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Level3 2016-05-30
Hidden among the hipster area at Publika, Coffee Stain by Joseph serves you aromatic coffee and provide you cozy ambience to chill on.Coffee is what this place takes pride on, roasted coffee beans that being brewed perfectly. Besides, they serve you a wide range of desserts, pasta, waffle and rice. When you step into the café, you will be overwhelmed by their hipster vibes, where people would have their meeting here and sipping over their coffee, bonding with their friends or enjoy some me-time here.Their cappuccino is real good, both the taste and the coffee art. The bitterness is just right and it tastes smooth. It’s served warm to ensure that you’ll be able to taste the aroma of the coffee. Definitely worth the penny you spend.Creamy chicken carbonara. Comes together with boneless chicken thighs, garden peas, carrot slices, mushrooms with creamy valuate. It has strong flavor of vegetables so if you’re a healthy maniac then you should go for this.Every day is a cheat day! This Banana Frenchie indeed worth every pound of calories. Crispy and fluffy French toast topped off with Caramelised Bananas, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, flaked almonds, berries, strawberries and icing sugar.The toast is super fluffy and soft; perfectly match with the moist yet sweet banana. The strawberries on the other hand taste a bit sour and it complements well with the banana and toast. This plate is served warm, with ice cream that literally melts in your mouth; it will get your craving fixed.If pasta and desserts is not your thing, you may try their Japanese curry chicken rice. Rice topped with sweet Japanese curry and a sunny side up, the portion is big enough to make you stuffed. Authentic or not we will let you decide.Go with their daily special menu and you will be able to get free chocolate drink with one main dish. Of course you can choose from hot chocolate or cold chocolate. Milk is added to the drink so it won’t be too sweet to drink.This brightly-lit café is suitable for every occasions, be it a hang out, throw over a party, or a place to chillax. Comfy environment with good food served, if you have some time to spare, do drop by here! continue reading
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Coffee Stain By Joseph is apopular cafe for their 3D art and latte art. It has been in my food bucket listfor quite some time and this week I finally got time to visit the cafe. CoffeeStain By Joseph is located at Publika, Solaris Dutamas. The cafe serves coffee,desserts and some main courses that looks amazing in the menu. We were welcomedby the staff at the entrance and we choose our own place to sit (somewhereQuite & got socket to plug our laptops). The ambiance of the cafe waslovely with certificates and awards hanging on the wall. Impressive!! It wasempty when we arrived around 6.30pm but it was filling up after that fordinner. I ordered Flat White and Creamy Chicken Carbonara. Flat White was smooth and delicious. My boyfriend loved it. Flat White @ RM 12 Carbonara was creamy but it needs an additional egg to have creamier texture. The sauce is just nice for the pasta and the combination of vegetable and meat in my pasta is something new for me rather than my usual bacon + egg carbonara. Creamy Chicken Carbonara @ RM 24.90It is a good place to do assignment. Quite, calm and relaxenvironment and perfect place to hang out with friends for a cup of coffee.Friendly service and sure would drop by again for their coffee.Service Charge: 6% GST: 6%Coffee Stain By Joseph D4-G3-01, Solaris Dutamas 50480 Kuala Lumpur Tel: 03- 6211 2022 Website: www.coffeestain.my/enquiry@coffeestain.my continue reading
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I am a BIG COFFEE LOVER.....BUT I HAVE NEVER MADE A CUP OF COFFEE USING A COFFEE MACHINE...well, duh I am a commoner of the public, not that I am of royal blood hahaha....Anyway, now that I have gotten a chance of a Coffee Appreciation Class or more accurately, called Latte Art Class at the most appropriate place, Coffee Stain by Joseph at Publika, I jumped at the chance. I rushed from office to class for 7-9 pm.We had the privilege of a Yemen head barista named Yeman to teach and guide us.The purpose of barista education for the public is not to waste the coffee beans and to educate the public on how to make coffee the correct way.I would like to share some of the steps in making coffee using the Simonelli coffee machine. With the help of patient Yeman, I was able to follow the class with his every step and navigation:1. Take out the water filter. Cleanse. Press out the water.2. Grind the coffee3. Level Up. Temping4. Clean water filter to remove small particles5. Lock and extract coffee6. Steam the coffee - We had a lot of practice of this step. According to Yeman, practice makes perfect.7. Pour out the coffee with cup at 45 degrees.The Result. Alright my heart shape is smaller than my other friends but then the Fun is much more!3 D Coffee Art:To create 3D coffee art, it is important to have a very thick, hard and dry foam and a very thin stick to draw the eyes of the cartoon or figurines with thick sauce.Yeman showed his prowess and skill in 3D Latte Art, something that not many upscale coffee places have.The normal Latte Art Class here is for the duration of 3 hours for RM 288, and it is done very privately with personal touch as there are only 2 pax in a class.More Details:Add: Solaris Dutamas, 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaTel: 60362112022(Solaris)Website: http://www.coffeestain.my/ continue reading
