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10:00 - 22:00
Mon - Sun
10:00 - 22:00
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Signature Dishes
Coffee Mocha Nutella Waffle Salmon Pasta
Review (2)
Level4 2014-06-13
Bringing a slice of its namesake city to KL's Pavilion mall (buttressed by a bit of the Eiffel Tower), this French-inspired bistro bids 'bon appetit' with a sweeping menu that spans bouillabaisse to boeuf bourguignon.At first blush, this place might appear gimmicky, but its menu renders reassurance of Cafe de Paris' aspiration to authenticity; start with sourdough, served with Lescure French butter & Bonne Maman preserves (RM12).The ideal introduction to Cafe de Paris begins in the morning; breakfast is served 8am through noon. Items include a Dr Seuss-approved plate of scrambled eggs _ turned a potentially garish green with pesto _ accompanied by turkey ham on toast (RM19).Cafe de Paris' current version of the classic croque-madame (RM22) is a little less cheesy than expected; certainly more Hollandaise than Gruyere, risking condemnation from conservatives.The Paris-Brest fares better, with choux pastry & praline cream. But ultimately, the customers who enjoy this best might be the ones who're fortunate enough to order it at its first-day freshest.Macarons here range in flavour from salted caramel to pistachio, scoring a solid B (or possibly a B-plus) for satisfaction.Cava or coffee? The former remains mercifully available till very late (it's possible to head into Cafe de Paris past midnight & still plead for a full meal, particularly on weekends); the latter's labelled an 'Asterix,' a single espresso with equal parts milk (RM9). continue reading
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Level2 2014-05-02
店面设计成埃菲尔铁塔的底部,搭配着美丽的法文歌曲,坐在咖啡店内真的会有种自己已经身处在巴黎的感觉。(笑)在里面找了个位子,点了杯Caffe Mocha。刚送上来的Mocha温度适中,喝下去暖暖的。非常浓郁的巧克力味搭了有点涩涩的espresso,不会太苦,奶泡打的很细腻,第一口喝下去很顺口。不过喝到大概半杯就凉了,原因大部分是我顾着拍照还有吃蛋糕,所以还是趁热享受咖啡香,因为冷了真的不怎么好喝了。蛋糕呢我点了Chocolate Gateau。蛋糕只能说非常的“结实”,不会吃两口就塌了。巧克力外层冰的刚好,配上内层的巧克力奶油蛋糕,也不会太甜,真的很赞!这是朋友点的Black Forest Cherry Mousse 和 Caffe LatteBlack Forest Cherry Mousse虽然有三层,但是并没有太多的口感变化。整个mousse是偏酸,但整体是ok的。这是他们的Beverages menu, 食物的话实在另一份menu哦。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)