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Whether you are a King or Queen, boy or girls,everyone is welcomed to this culinary regality DIM SUM KING VS STEAMBOATQUEEN, serving both Dim Sum and Steamboat delicacies all under one roof atSunway Mentari here.Previously known as Fatty Cat Steamboat restaurant,it has since been taken over and renamed royally before embarking on animmensely wider spread of choice, from sumptuous little Oriental morsels underseasoned chef of 20 years to piping hot steamboat broth ranging from the Macau-inspiredpork bone soup, tom yam or porridge.Food are reasonably priced here and I can’t help butto indulge more on the dim sum selections, which are notably very well executeddeliciously with assured freshness. Dim Sum are served throughout the morning tilllunch time while steamboat feast proceed later on till at night. Steamboat (All You Can Eat) MYR 38++.Dim Sum (Ala-Carte) MYR 4.60 nett eachFret not over sweating as comfortable dining areaare there to cool you off while ‘steaming’ with the steamboat-ing session. Also delights in an assorted array of homemademeatballs, imported beef, lamb and mussels from New Zealand and fresh oysterstoo!As we usually prefer our steamboat broth to beclear, we opted for the signature and crowd’s favorite Pork Bone Soup, thatsurprises the taste buds of ours with its sweet sapidness from the pork bonewith an added smoothness from the milk too. Watching it slowly boiled in thepot together with the other ingredients are enough to get us drooling lots!But let’s not be too impatient and savour their uberawesome Dim Sum spread first, shall we? (=Diners could choose from over 50 types of choices-steamed or fried dim sums, with chee cheong fun and varieties of porridge towarm up your tummy. As we have steamboat session coming up next, so we stick tosome lighter bites instead such as crystal shrimp dumpling, steamed siew mai, porkribs with black bean sauce, golden bun aka custard bun, sesame pastry withlotus, pan fried carrot cake and the list goes on. And my best bet would be their prawn-themed noshsuch as har kau, fried or prawn dumpling. Each mouthful bites suggestsbounteous juiciness fully-packed in it rendering an unmistakable satisfactionas reflected by our facial expression (=Ensue soon is steamboat time!A luscious plate of delish combination with handmadedumplings too!On top of that, diners could also actually havetheir chosen ingredients to be dished out in their favorite flavours such assalted egg crab, or spicy chilli too. Now that is another steal to this marvelousdim sum-steamboat combo establishment (= Ah, don’t forget to tickle the sweet tooth of yourswith Polar brand ice popsicles or even waffle ice creams too, gently revivingmy childhood memories, hehe. So are you ready for the battle between the King andQueen? Who will triumph in the end, taste wise? Hehe. The only way to justifyit is to come and find out sioon, which wins the cockles of your heart more,the dim sum or the steamboat (=Cheersfor now and follow us at Carpe Diem for more ‘food-ful’ discoveries! ❤ℒℴѵℯ❤To stay updated, join and follow me for more sharing of what’s in vogue and happening in town. For more yummy food adventures, feel free to drop by :https://www.facebook.com/joiedevivrelasshttp://lwinlee.blogspot.com/2015/09/lwin-lee-dim-sum-king-vs-steamboat.htmlYou can also follow me on Instagram (@lwinwenli) and Twitter (@lwinlee) formore photo sharing or just to say Hi. continue reading
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Level4 2015-08-31
This restaurant will start serving steamboat buffet from 3PM onwards. I have tried the Dim Sum therefore is time to try the steamboat. They few types of soup base is available here such as clear soup, tom yam however my own preference is Pork Bone soup. For your information, there is no additional charge for Pork Bone soup here. Really worth it, I can save about RM50 of it. While waiting for the soup to be boiled, let me take some of my favourite meatballs.Since this is the buffet steamboat, you can take whatever ingredient that you like at the designated area. They are quite a wide array of meatballs or fish available here. According to the  server, most of the meatballs are house made. I glad to hear that cause I dislike frozen foods. They seafood as well such as oysters, prawn, crabs, mussel, scallop etc. You even can request for Fried Crabs as well without additional charge. So good!I have ordered some Yong Tao Fu such as Stuffed eggStuffed red chiliVegetable with fish paste spread- this is nice to eat. The fish paste is soft. Pork slicesThe soup was tasted even sweeter after all the ingredients have been cooked together. I had 3 bowls of soups in a row. I love it!Apart from the above steamboat, snacks are also available here. Fried chicken wing is the all time favourite snack, well marinated and deep fried to golden brown colour. Platters consist of Fried Wanton, Fried dumpling and Fried fish paste. Is good to pair with steamboat.Ice cream is available too. I like to have dessert after meal, herbal jelly will be the right choice thereafter.If you are steamboat lover, you should try the pork bone soup. Sweet and no thirsty after syndrome. Also, most of their meatballs are freshly made daily to ensure freshness of the food. Pleae do not forget to try the snack as well. It is good too!! continue reading
