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Japaneserestaurants are a dime a dozen in most vicinities now. And what makes Bonbori Japanese Cuisine stands the testof time is their very reasonably priced freshly shipped in sashimi cuts servedin a comparatively generous portion, not forgetting their homey dishes that arecooked with inhouse crafted sauces made from scratch, absolutely no rooms forpreservatives. Guess that could be another prime reason why it’s a hitespecially among family diners.BonboriJapanese Cuisine first greeted foodies in 2013 to cater to the perpetual demandof the discerning taste bud of Klang Valley folks for fresh sashimi-sushi andhealthy Japanese dishes. Occupying first floor of SetiaWalk in Puchong facingthe beautiful fountain, Bonbori menu is gladly extensive ranging from a smorgasbordof sashimi, sushi, grilled seafood, soupy recipes and more, all prepared hotfrom the kitchen by seasoned skillful chefs.Comfortablewooden tables and brightly lit dining environment are awaiting guests to comeand have a sumptuous feast joyously, be it business meetings, family dinners orcasual gathering with epicureans alike.EDAMAME(MYR 7.90) as appetizer.UNAGITOFU (MYR 8.90)Deepfried tofu topped with grilled eel and omelette, makes a relativelyhealthy starter. A simply comforting fare that showcases a harmonious composition.Sashimi lover will be gladto learn that Bonbori would present the much anticipated sashimi platter beautifullyand as lovely as it would feed into your social media, consisting of assortedfresh cuts that includes belly, sea urchin and many more. This dish is one meantto be savoured fast and quick before the ice melts to lock thatmelt-in-your-mouth nuance.Tuna belly are really fresh! It literally meltsBONBORISASHIMI MORIAWASE (MYR 288 apprx)Shake, abura bozu, maguro, hamachi, nama hotate,ama ebi, mekajiki, tako, hokkigai, ikura, ebiko, kanpachi, chutoro and uni. OISHII………For the real Japanese connoisseur who would love to relish more in their sea urchin, ala carte are also available to satisfy your craving. Be prepared to fork out a lill' more for the steeper price of this premium nosh as its freshness is saliently assured.UNISASHIMI (MYR 60- ¼ TRAY | MYR 110-1/12 TRAY | MYR 200- 1 TRAY)DINOSAURMAKI (MYR 21.90- 5pcs)Sesameroll topped with fried soft shell crab and salmon roe. Soft within but crispyon the outside that tantalizes your palate effortlessly.ABURISALMON MAKI (MYR 14.90- 5pcs)Salmonroll topped with mentaimayo and goma sauce.They made most of thesauces including goma sauce, teriyaki and soya sauce too.Bonbori’s goma sauce is ratherspecial as it’s added with some black sesame which is not a common versionelsewhere. This injection has further accentuated the aroma of the sesame itself;hence expect stronger character in taste.Another delicatelyelaborated morsel, Special Ebiko Maki with Aburi Salmom and Ikura.Ensuedshortly is the Nimono, stewed dishes to warm the cockles of your heart lusciously.SHAKEATAMA MISO SOUP (MYR 26.90)Misosoup with salmon headThe miso paste which isalso inhouse calibrated lends a lighter tone but equally tastefully gratifying.Love how each strands of enoki mushroom is moistened up with the sweetness fromthe soup. Essentially a noteworthy passionately cooked to titillate yousensuously. No wonder it’s also a popular plate that you could see almost atevery table. The diners merely like it and it’s very easy to go with a bowl ofwhite rice too. Double thumbs up!We were really full to the brim when this gemütlich cuisine came greeting us. Nevertheless, the temptation was hard to resist and had us clear the bowl clean too. That means a leisure stroll after the delightful fête is utterly a must! (=All in all, my decision tobe back again after maiden visit previously proved to be a wise and culinaryrewarding one. Cognoscente with a palate for the orient feast on flavours from the Land of theRising Sun should really give this humble establishment a try! Mostlikely, you’ll be hooked on for regular returns.Cheers for now and follow us at Carpe Diem (https://www.facebook.com/joiedevivrelass)for more ‘food-ful’ discoveries! ❤ℒℴѵℯ❤Location: G-10-1,Setia Walk, Persiaran Wawasan, Pusat Bandar Puchong, Selangor, 47160 PuchongContact: +603 8090 9342Website: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bonbori-Japanese-Cuisine-at-Setia-Walk/129878747189432 continue reading
