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Level4 2015-04-19
This is the third celebratution of dad's birthday. Since we have eaten sushi for lunch and thai cuisine last night and I had Italian on Friday night, I decided to try something totally new tonight. Since yesterday I chanced upon this place which was teeming with people at dinner time, I thought of trying this for dinner today and find out for myself what is the big fuss is about. Apparently, this place totally has the hunanese feel with every table ordering super spicy food and  I even thought that only Szechuan food is super spicy. Ok back to business. The first appetizer that came was some seaweed laden with a lot of red cili padi and chopped garlic and chilli oil. One small little taste and we ended up with our entire body being fired up. Oh did I mention if costs RM 3.50 for that cili padi? The first main course is the  (RM 18). I have requested that they changed the original Japanese beancurd to normal Chinese natural tofu as Japanese tofu has too much chemicals. Even me who never eat oily part of pork actually ate so many pieces of oily fatty parts of pork that were thinly sliced and used to cook this dish to make it more fragrant. There was so much green and red chillies inside that we had to pick every single one out in order not to end up like the red tomato. Unfortunately, dad forgot to pick the cili padi out so he ended up like a red tomato or apple and was sweating profusely till the end of the meal and had to literally douse himself in Pu Er Tea. The next dish is the Sizzling Skewered Lamb in Hunan Local Style (RM 25). If we were in a cold weather, like in China or Nepal or Tibet, this is perfect. The meat is superb, juicy and thinly sliced and rid of the fats. The chopped onions liberally placed on top were a great accompaniment. The weird thing was that the waitress actually took our plate of lamb skewers away and brought it to another table, while I kept shouting to her that we have already touched the food. I mean, if she dared to do that to us, then she would have done this to some other customers. A bit scary in terms of hygiene and fancy them getting A for Cleanliness. I guess the officer did not notice this. The finale main dish is the Hunan Yuen and Yang Style Song Fish Head (RM 48) which has red and green cili padi generously placed to on top, so much that it would have been better for us if the chef were a little less generous. Sometimes, too much of something causes a little harm for the taster? This is the ultimate dish for those who love spicy food. My dad was sweating so much his sweat was raining down his face at this time whereas I was enjoying it a lot as I am a big fan of all things spicy. In fact, I did not sweat at all. I guess I am not called the Spice Queen for nothing though I am not big on cili padi and prefer spice in terms of paste instead. To my parents, the spiciness is overbearing but to my dad and I, the fish head is so fresh, juicy, soft and succulent. I love flooding the chinese ramen or homemade white noodles in the fish sauce, something like super spicy laksa, perhaps towards the thai style. Surprisingly, I did not even scream for water or tea and the only time I felt this way was when I are the spiciest appetizer in the world. We finished every morsel of fish and kept fishing for more fish. The fish head did not have any smell at all. I guess the China Chinese Chef is most skilful in preparing this. I noticed that a couple could not even finish 1 dish of only the Hunan Yuen and Yang Style Song Fish Head, probably because the portion is too big. So I highly recommend that you order the small portion at RM 48 and just another vegetable dish will do. Because even our 3 dishes for 3 pax is too much. There were people ordering the Fried Orange Potatoes as dessert but we think it is way too oily for our health conscious palate. Perhaps if I were to come with some youth or colleagues, then we can try this, but then again,I never have so many YOUNG people to come with me. Does that make me old? Maybe. A lot of other patrons order the spicy brinjal and also the many claypot and sizzling dishes that this place seems to be popular for. Perhaps Hunan is a very cold place hence the requirement for claypot dishes and a lot of ostrich, lamb, beef and oily pork. The rice is also cooked in a special way that is steamed in small claypot plates that look like Japanese plates or dare I say, Flower Pot filter plates? The grains are long. My dad like the place so much that he says he wanted to come here again this week but surely we will opt for the less spicy options. The food and drinks are very pricey, as with all other restaurants opened by China Chinese nationals in Kuchai Lama wherein the tea alone would cost RM 10 per pot. There were 10% Sales Tax and also 6% GST. So the entire meal came up to RM 129.20 after the taxes, appetizer (RM 3.50),  cold towel (RM 0.90) and also expensive tea (RM 10). continue reading
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可能自小就生活在融合不同种族的社会里,很早就接触到辣椒的食物。友族同胞的sambal, rendang和印度同胞的curry让我(相信大部分的马来西亚朋友们也有同感)练成了一身的爱吃辣的功夫。这次我们来尝尝湖南湘菜馆的菜肴。店里客似云來,服务员们来来回回的穿插,建议先打个电话来订位,不然得站在门外等位哦。服务方面不知道是不是因为生意太好的关系,大致上服务员的反应有点慢。需要一直提醒他们过来点菜/收款。店里的墙上挂满了大大小小的辣椒串装饰,仿佛在告诉我等下会把我个半死。嘿嘿。看起长得不怎么样(阿七还说像呕吐物><), 不要被它给骗了。因为好好吃哦。。。咸蛋黄的香,配上滑嫩的豆腐,可是让我谋杀了不少白饭。店里的招排菜,几乎每桌一盘。包菜炒得很有火候,拌炒的辣椒干为单调的炒包菜带来微辣的刺激。好吃!相比咸蛋黄豆腐和手撕包菜,算是比较弱的一样。可是我还是被那红红的辣椒油給逼得流了一身汗跟几滴眼泪,哈哈。马来西亚的天气长年如夏,可是偶尔吃吃这样们美味的川菜,流流汗,还是很爽的!我还会再来!!湖南湘菜馆Restaurant De HunanNo2, Jln kuchai maju 6,Off jln kuchai lama,58200 KLBusiness Operating Hours:11:00am - 11:00pmOpen DailyTel: 03-79879318食物: ♥♥♥♥♡价格: ♥♥♥♡♡环境: ♥♥♥♡♡服务: ♥♥♡♡♡♥♥蛋蛋ZapPaLang的美食部落格 http://zap-pa-lang.blogspot.com/ continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-21
The name itself actually tells a lot about the dishes. Hunan is a province of the People’s Republic of China near the Xiang river region, thus Hunan cuisine also being known as Xiang cuisine. Hunan cuisine, already being noted a cuisine with great usage of chili peppers is very well known with those fiery hot and spicy flavours. In Kuchai Lama, Restaurant De Hunan serves all authentic Hunan dishes and they all served with fresh aroma and very deep bright red pepper colour. Not to mention they are all piquant and peppery.The Spicy Steam Fish at RM 68 dilates all vessels in me, not to mention how it instantly perks all my senses into reaching the zenith. The fish all covered with chili and spring onion already tells the flavour with the beautiful colour of the dish.This dish is perfect to go with steam white rice, although I can honestly tell you that a bowl might not be sufficient for a meal with more than three spicy dishes. continue reading
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Level3 2013-07-08
这里的食物都蛮辣的,喜欢吃辣的朋友,这里可是你最棒的选择哦...!可是对我来说就不太好啦,因为我不太爱辣食物,我每次都喝水喝到饱,尤其是又辣又热的,真的很像运洗澡后,满身大汗,哈哈!! continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-09
吃了那么多重口味的食物,这个汤简直就是舒缓了口腔里面留下来的厚重味道。这个玉米汤很清甜,喝得出来是经过很多玉米还有排骨长时间熬煮下来的。汤色呈现奶白色,淡淡的,甜甜的。 continue reading
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