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Level4 2015-10-26
The best friend and myself had been craving for something non-local to eat. Since it's a Friday, we were not looking forward to driving into town where the traffic would be too crazy and then leaving would be another problem too. So we opted to dine at our favourite Korean place in Solaris which is DaoRae+. We arrived a little before the dinner rush hour so the restaurant was not too packed and we got a table instantly the moment we arrived. The staff were hospitable though not many of them smiles but that's easily overlooked since they are quite prompt with taking orders and also serving all the side dishes once you have ordered what you wanted. One thing I really like about Korean meals is the assorted ban-chan that are served to you without additional charge. Most of it are in small portions but refillable (perhaps for free) when asked, but please do not take this for granted and merely gorge on these without ordering anything else. The ones served at DaoRae is quite the same as those served at other korean establishments. Their kimchi is really pungent and delicious although I am not sure if it is homemade or store bought. They also serve a nice bowl of salad with some sauce that I was not too sure what it was. Although it took a little long to arrive, they also provided a small plate of korean pancake. But I wasn't too fond of it because it tasted mostly like flour and was a little on the bland side. This was our main which we ordered to share. It's Kimchi Stew with Pork Belly slices and also ramen. If kimchi stew is your favourite thing then this will be even better to order because the soup packs an amazing punch, especially after it continuously boils while the ramen & tteokbogkki thickens to soup. I suggest ordering this to share between two people as there is plenty of other ingredients in it such as pork slices, tteok, tofu, kimchi and other vegetables. Then the ramen itself will make you feel full while you continuously drink the soup. Which is refillable because we asked for it and they added another bowl of it without charging extra. So yes, order this and share. Although our first main dish was enough to fill both of us happily, I wanted to order the Beef Bulgolgi because it's currently a favourite of mine. The one at DaoRae is probably one of the top 3 that I've tried because the beef is very tender but also flavourful from the marinade that they use and it also comes with the rice cakes. I was super full from the ramen and just indulging in those side dishes, but somehow the two of us managed to finish this dish. And also the kimchi stew with little to no waste.At the end of the meal as we asked for the bill, a waiter brought out two glasses of plum juice and also a plate of fruits complimentary of the restaurant. Although my friend did not like the drink, I did because it's not overly sweet nor was it super tangy. This I really liked about dining at DaoRae, they always provide a good start and end to the meal without being too overly priced or commercialised like some other establishments.Also just as you leave, someone will give you a lollipop each. Which I think is quite cute and nice touch that makes the patron want to return soon for the good food & service.   continue reading
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