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If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind selection of authentic Japanese fare, you may well indulge in the gastronomic grandeur in Bonbori Japanese Cuisine. This restaurant opened its doors to customers in March 2013 serving various Japanese dishes with a comprehensive menu, with many choices in the sushi, sashimi, fried, and grilled section. Located at the very young and vibrant Setia Walk Mall in Puchong, Bonbori invites you to indulge in lovely delights of the Japanese kind. Lovely décor of beautiful Japanese paper lanterns adorns the waiting area at the front entrance of the restaurant. Facing an open courtyard, the restaurant offers a comfortable and contemporary dining space for you and your friends to dine in. It consists of a 8-seater sushi bar, an open-window concept kitchen as well as 2 private tatami rooms. These private rooms have a homey atmosphere where you take off your shoes and snuggle your legs under the sunken tatami tables. Colourful sashimi combination platters are beautifully presented in this very special 'Hanami Sashimi Moriawase'. We were served with decadent platter of sashimi perched prettily with lemon, wasabi and roe, including salmon, butter fish, tuna, yellow tail, scallop, sweet shrimp, sword fish, octopus and surf clams. Sashimi is all about that beautiful fresh catch, immaculate knife skills and perhaps a little something on the side. We were spoilt for choice, with a wide selection in the menu from platter servings to ala carte ones. There are sashimi tasting plates with soy and wasabi, as appetisers or larger, and a long list of fish you can order sashimi style. Both the salmon roe and shrimp roe was fresh and heaven to taste.The surf clam was tender yet succulent. All were a delightful treat to the taste buds. All I can say is that I really enjoyed the sashimi platter. Spanklingly fresh sashimi in a culinary class all of its own and rightly favoured for its healthy clean attributes, silken texture and gleaming beauty. Gleaming scallops served with lemon slices for that special zing taste. The freshness of the surf clams was top-notch and the wasabi was splendid, a wonderful accompaniment with the clams.Bonbori pride itself on the freshness and authenticity of its dishes as its ingredients are air-flown, direct from Japan. I believed Bonbori is one of those establishments that gets the balance just right, and is constantly updating the menu to offer their patrons quality premium Japanese cuisine, serving only the freshest and finest Japanese food. So if you’re craving for a Japanese fix, head on over to the awesome Bonbori today! Lilly HongBlogger of Follow Me To Eat La - http://followmetoeatla.blogspot.com continue reading
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Within Setiawalk Puchong lies a hidden gem, one that not to be missed by Japanese food lovers.. Behold foodophile, may I present to you Bonbori Japanese Cuisine @Setiawalk Puchong, an uprising Japanese restaurant which serves great variety of authentic Japanese cuisine, one of the best in town! With its comfy interior, warm welcoming services, FRESH & delightful dishes, it is totally understandable why the 6 month old restaurant has been packed with people since its opening back in March 31st, 2013. I was at Bonbori the other night attending a food tasting session held under OpenRice MakanVentures & gosh it was splendid as each & every one of us were surprised by both the fine quality of food & warm lovely hospitality. Starting the session with an awesome Hanami Sashimi Moriawase ('Hanami' Sashimi Platter ft. salmon, butterfish, tuna, yellowtail, scallop, surf clam, sweet shrimp, Ikura, ebiko). The nicely sliced sashimi with perfect thickness & exceptional freshness makes us crave for more. Shirauo karaage (fried ice fish). Crispy aromatic ice fish which makes a nice snack with beer/sake, taste best while warm with a few drops of lemon on it. Shake Atama Kimchi Soup (Salmon fish head & kimchi soup). Delicious pot of appetising soup with mushroom & cabbage, only mild spices from the kimchi though. Slightly salty to have it alone but it definitely goes well with a bowl of great tasting Japanese rice. Love the luscious gelatinous broth.Ebi cheese (rice row with cheese). A new creation worth trying. The cheesy sensation is just fine with the fresh shrimp topping & favourable homemade mentai sauce. Bacon asparagus kushiyaki. This nicely grilled, chewy bacon with refreshing asparagus is a regular's favourite, do take note that it is not available on the menu & need to be order separately.Soft shell crab spicy mayo maki. A tasty mayo soft shell crab which is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.Surume Ikashio (grilled squid). Wonderfully grilled to tender perfection squid with no trace of overcook to be found. I could actually taste a slight sense of sweetness from the super fresh squid.Katsu curry Udon. Springy udon with luscious Japanese curry & nicely marinated deep fried pork cutlet (would be even better if it is juicier though). Overall Bonbori Japanese Cuisine @Setiawalk Puchong is for sure an uprising restaurant which serves FRESH authentic delightful Japanese cuisine in a cosy & comforting atmosphere with a decent price, a restaurant which I highly recommended for those who seeking for some gratifying Japanese food. *Check out more of Bonbori Japanese Cuisine @ http://jzduncan.blogspot.com/2013/11/bonbori-japanese-cuisine-setiawalk.html continue reading
