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Level4 2016-03-30
Very good service, responsive and fast.This restaurant adapted Tune Hotel's style, where by you pay for RM6.90 for a basic set of steambot for one pax, and charged separately for add-on orders. Rm1 for tissue/sweet sauce, Rm5-15 for tofu, meatballs, vegetables, lamb/beef slice, skewers, RM8 for a bowl of Assam Fish Head, Rm2 for dessert, Rm3 for a glass of herbal drink.They served 2 soup paste, chicken and Tomyam. I personally preferred chicken paste. After putting so much things inside and boil it well, the soup became so fresh and sweet,l. And I like to put the yam inside the soup and boiled it until real soft, it's like the best steambot dish ever!However, things came with quite a price at the end for we just ordered a few extra dishes, it costs us about RM98 for 4 of us. continue reading
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We had a pre-Chinese New Year (CNY) gathering with my cell group on 29 Jan 2016, Friday. I have never heard of NSK having a steamboat restaurant. I did a quick search on some blogs and found out that this place is famous for fresh steamboat.It is akin to a supermarket with even more varieties than the conventional market. All the items are shrink-wrapped. Whenever we ran out of food or ingredients for the steamboat, we would take a basket to go shopping for more.The prices of food is very reasonable, whereby if compared to most places, eg Bone and Pot and etc, a small plate of mushrooms would definitely cost at least RM 8 but it merely cost RM 5 for all the types of mushrooms. The greens like yao ma, spinach, salad vegetables etc only cost RM 3.80 per plate.Everything here is fresh, reasonably priced and have high quality.There was even a deep fried fish head set with bihun, salted vegetables, tofu etc whereby the whole set only cost RM 10.90. There was also a big fish set with cuttlefish costing only RM 23.90.My favourite item is the yellow and white dome-shaped ball with fish roe inside. There is something similar but the outside is totally white in colour.The quail egg (5 in a stick) costs RM 2 whereas the century egg costs RM 3 for a stick of 5.Our Yee Sang has very fresh and thick pieces of raw salmon and costs RM 55. The salmon is so fresh and cost only RM 15 for 2 big slices and RM 10 for a smaller portion.The scallops and mussels only cost RM 5 for five pieces! I felt like taking a basketful of those.The only downside is the soup has too much MSG that caused me to be dehydrated. The worst was that the tom yam soup was tasteless and did not contain any taste of sour and spicy at all.This is our final bill for almost 16 pax was merely RM 29 per person.Details:Address: NSK Trade City, L 01, L 02, Jalan 1/127, Wilayah Persekutuan, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaPhone:+60 3-7980 0874 continue reading
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I am always mad about steamboat. I am a total steamboat lover. My friend brought me to this place few days back and I was totally shocked with the crowds. We waited in the queue for about 30min. The place is huge, it consists of more than 100 tables. Each servings per pax is only at RM6.90 and you will be getting a middle size prawn, a cube of fish, fish balls, slice fish cake, strings of fish noodle, vegetables, noodle, egg, toufu, and a half crab. yes, half piece of flowery crab.all the seafood are so fresh, and it is supplied from the hypermart located at the ground floor.you can have the choice of the standard broth soup base, or the famous tomyam soup base. usually people will go for the combination pot, so everyone got a chance to taste on both of the soup.the serving portion is so reasonable. it is just nice for a person, but just in case if you want more, you can always order from the ala-carte menu.i will strongly advice you to make reservation if you having the large numbers of group. they even have a karaoke room for those that ordered the VIP package. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)