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Level4 2013-09-05
China Court Holdings Sdn Bhd probably one of the worst Chinese restaurant I have ever been. Called me brutal, but I have got to be really honest with the dimsum . How so that it suck like that? And coming from a restaurant? That really is rather peculiar how they could have maintained so far. But I should be a bit more fair to them. Honestly, I was only there for the dimsum and roast duck which they are strongly pushing it. Apparently its their current promotion. But really, I wouldn’t want to offer a second chance to try out their other dishes on the menu. A friend told me, “give them a chance, you might not know that lunch and dinner maybe extraordinary”. I gave it a five seconds thought,…..and ,nah…I’m least likely to do that. Well probably if I am ever invited to a wedding dinner held in this restaurant then maybe. But other than that, na-ah….never.They start of with several fancy appetizers. Chilled appetizers. And not a single one is palatable.Then came deng chai zhuk (porridge), peanuts and fish porridge. If I guessed it correctly, it taste like the nuts or the fish is just being stirred into the same pot of porridge just right before they served it. I mean, both the porridge taste really similar to me. Next is some common dimsum we normally order in any dimsum restaurant or hawker centre. From left to right: loh bak kou (carrot cake), siew mai (steam minced pork), har kao(prawn dumpling), jeng pai kuat(steam pork), oh kok(yam), chee cheong fun char siew and har (steam rice flour with roasted pork and prawn), hor yip fun (lotus leaf rice).Let’s see carrot cake is all flour and no carrot, steam minced pork for some reason is hard. Needs more fat choices of meats. The prawn dumpling…don’t even get me started with it. Although I must not forget to mention how incredibly fresh is the prawns. Almost crunchy when chewing it. The rest was nothing impressive and if any readers just needs to go dine in this place. Please skip the lotus leaf rice. I questioned if they re-use the leaf? And if they picked the rice before they cooked it? I can practically taste some harder rice grains in it. As for the leaf…opps..what leaf? There was no leaf fragrant in the rice.Having to run a restaurant, surely there are some nice things on the menu. Of course there is. I recommend the char siew pau. And the egg tart.Forget about the Shanghai xiu long pau. Its true what they said, a picture is worth a thousand words. Which in this case, comes in really handly. But to be very honest here…I kind of ran out of vocabulary to describe what went wrong.Then there is some other fancy stuffs which I probably give credit to the innovative attempt to be creative. But if you ask me, if a basic siew mai is not yet great, no harm to just leave the creativity part out huh?Just for the sake of finding something worth writing and recommending, I also tried the jeong sau mee (longevity noodle). Apparently handmade, and to be honest not too bad either. I quite fancy the texture of the noodle.Last but not least, is the promotional dish which they recommended-the roasted goose. And I say, it was no biggie…good but not enough to remind customers to go back for more. continue reading
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