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Review (3)
Level4 2016-04-14
It is extremely difficut to eat clean whenever you're out or in this situation, when we are in this country when most food are sinfully yummy and delicious. Chai Bar not only offers healthy food such as salads, but also smoothies and juices for those looking for a good pick-me-up!The toppings offered at Chai Bar is not only limited to those who love meat, but to those who are also vegetarian. What I adore is the fact that they have selections such as beans, pickles and many more.Their dressing are all simply unique as they integrate ingredients such as wasabi and miso into it. Having salads won't be boring anymore! continue reading
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Level4 2016-02-27
Went for Make Your Own Salad; with a base of Mixed lettuce, supplements of sweet potato, mixed beans, broccoli, sunflower seeds,avocado,roasted eggplant,poached chicken, and coffee sriracha mayo dressing. I was intrigued with the dressing and went for it. Think its quite an acquired taste and not all will favour it. However, absolutely love the Green Goddess and Sweet Gochujang dressing. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2015-09-04
On one free weekday, I make my way, I have been long for their salad everytime when I saw chai bar. Since It was offpeak time, I use an apps knowns as offpeak to get cheaper price. Instead of getting a small salad for Rm 13.90 , I got it at Rm 11.80. Save on Rm 2.10Here, you can choose to make you own salad or choose from the existing creation. There is total 10 combination recommended by the restaurant. Small Rm 13.90Regular Rm 17.90Large Rm 22.90I chose grilled chicken for the protein, so here it is, serving hot grilled chicken. THe one that I have gotten is chicken breast, not sure everyone got the same or not, but it is fat free for my grilled chickenmake-your-my own salad Rm 13.90you can choose to mix and match the salad by yourself. Below is the ingredients that I chose for my own saladBase: Romaine LettuceSupplements: Raisins, TOmato, Hard boiled egg, beetroot, baby potatoesProteins: Grilled Chicken, (initially, I wanted to add on Salmon, but luckily I didn't, it is too much I almost couldn't finish.)Toppings: Roasted SeaweedDressing: Roasted SesameI think variety is the reason why people make their way here. You can choose among so many ingredients. that make it easier to mix and match. Not forget that the portion is very huge. Needless to comment on the dressing, cause they used the japanase roasted sesame sauce you can't go wrong with it's savoury aroma. I whine a big for their big chunks size of each ingredients, would prefer to take the staff there to cut it smaller. Imagine that when you want to consume it, then you need to cut it smaller before entering your mouth~~ Overall, it's a recommended place for a wholesome salad. No worry, it's not only for snack, but main meal also. Considering the one that I order is small size, so you can imagine that big size would be fit for 2 people.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)