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Level4 2015-11-15
Cubs and Cups is a community cafe that is very unique as it is catered for those with dogs. Not many cafes and restaurants allow dogs to be brought in. There are many house rules on the wall, such as owners need to pick up after their pets and are not allowed to bring in aggressive pets and that if dogs are unleashed, they need to be guarded by the owners.There are two big husky dogs, Nachos and Mocha that are owned by the Korean owners. They roam around as the cafe is their playground and home. One of them wear a diaper, to prevent them from pooing everywhere. They roam on the upper ground and mingle with all customers who are definitely dog lovers. The darker fur husky that is older has less energy and lies in the middle of the place.I like playing with the puppies and dogs here. I especially like the puppies belonging to other customers such as terriers, pomeranians, spaniels and shih tzu. They all roam around freely but some are a bit shy because they do not know who are the customers.The other good part about this place is the tasty food at affordable prices. When it comes to taste, we can be rest assured if we have a team of Koreans at the kitchen and as barrista. The Hazelnut Latte (RM 13) was quite delicious with hazelnut taste inside. The heart on the foam is slightly not that perfect. There was a special offer of a free pink lemonade with any LIKE on their Facebook page and order of any drinks.We love the Churro Waffles (RM 20) that are coated in sugar and served with little caramel and chocolate sauce. The waffles are sweet, crispy and delicious to be eaten like finger food.The Avocado Pizza (RM 28) is also quite special. Since to me, avocado is tasteless, I requested for them to add in pepperoni at RM 3 which made it more filling. The pizza is very thin and crispy and was still tasty even after it was cold. It was done like classic Italian pizza.I am definitely coming back here as it is a fantastic place to make friends and to get rid of loneliness. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2015-08-26
Being in a Muslim dominated country, it is rare to find a place for dog-lovers to go to with their fur babies (aside from Desa Park City) for a cuppa. Which is why Cubs & Cups at Desa Sri Hartamas is a place to go if you are an owner of some pups and would like to meet other dog owners. I had read a review about this new cafe and was instantly attracted to it. Being a dog-lover myself, I thought it would be a nice place to hang with friends who too adore the four legged fluffs. So that's where we headed to on the weekend for some coffee and chats.To no surprise that the place was rather busy around 1pm-2pm as it was time for people to get their fix of caffeine. There were also many pet owners there with their furry friends which are on leashes so no chaos would ensue. Thankfully many of them were friendly and if asked politely would allow people to pet their dogs. A witty caption that would greet you as soon as you enter the cafe. They also have a wooden picket fence and door to keep any fur babies from running out, so it would be greatly appreciated if everyone remembered to close it upon entering. We waited about 10 minutes for a table as it was rather busy considering that it was a weekend. But the interior is incredibly cosy with minimalist decoration and warm lighting. A pleasant place to hang out, grab a drink and chat with friends. As always, my coffee beverage of choice is always Cafe Latte priced at Rm13.00. Upon paying at the counter, I spotted many different types of coffee making machine that looked very fancy which in my mind meant that they will have good drinks. Only when I received my drink I was left feeling disappointed before even tasting it.Firstly the colour in itself told me that the Latte has more milk than I am used to. Perhaps some people prefer it that way however for me, being a coffee lover, I would prefer if I could taste to coffee. Which I did not get from Cubs & Cups. Furthermore I tried my friend's Americano and was also disappointed at how diluted it tastes. Usually I'm cringing at how bitter the coffee is, to a point where it's borderline sour, because I'm not used to drinking it that way. But the Americano from Cubs & Cups did not get any sort of reaction.Another friend's order of Green Tea Latte priced at Rm12 was slightly more promising. However it is not the best that we've had before despite it being a step or two higher than the standards of Starbucks. No surprise as the brewery method and beans used differs.Do not be surprised if there are pups wandering around the store, greeting you with excitement as the owner's huskies and pomeranian are occasionally allowed to wander around the store. Finding ourselves slightly peckish, we ordered a Chicken Club sandwich to share. This looked and smelled promising. The sandwich consist of a nice crusty bread, a portion of pan seared chicken breast which was not dry, some bacon, lettuce, tomato, fried egg, cheese and lots of mayo. Not bad at all. As good as it tasted, I was definitely shocked by the price. This cost Rm26 and for a sandwich with some side of fries, it's definitely more expensive than I would have ever thought to pay. Though considering the many ingredients, I guess that's the standard price?Rather disappointed by the coffee and food, but it is a nice place to go to on the weekend especially if you like dogs.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)