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Level4 2013-07-05
Fried Mee SiamMade another trip back at Demi Tasse for some value for money lunch meal As usual, this eatery located at Wisma Cozway is always that packed during this time, but I don’t expect today to have to queue a little longer But that’s fine so long I get to order what I intend to eat that day.This humble plate of fried mee siam to me seems ordinary, thought it has received a positive feedback from my friend earlier. The vermicelli is stir-fried thoroughly with some sour and spicy paste so that each strain of noodle is decently spiced. It’s accompanied with some slices of omelette, garlic , onions and some julienned cabbages to make it a heartier meal. Oh ya, you may choose to top it off with either grilled chicken or chicken rending as side dish. One good thing about it is that the noodle is cooked al dente so that it is not too soft and thus, still have some slight tanginess. Pretty decent I suppose. continue reading
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