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Level3 2015-11-06
If you are looking for some thailand noodles, this is definitely the place. The price is cheap and you can have tons and tons of noodle bowls . As you can see from a lot of pictures at boat noodle, you must be surprised that they can finish all 10 bowls. Well don't trust them, 1 bowl only contain a very small portion which u can eat just one shot (seriously!). I was also shocked when i saw my friend's picture looking with a lot of bowls around her ( i got fooled pfftt)Okay enough said. There are only 2 noodles available which are pathumthani beef or chicken and ayutthaya beef or chicken. This is by far the most simple menu that i have ever seen -.-" . But i heard recently they have added a few more dishes on the menu. Last year was just as simple as this. Yup, no choice i ordered all noodles. One will cost you only RM1.90 . Well of course you will not be having only 4 as the portion is very small. We ordered all 16 in total (now i understand how the photos turned out to be surrounded by bowls of noodles lol. We started to eat and finished it in less than 2 hours. i prefer the ayutthaya that is a little bit spicy as compared to pathumthani (i can't recall which one actually). Well, we mixed both noodles flavours and it taste better (trust me). When i am under budget, this is definitely the place that i will be looking for hihi. Just to remind you that u need to wait at least 10 mins to get a place.Overall: very simple menu, fullhouse all the time continue reading
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