate with generous flow of white,dark and milk chocolate .Me myself love their Dip N Dip Waffle (RM39.50) with fresh fruits :banana, strawberries, kiwi, pineapple and again! Generous portion of milk chocolate. The waffle can get away your taste bud from chocolate boom as they have fruits which bring a bit sour taste. This plate has better crunch compare to brownies crepe. Besides,you can add a scoop of ice cream for RM3.50.Whereas a simpler version will be their chocolate waffle (RM17.00) which is classic waffle topped with the chocolate of your choice finishing with whipped cream. continue reading
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Level4 2015-09-29
I treated my boyfriend Dip N Dip as he lovechocolate. We planned to go at night, as it is easy to find car parking. Iguess everyone know where is Dip N Dip located in Bangsar? However, if some ofyou don’t really know the exact location. Here you go; they are located next tothe Nosh. The cafe offers wide varietiesof chocolate desserts and beverages that make you wanted to try all of them ifyou get a change. The cafe was nice with a comfortable table. If was full house when we arrived as most ofthe people drop by for dessert after dinner. The staff at the entrance welcomesus before seating us on the table. We ordered Triple Chocolate and Strawberry(4 Pieces)Triple chocolate was delicious. The crepe was thin, smooth and coated with 3 different types of chocolate and it was not too sweet for my liking. Triple Crepe @ RM 17 Big and juicy strawberry coated with a delicious melted chocolate. Wow!! The picture sure make you guys drooling right J J It was heaven. The sweetness of the chocolate contrast with the sourish strawberry was yummy. Strawberry (4 Pieces) @ RM 12.50A dessert make you smile. Indeed a true quote for Dip N Dip. Perfect dessert date with my boyfriend. Friendly service but it takes a while for them to serve your dessert and seeing people enjoying their dessert while you are waiting for your desserts make you drooling.Service Charge: 10%GST: 6%Dip N DipBangsarKuala LumpurTel: 03- 2201 5052 continue reading
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Level4 2014-08-16
I was hungry but my friend has already had his dinner. So I thought of coming here for light supper. I ordered a Cinnamon Crepe Pouch (RM 20.50) which I thought will be more filling than the rest. There was a lot of cream inside the thin pouch with bananas. It came with a Dark Chocolate Dip. we felt the cream was a bit too much especially since I am not a big fan of cream. Bananas are also too filling and makes one feel full easily with its amount of carbs. My friend ordered the Tripple Crepe (RM 17) which came with white and milk chocolate design. The thin crepe was much more delicious than mine. He ordered the Dip n Dip Caramel Dilatte (RM 18.90) which was amazing. The fusion of caramel and chocolate is a great combo. Again, I preferred his compared to mine which was why he offered me his crepe and I exchanged with him.I ordered the Dip n Dip Hot Chocolate (RM 15.50) with dark chocolate inside. But I felt there is nothing special. The worst is the pattern on the froth was not beautifully made. We had a fun time here which I enjoyed a lot. There is always a crowd in this cafe even though the food are quite pricey. Our late night dessert cost RM 79.09 for two people.  continue reading
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Level3 2014-04-10
The cafe is located in middle of row of shophouses, which is within walking distance from the Bangsar Village shopping malls. The place is quite packed and there is a quite a long queue snaking onto the road. It is considered one of hippest places for the youngs to relax with their friends. Dip ‘n dip started on the 15th of February 2009 in Syria and it has since expanded to other countries such as Canada and Malaysia. It is a cafe that specialized in chocolate desserts. The cafe decorated in bright colours with red armchairs and black tables. At the counter, one will never miss the 3 big chocolate fountains, in white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.As our group of 8 is considered quite huge, it takes quite awhile before a table is ready for us. Actually 3 small round tables are joined together for us. The staffs are quite well trained. There is an incident where a handicapped beggar goes around the tables begging for help. The staffs quickly surround the person and show her out in a swift and quiet manner.Triple Chocolate Crepe (RM17.00)Folded crepe, filled with chocolate and topped with 3 kinds of chocolate (milk, dark and white).Decorated very beautifully, one could not bear to eat it. Tastes great.Fettuccini Crepe (RM29.00/ Original, RM24.50/ Small)Crepe, cut fettuccini style, with 1 scoop of choice of ice cream, topped with choice of chocolate.The staff puts out quite a show when pouring the chocolate sauce onto the crepe. Interesting act of showmanship. Combined with the thick chocolate sauce, the crepe tastes not bad. And in shredded form, one can eat more easily.Brownies (RM11.00)Chocolate heavy brownie, served with ice cream, topped with the cafe's amazing chocolate.Feel that the brownies is a bit too dry and hard.Chocolate Shot (RM11.00)A shot glass filled with chocolate for one to sip, or simply eat with a spoon.Very thick and sinful. But also very small serving, even when compared to the takeaway version. Not worth the price.Cappuccino (RM12.00)Feel that the coffee is not strong in flavour.Green Mint Dipatte (RM16.00)The cafe's specialty which is a drink between hot chocolate, latte, and mocha, and served in white. chocolate mint version.Tastes quite sweet and thick for hot version, with a cooling mint aftertaste.After Eight Milk Shake (RM16.00)Mint flavour chocolate milk shake.Also another quite sweet drink. Tastes quite thick and creamy.Italian Soda (RM9.00)Selected Blue Curacao version. There is also other flavours such as lemon, raspberry, cherry, strawberry, and peach. Just a sweet coloured soft drink.Overall the desserts and drinks are not bad, but are all very highly overpriced. continue reading
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Level3 2014-02-12
I've been hearing about this for a year. So we decided to have a try at there.It was just near to Antipodean Cafe. We walked from Antipodean Cafe to here.Fortunately there were not so crowded at that moment. By the time we wanted to go out, there was a long queue for it. *lucky us*This shop is specialized in serving CHOCOLATE desserts.There are 2 areas, smoking and non-smoking areas.The aroma of chocolate in the atmosphere can be smelled once stepped into the shop. It is definitely the right place for CHOCOLATE LOVER to dine-in.If you can’t decide what to order, Dip N Dip can help you via this! =)Indeed, it is one of the most popular desserts at here. It’s very rich in chocolate. Few layered of thin crepe is folded and covered with a layer of milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. Definitely worth a try. There’s another dessert which similar to this, Brownies Crepe. *recommended*Waffle dipped in chocolate. The chocolate tasted like kit-kat? I’ve no idea as the chocolate was delicious despite the size of it. *recommended*It tasted like syrup, he said. For me, it is just a normal tea with different aroma. And it is refillable too. continue reading
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