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To me, one of the most important criteria of a good Japanese Restaurant is to have the freshest and top quality ingredients used. And that is what you can expect from Bonbori Restaurant located at G-10-1, Block G, Setia Walk, Persiaran Wawasan, Pusat Bandar Puchong, Puchong Town Center is the place to dine.We were invited to a food review of this restaurant which was opened a couple of month ago. The dinner was hosted by the proprietor Ms Catherine. The restaurant is simple in its design and cater to a cozy family concept. They have 2 tatami room which have to be pre-booked if you would like to entertain any guest.We were served the signature drink - Bonbori Fruit Tea. The tea is served cold, with the base drink as the peach tea with cutlet of apples, peaches and watermelon. It is very refreshing to satiate the appetite.What is a Japanese dinner without Sashimi? Here, the sashimi platter is named Hanami Sashimi Moriawase, served on a boat platter (normally on a dish but can be requested to be) which is very pleasing to the eyes. It consists of Fresh Salmon, Butterfish, Tuna, Yellow tail, Scallop, Sweet Shrimp, Sword Fish, Octopus, Surf Clam, Salmon Roe and Shrimp Roe. The fish that was served was very fresh and succulent and of the right thickness. Eaten with the soya sauce and wasabi concoction, the taste was superb. It has been sometime since I have eaten this quality of sashimi – extremely fresh and no fishy smell.Next on, we sampled the Fried Ice Fish. I had eaten this dish before at other restaurant but the one serves here is very crisp and comes with a tinge of salt coated. This makes a perfect complimentary dish if you have sake. The fish serves here is a more meaty than some – choice of the right ingredient.The third dish does not look so appetizing which is Shake Atama Kimchee Soup which is Salmon Fish Head Kim chi soup. At first taste the kim chi is not too sourish like the one found in Korean restaurant, it was subtle with a tinge of miso added to it. Although a little salty taken as it is, it will be a perfect combination with white rice. The fish head is also very fresh and does not have that smelly fish which some fish head does. The chef had put in a variety of mushrooms which soaks up the soup base incessantly.The fourth dish is a new dish which is not found in the standard menu, it is Bacon Asparagus Kushiyaki on skewers – much like a kebab. The Asparagus are curl in with the Bacon and BBQ over heat. It was a perfect combination as the saltiness of the bacon blended very well with the asparagus and gives you a very satisfying feel after the first bite. The asparagus was also marinated is some sweetish sauce.Next is the Ebi Cheese Maki. If you love to eat cheese and sushi, this will be perfect for you as the amount of cheese laden into this maki was overwhelming, credits to the chef which uses the right cheese type. The chef have also added the men tari sauce to makes this dish very tasty.The sixth dish of the night was the Special Soft-Shell Crab Maki. Here at Bonbori, the chef gives a very generous portion of soft shell crab to each of the maki, unlike some restaurant which gives you some splinter of crab. Next on, is the Katsu Curry Udon which is udon & deep-fried pork chop in curry. I am not really a fan of Japanese curry as I prefer curry with a spicy and strong milky coconut taste. Here the curry broth was thick and was blended with onion and potato to gives it the creamy feel. The eight dish for the night is Surume Ikashio which in essence is grilled squid. This is a very simple dish but cooked wrongly it can be a disaster. Firstly the selection of the fresh squid is utmost importance and grilled to the right timing i.e. will ensure that you get the best out of this dish. The squid were firm and bouncy on the first bite. Our last and final dish for the night is the Nigiri Sushi Platter. I didn’t manage to try every piece but the one that I had was maguro sushi, the rice base was perfect as the amount of vinegar used was the right balance, moreover the rice was boil to a firm texture making it smooth to be eaten complimented by the thinly slice maguro. It was the perfect end to this wonderful meal.So, if you yearn for good quality and reasonably price Japanese Cuisine in Puchong and dread the drive all the way to KL for a quick Japanese fix, do drop by at Bonbori. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-05
Bonbori, also a recent entry to the Setiawalk complex.Swordfish sushi (RM8.90+ for two pieces), suitably fresh & fleshy.Pink prawns, perpetually a pleasure. Not a ripoff for RM8.90+.Akagai sushi (RM9.90+). Toppings are OK, but the rice might border on bland.Smoked duck sushi (RM6.90+). A bit supermarket-ish, the processed meat.Coming full circle with more sea urchin sushi, this time costing RM15 per piece, exactly 2.5 times what Makiya's version costs, but the truth is, it definitely is doubly pleasurable, for folks willing to pay the price. Sake, hot & cold. We're leaning toward the latter these days. continue reading
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