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Level4 2015-08-30
想吃点心?又想steamboat?这里可以一次过满足你的欲望!previously的Fatty Cat Steamboat,现在已改头换面,steamboat不再是Ala Carte而是buffet style, 也多添了点心。50多样蒸的或炸的点心,以及包点,甜或咸的,都任由你选,这里就是要你吃到饱!品尝了那么多样化的点心,我觉得炸的点心做得比较出色,而且一定要配上店家自制的mayonnaise,味道更是再上一层楼! 鱼皮煎虾角(pan fried fish paste with prawn) 这是必点!XO炒萝卜糕(XO sauce fried carrot cake) 炒得很够味,萝卜糕是软的,吃不了辣的可要小心,这辣度有点强。它的鸡翅也是必点!steamboat的汤底我们选了它家最有名的猪骨汤。这猪骨汤底是老板特意飞到澳门去拜师学艺,可见得老板为了顾客的胃下了不少功夫啊。虽然成意十足,但这奶白色的汤底并不是纯猪骨熬出来的,是有加了牛奶。老板在解释当儿有强调汤底是没添加MSG,但舌头是骗不了人,当晚我确实喝了不少的水解渴,或许是吃了含有味精的食物,并非汤底?马来西亚的steamboat肯定少不了各式口味的肉丸与海鲜丸啦!虽然大多属于冷冻类的肉丸,但有一部份是纯手工制做的。海鲜大部份是New Zealand进口的,为了保持食材的新鲜,尤其是生蚝,店家只摆放少许剥开了的生耗在外面,员工手脚其实也挺快的,它们快没了就会立刻补上。肉类吃太多,吃点蔬菜帮助消化 (^^)各式面条把它拿来捞猪骨汤也蛮赞的。吃了咸的,一定要来点甜的,作为完美的结句。 continue reading
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Dim Sum King vs Steamboat Queen, as you can see from the name this restaurant is selling dim sum and also steamboat. Currently, dim sum is available during day time while steamboat is available at night.Comfortable dining place.Having been in the culinary and hospitality industry for over 20 years, Dim Sum King vs Steamboat Queen's chef only present the good quality dim sum but with reasonable price to patrons.These Dim Sum's skin is too thick.Feel satisfied with the dim sum that i had.Snacks and appetisers menu is available. It's just nice to order some while you are bored waiting for your steamboat or looking for some light foods.Deep fried dumplings and wantons are so crunchy and crispy. *Yum*Crispy yet savory fried chicken wing but quite oily.It’s eat-all-you-can steamboat here, there are 3 type of soups to choose (pork bone, tom yam or porridge).Pork bone soup is their signature, so of course we have to try this! Cooked in Macau cooking style and prepared a day in advance with vegetable stock, pork bones and some milk for smoother and richer flavour, so you will see creamy color of pork bone soup. It's good to have your steamboat dinner here because all soups are made with natural ingredients without added MSG.*MSG - Monosodium glutamate is the sodium salt of glutamic acid, one of the most abundant naturally-occurring non-essential amino acids.My favourite meatball corner =) It's hard to get fresh premium and imported ingredients in a steamboat house but Dim Sum King vs Steamboat Queen provided few imported ingredients such as the beef, lamb,mussels and oysters.You can enjoy premium seafoods also such as baby lobsters,ming prawns and scallops. How's great you can enjoy your steamboat dinner in a fully air-con restaurant, with premium and fresh ingredients! Totally worth it!Last but not least, dessert used to be a treat after dinner, colourful ice-cream to relieve your stress after work.Overall, we satisfied our meal at Dim Sum King vs Steamboat Queen. Don't worry Money burns a hole in your pocket, the value you get is more than you paid. Dim Sum King vs Steamboat QueenNo.12 & 12A, Jalan PJS 8/17, Dataran MentariPetaling Jaya 46150Tel: 03-5613 7707 continue reading
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Level2 2015-08-26
This is newly opened at Sunway Mentari, Petaling Jaya which is located at the back of Fat One Steamboat. The interior design of the restaurant is classy and beautiful. There are serving both dim sum and steamboat. Dim sum is served in the morning, while steamboat buffet is served at night. According to the chef, their dim sum and some of the steamboat materials are homemade food. Overall, I like the dim sum as it is fresh and delicious. There are various type of seafood served such as crabs, scallop, prawns, oyster and etc. Try out their pork bone soup which is a little bit milky, it is their signature soup. You will definitely fall in love to the soup. For steamboat loveres, this is definitely one of your must go steamboat place to dine in!Dim Sum King vs Steamboat QueenAddress: No.12 & 12A, Jalan PJS 8/17, Dataran Mentari, 46150 Petaling Jaya Contact Number: +603-5613 7707Business Hours:Tue to Sun (10am – 3pm, 5pm – 11pm)Sat to Sun & Public Holiday (9am – 3pm, 5pm – 11pm)Closed on Mondays continue reading
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