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Level4 2016-03-08
As sem break just kicked start, I have amper of time to commit myself in all sorts of volunteering work. I volunteered at the Race Kit Collection for the Run for Sight 2016 which was held in Jaya One. After a long day of volunteering, I was in need of drink to rehydrate myself. Since I parked near Boat Noodles and I know I will be stuck in the jam for quick long, I decided to get my favourite Thai Iced Green Tea to go. It was RM 7.30 per cup inclusive of GST.The restaurant was quite empty when I ordered, so my drink arrived quite fast. The drink was too sweet for me at the first sip. However, after a while, it taste better; maybe because some of the ice melted which diluted the drink a little.If you are a hardcore green tea lover, this is definitely for you!  continue reading
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Level3 2016-02-26
I been trying boat noodles everywhere but still the one from ' Boat Noodle' still the best i have to say.It's been a while since I come here. Jaya One's Boat Noodle used to be my favourite lepak spot last time. To grab a quick meal before i go home or something.This time. coming back here. I see there's new menuAnd I decided to give it a tryThis time, I brought my non-spicy friendly friend along She's a friend who would even complaint to me that "Bika" the snack is so spicy that she choked on it.If you couldn't imagine her spicyness tolerance, our max spicy would be equivalent to her MAX spicy level on Eclipse Strawberry Flavored mints.HAHHAHShe told me during her internship period, she was trained to eat spicy food and she's able to tolerate on thai food now. Hearing that, I am so excited to bring her to one of fav Thai restaurantAs usual i would order the chicken boat noodles. I forever do not know how to pronounce it. I always called it the Att and the Patt. It comes in two soups. The one with darker sauce is Patt( which is more sour, and less spicy)As captioned. TOO MUCH ICEi am giving you only two stars because of thisSuch con drink that cost me RM7.90But the bottle looks good.Cup to be exactEvery time I see the long queue people waiting to go in, but I am blessed everytime i go. I always managed to find a seat without waiting or lining up.This time, I can see the improvement that they serve the food faster than few years back when they first started.The taste is still good that it doesn't dissappoint me.My friend, who has low tolerance on spicy food made it on finishing the noodles!I'm so proud though she got choked and coughed badly after eating the super spicy noodles according to her :')That's a big improvement comparing with the 'bika-tolerance' till next time. Chao continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)