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Level4 2015-12-25
Everyone would like to be a barista so do I , It looks cool to me to be a barista since I wanted to learn Long time ago , Thank to Coffee Stain and Openrice for the wonderful Barista Training Classes with great Experience I had .Discover Coffee , The Workshop where we Learn the essential barista skills to get me started on my barista skill . The workshop focuses on the key skills required to set on grinder , make espresso, and foam and texture milk for great cappuccinos . The course also touches on some basic information on the daily care of your equipment .If you are looking for a job in the café industry this barista training course will give you a fantastic advantage . It is designed with the coffee novice in mind with no previous experience needed for the course . . After a brief introduction you will move straight onto the machines where you will spend the day perfecting your skills under the supervision of a professional.Our Trainer of day , Barista Yemen from myanmar the champion of Barista 2013 . Today he gonna teach us step by step from beginner Basic Home barista Skill and Latte art for two hour .First step , We learn how to steam Proper cappuccinos and lattes require microfoam . Microfoam in the pitcher does not look like a foam , since the bubbles are too small and it must use cold chill milk to make it . Highly skill required for the Microfoam to success and luckily I made it 80% perfect for microfoam . They said I'm a fast learner trainee . at first I was feel afraid too .Second Step , Grind The coffee bean and weighting the coffee powder . As a barista "Daily Grind" where coffee is concerned , the daily grind should be the rich , spicy aroma created by the grinding of fresh roasted coffee . as i know there was seven type of grind that available at all the cafe out there : Extra Coarse Grind - Coarse Grind - Medium-Coarse Grind - Medium Grind - Medium-Fine Grind - Fine Grind - Extra Fine Grind . what we need and do here is Extra Fine Grind . The grind levels presented in small increments to get the flavor you want .Third Step , Brewing a perfect cup of coffee is the enjoyment of fine coffee . as a newbie I don't really know is the brew was perfect or not . grind between 18-21 grams of coffee into portafilter , Swipes the coffee powder by drawing a finger across then apply tamper push downward and a gentle spin to just enough to seal the coffee in evenly . Put the portafilter in the grouphead and start press on the button to get my shot . The shot should start with a slow drip, then develop into a gentle, even stream .Last Step , Pour amazing latte art and learn how to make hearts, rosettas and leafs as well . pouring the steamed milk into my espresso cup and maintain a consistent speed and need to pour gently . Once the milk nears the top of the cup, draw the milk straight back through the center of the fern pattern to create a stem .Since Yemen says that I'm Learning fast , I Created my very own 3D Coffee art while others still trying on their Coffee making and coffee art . I don't know what figure I have done (actually I'm trying to do big hero 6 in a hot tab)but still able to see my 3D floating beside the coffee cup .kitten in cup done by YemenThanks to Trainer Yemen for the great experience coffee art class and from today on I able to show off my talent to all the girls out there that love to drink coffee or for the coffee art , girls love a guy barista that knows to do coffee art .Anyone that would like to learn on the coffee machine , you can find out Discover Coffee workshop that located at Publika , Or can be contacted at : Phone:010-401 4314 Email:admin@discovercoffee.cohttp://eddyrushfatboy.blogspot.my/2015/12/discover-coffee-by-coffee-stain.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-11
Another cosy place to consider whenever you are out looking for some nice place to have a cuppa. Coffee Stain by Joseph is located at Publika and has been spreading by words of mouth pertaining to their 3D art design, but at an additional charge of course. Coffee aroma wise, is good and nothing to complain about.For more foodie rolls, feel free to drop by http://lwinlee.blogspot.com/2014/02/coffee-stain-by-joseph-publika-solaris.htmlCheers! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)