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Level1 2018-04-23
春秋战锅以其复古的装潢,设计出现代版的春秋时代,是一家非常有个性的特色火锅自助餐厅,连HoChak都到访过这里哦!自助餐开始时,店里的‘将军’会先献上冒烟的霜降牛肉。冉冉白烟遮掩着色泽红润的牛肉,在视觉上简直超霸气、超有feel的!据店员说,牛肉都是由澳大利亚与纽西兰进口的,所以入口时非常鲜嫩厚实,满足感绝对100分!因为是自助餐的缘故,各种招牌甜点、饮料、酱料等都是免费提供的。吃完火锅后还能来杯冰冰的甜点,完全就是一顿完美的火锅!大家千万别错过了哦。 continue reading
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Chun Ciou Hot Pot is a brand created under Taiwan Chien-Yen Group in the year of 2014, and their main specialty is All-You-Can-Eat Sukiyaki . Utilizing the history of the Spring and Autumn Period , hence the name “Chun Ciou” , Chun Ciou Hot Pot offers the most elegant , heroic and refreshing dinning environment in town . Furnished in ancient Chinese style, massive historic elements are integrated throughout the restaurant , creating a secluded paradise for all our their consumer . Raw brick walls, wooden furniture , separate and private spaces with antique window-screens , creative lights , big red lanterns , terra-cotta army replicas… From the moment once I step in , It's like I been take into a time tunnel and travel me back to the Spring and Autumn season . This is another example of perfect harmony between luxury and modesty , Located at the famous place called Jalan Klang Lama . The Place bring the most excitement and satisfaction to your taste buds, Their really have gone through great efforts to make sure that everything provided in the restaurant, including choices from vegetables to various types of meat , base soup, sauces , utensils and Friendly services , is subject to the most strict selection and sanitization standards . The 1st Authentic Taiwanese Imperial "served-to-table" hotpot buffet , Normally most of the buffet restaurant we need stand up and walk to the chiller to take what we wanted to eat but at Chunciou , we don't need to stand up for foods then the waiters or waitress will push a food trolley that contain full of Steamboat ingredient and will ask you for adding any ingredient on the table . Chunciou Hot Pot are here to serve you the best from Taiwan . Elegant and heroic dining atmosphere with abundant Chinese historic elements for the Premium choices , High quality Food that Imported from taiwan and friends warm service like Taiwan standards . The CEO of Chun Ciou The CEO of Chun Ciou and one of his staff dress up as Army General from the 40's Some of the moment General will come out to serve you as well . Clean Utensils for everyone on the table Sauce Selection : Green Onion , Garlic , Chilli , Thai Chill Sauce , Fruit Sauce , Satay Paste , Soy Sauce , parsley , Sesame Sauce , bean curd . Side Dishes : udon noodles , dongfen , Spinach noodles , Beancurd skin , toufu puff , Fried bread stick , Braised pork rice . Steamboat ingredient : Wasabi ball , Hot sesame bun , Taro fish ball , Sincere Ball , curry fish ball , Cheese fish toufu , Chesse Prawn Ball , Premium Prawn Ball , Red Heart Ball , Mushroom fish ball , Premium cuttlefish ball , Pork Tendon ball , fish and Squid mixture , Ham ball , White Fish ball , Abalone slice , Special Tofu , Tamago handmade meat ball . Vegetables Selection : Carrot , white carrot , abalone mushroom , golden mushroom ,mushroom , Cabbage , Pumpkin , tomota , Chinese Yam , sweet potato , Chieh Gua , chinese fungus , bok choy , yau mak , Eggplant . Specially Selected Meat Selection : Australian Striploin , Australian Ribeyes , Lamb Shoulder Roll , Pork Belly , Pork Shoulder , Chicken Fillet , Duck Roll . Featured Soup Base Selection : Sukiyaki Soup , Lakesalt Soup , Tonkatsu Soup , Spicy Soup , Herbal Soup , Tomyam Soup . The 4 steps to customize the recipe of golden egg yolk sukiyaki sauce .1-Sesame sauce sweeter2-egg yolk only3-chopped shallot4-shichimi powder- spicierThis sauce can enhance the texture and juiciness of the meat while making the temperature just nice to stimulate your taste buds . The sauce adds juiciness to the fresh-cooked meat,while bringing down that hot pot heat .Dessert : Red bean soup , Ice cream , sweet lemon slice , Bird Nest .The shop is easy to be spotted that located at the main road of Jalan Klang Lama , From the direction from Kuala Lumpur , it will be located on your right , make a U-turn at the traffic Light , If from Sunway all the way straight till almost the junction of Federal Highway , it will be located on your left . Bring your familys and friends to experience the most Exclusive Premium Steamboat at Chinciou Hot pot Today . Kindly Do Reservation on Weekday due inconvenience to Crowd .Price :Noon :12pm to 3pm - RM 60.00 +10% + GST 6% = RM 69.60 Per paxDinner :5pm to 12am - RM 75.00 +10%+ GST 6% = RM 87.00 Per PaxChunciou Hot Pot / 春秋战锅 , Jalan Klang LamaAddress:Lot 306, Batu 3, Jalan Klang Lama,Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaTel: 012-6882860, 016-5454348, 018-2776503Hours : Daily - 12pm to 3pm & 5pm to 12am continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)