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Chicago Rib House is a restaurant where pork takes the center stage. Their tagline boasts that their rib house is built on Love, Peace and Bacon Grease.This Chinese New Year, I had the opportunity to try out their more-than-affordable CNY Signature Platter.The plate was loaded with Grilled Freshwater Prawns, Grilled Mussels with Salsa, juicy Spare Ribs and vegetable sticks served with a creamy cheese dip. At RM39.90, this was a total steal! Seafood AND pork ribs, talk about value for money!I would definitely return again to try their regular menu offerings. continue reading
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Level3 2014-02-13
Sometime, I find it quite difficult to look for a good rib in Malaysia. I know Chicago is famous for their Deep dish pizza, but I've actually never tried Chicago rib before.Chicago Rib House has the very American style of interior design. I love their spacious sofa seat. The ambiance is comfy, with music at the background. It'd be quite suitable for family, couples and group of friends.Free Flow Soft Drinks (RM 6.90) with choice of Coke, Mountain Dew, Revive and Mirinda.The soup of the day is Pork soup, and it tastes exactly like pork. I have to say it's quite yummy.Half Rack Pork Rib (RM 32.90) is actually slightly too dry for my taste. However, the BBQ sauce is awesome. The fries still has the potato skin on it, crispy for the win. It's definitely a good place to hangout with reasonable price and good food. continue reading
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Still in the mood for the upcoming Chinese New Year 2014 celebrations, I had the opportunity to try out Chicago Rib House's Porkalicious Joy Luck Set the other day. It was a western twist on the usual chinese cuisine spread. Even the complimentary Yee Sang which came with the joy luck set had a different flavour, look and feel to it. Read on below on my take of the festive menu. Part of the Chinese New Year Porkalicious Joy Luck Set is their Signature Platter, a rather large platter overflowing with some really nice noms good to be shared up to four diners. In fact the set menus are meant to be shared, as there is no way I think one person could finish all these good food. Filled with Chicago Rib House festive offerings, it comprises of juicy spare ribs, pork sausage, grilled fresh water prawns, grilled mussels and vegetable sticks served with creamy cheese dips. Now that is indeed a mouthful just to spell out here. The spare ribs were good as always, sweet and juicy without being overdone. I am not a fan of mussels, hence I skipped it, and took the grilled fresh water prawns instead. My personal favourite on their Signature Platter would be the pork sausages, two lovely huge pieces of it. Love the way they prepared it, with the skin having a different harder texture than the soft meat inside. When the Braised Pork Belly was served, I literally gasped for air, even before I digged in. Not for the health conscious, the many layers of fats on this sinfully delicious dish had to be my favourite that afternoon. It was a savoury dish, with a caramelized top skin which I love on top of the meat. I wasn't that keen on the fats though, which I carefully separated before having the meat. Served with an Asian inspired tangy sweet sauce of passion fruit, spices and wine, this is a must have dish if you asked me. For the ultimate indulgence, add on the Drunken Prawns dish, white wine steamed prawns, flambeed with brandy for a sweet price of RM68.80. It was indeed really drunk prawns if you asked me, as the taste itself had the signature bitter alcohol infused flavour. The taste wasn't exactly to my liking as I preferred my prawns sweet, but I do love the way they prepared this dish, flambeed with blue flames, and pouring it unto the prawns. The perfect partner for the Chicago Rib House signature ribs would be their unique range of sauces. Specially made just for Chinese New Year, the Chinese-style plum sauce was used to serve up with the Baby Back Ribs. Coming in full long slabs, the ribs were succulent to the bite, and it wasn't enough for me. Fortunately I already had so many dishes before this, hence it sufficed. The tender baby back ribs chargrilled with plum sauce is acompanied with 2 sides of your choice. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-12
Chinese New Year is just around the corner and we are excited to celebrate this festive season with our first food sampling event in Chicago -World Famous Pork Ribs and Steak House.To usher this Lunar New Year, Chicago Rib House is having a Porkalicious Joy Luck Set that comes with complimentary Yee Sang, Signature platter and braised pork belly. This is the great place to enjoy hearty porky meal get- together celebration to the Year of Horse.We begin with Yee Sang (Prosperity Toss), also known as 'lo hei' which symbolizes abundance of luck and happiness throughout the year. This newly creation of Yee Sang consists of Norwegian Smoked Salmon, shredded mango, carrots, red cabbage, white radish, cucumber, cilantro, spring onion, sesame seeds, fish crackers and served with Chicago Rib House’s specially made in-house Plum Sauce. Exciting to try this simple Yee Sang which is tasted lighter and the fish crackers is very crispy served with scrumptious smoked salmon.Pork-sperity signature platter RM 39.90 -Premium platter with fresh mussels, juicy spare ribs, pork sausages, and gigantic fresh grilled water prawns. Served with fresh vegetables sticks(carrots, celery and broccoli) and dip with the creamy cheese which inclusive of 3 types of cheese. Squeeze in some lime and it will uplift the flavour, complemented by the cheese makes this seafood platter tastes so good. The prawns is sweet and lobster like-flavour , while the spare ribs is juicy and tenderly meaty. Tantalizing seafood that will tickle your taste bud. Delicious!Braised Pork Belly - Savory Braised pork belly served with an Asian-inspired tangy sweet sauce of passion fruit, spices and wine. This is the usual Chinese popular dish that uses the fatty meat from the belly part. Perfectly braised for more than 3 hours with Chinese white wine and makes this pork belly so tender and moist. It will not stick to your teeth, just will melt inside the mouth.. Highly recommended and i really wish i could have one more piece pork belly. Pretty darn good soft meat and juicy. Fantabulous!! Drunken