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Level4 2013-12-09
With the many joints coming up and still growing, the burger king for sure needs their own gimmick to win old customers and attract new ones. While staying authentic with the choices and flavours of burgers, one might actually claim that is actually quite boring already. Yet, the burgers are actually the drawing item to keep old customers and retain the new ones. Like it or not, they would be around for a while . The BK Double is my favourite. And I customed it to addition of bacon on top of the double patties and melting cheese. When looking at the fancy quote I spotted in Subang Jaya, I decided to look for the same here in this outlet. I was surprise to find the same quote right next to the ordering counter. Quote which states ‘You have the right to have what you want , exactly when you want it. Because on the menu of life, you are “Today’s Special”. And tomorrow’s. And the day after that. And …well, you get the drift. Yes, that’s right. We may be the King, but you my friend, are the almighty ruler.’ Something I enjoy reading. This time, I went with alacarte only because I do not usually enjoy their fries. I went with the BBQ Beedacon Cheese Stakers like before but instead of the combo, I went with the ala carte menu. continue reading
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