Tiger Prawns RM 68.80- Prawns is an auspicious dish that represents laughter and we must have this for Chinese New Year. Amazing combination of steamed prawn infused with Chinese wine.The taste is more distinct and sweeter. Adding in the white egg as well for better texture.The prawns were then flambeed in the alcoholic brandy.Baby Back Ribs - Chicago’s Pork Ribs are slow-roasted with charcoal and green hickory wood to give it that unique flavor that has made them world-famous pork ribs..The pork rib is so huge and beautifully presented.The smokey pork rib is succulent and juicy with tasty sweet and sour plum sauce.Very much fulfilling full rack pork rib and this portion is for 4 person servings. Baby back ribs is the most expensive and the the best part of the pork which is between the spare ribs and the spine, more tender and fall off the bone easily. Chicago Rib House have their best version of the Chinese-style plum sauce , made from secret recipe for this Chinese New Year Set menu. Awesome! Perhaps it's a good idea to cool down the palate with a serving of ice cream or a warm cup of coffee or tea.FYI : Porkalicious Joy Luck Set: Available from 18th January to 14th February. Prices range from RM88.80 (for 2 pax) to RM168.80 (for 4 pax) Signature Platter: Available for individual order from 9th January onwards for only at RM39.90. You can order additional of the Drunken Prawns for RM 68.80 Ang Pow Dip Reward for dine in: For every order of the Porkalicious Joy Luck Set (2 pax), customers are entitled to one lucky dip, and 2 dips for every order for 4 pax. For à la carte, customers are entitled to 1 lucky dip for RM100 spend and 2 lucky dips for RM200 spend. While stocks last. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-09
About Chicago Rib HouseThe Chicago Rib House brings to Malaysia the legendary tradition of good old Chicago ribs, which is steeped in 70 years of history. Pioneered in 2010, the hip and fun American diner styled restaurant is famous for the pork ribs and all time American BBQ favourites, smoldered in secret homemade sauces. With the tagline 'Built on Love, Peace and Bacon Grease", their signatures include the World Famous Pork Ribs. An extensive mojito selection completes the all-American experience.Peach Bellini (Alcoholic)A serving of fresh peach blended with peach juice and sparkling wine. A combination so simple yet delicious. A great welcome drink indeed.Christmas Berry Delight (Non-Alcoholic)A cup of refreshing berry fizz. Unfortunately, this was my least favourite drink. Mainly due to the fact that it was a little diluted, I could barely taste anything. If only they'd add a little bit more 'berry-ness', it would have been great.Mint Lemonade (Non-Alcoholic)This was surprisingly, my favourite of all 3 drinks served. The drinks were served between intervals of meal as compared to everything immediately, which was something really thoughtful. The essence and scent of mint were really strong. Along with some lemonade, it was incredibly refreshing. Crab and Cod CrostiniSavoury sweet seafood with creamy avocado grilled with Parmesan cheese on top of crispy olive oil toasted baguette topped with what I assume was Paprika powder. I really like the idea of this starter as it plays with 3 different levels of texture. From the hard and crispy baguette at the bottom to the chewy and refreshing avocado and finally to soft seafood spread. Squeeze in some lime and it will uplift the flavour, aroma and lightens the dish as well. Pomegranate SaladFresh salad leaves and yellow zucchini toss with tangy sweet Pomegranate dressing; accompanied with feta cheese and honey roasted pecan nuts. An amazing combination of ingredients and flavour. The sweetness of the Pomegranate dressing and richness of the feta cheese compliments the salad leaves really well. Moreover, the additional honey roasted pecan nuts and pomegranate seeds enhanced the texture of the salad. A lovely salad that I will not hesitate to go back for.Roasted Pork Belly RouladeNote that this serving was meant for food tasting only. The original portion is 3 times larger. Wrapped and stuffed with sage infused apples, olives and chestnuts with a garden variety of roasted vegetables and potato tartan, accompanied with tangy sweet apple compote and red wine reduction. To begin, the Roulade was incredibly well seasoned, tender and moist. It was a little chewy but I prefer it that way. The selection of roasted vegetables, mushrooms and potato tartan was well grilled and served as a suitable companion for the roulade. Overall, I just wish I had more.Roasted Whole Turkey LegMarinated turkey leg, slow cooked and roasted with Thyme. Served with garden variety roasted vegetables and creamy mash potato; accompanied with cranberry jelly and classic brown sauce. Overall, it looks really appetizing as the composition and placement of the elements were pretty good. Unfortunately, the turkey was a little too tough and dry compared to some I've tried in the past. I understand that turkeys are usually tougher and slightly dryer than chicken or beef, but this was a little too much. The creamy mash potatoes were well seasoned but lack in the overall consistency and smoothness. Dry Rubbed Coffee Ribs (Pork)Oven baked dry rub spiced baby back ribs with char-grilled glazed Coffee Sauce. Served with garden variety roasted vegetables and potato tartan. Interestingly, the ribs were first rubbed and marinated with spices before being placed on a grill. A Coffee Sauce glazing will then be added on to the ribs to enhance and uplift its flavours. In conclusion, I really liked the outcome of this dish. I could smell the strong aroma of Coffee but was not overwhelmed by the taste of it. The balance of smokey, sweet, salty, 'coffee' and a hint of spiciness was a great compliment to the succulent, tender and juicy ribs. Highly recommended!Pumpkin TartRoasted sweet pumpkin filling in tart pastry served with strawberry coulis topped with whipped cream. I normally hate pumpkin. They have this nasty and disgusting smell and taste which I cannot bare. Having said that, I do enjoy a good bowl of pumpkin soup. Similar concept, I hate pumpkin but the Pumpkin Tart served was actually pretty decent. I will not say I like it, but I will say I can accept it. I personally find it a little too sweet but I believe majority of people will find it just right. continue reading
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