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After our dessert at Haraju Cube, we wentto Boat Noodle as everyone is talking so great about it and we were curious totry it out. The Boat Noodle is located at Empire Damansara. The restaurantserves their signature Boat Noodle, Desserts, Snacks, and Beverages. Therestaurant was full house when we arrived therefore we have to wait 15-20 minutesfor our turn as the restaurant only have limited tables for the customers. The ambiance of the restaurant was good andthey have an indoor and outdoor seating area. We ordered 3 boat noodles fortrying but it tasted super yummy therefore, we add on 4 more bowls.They have 2 types of sauce for the boatnoodles spicy (Ayutthaya) and non-spicy (Pathumthani) and 2 types of meat(Chicken and Beef). We ordered both beef and chicken.Pathumthani (Not Spicy) was good and it had a mild flavour compare to the Ayuttaya (Spicy). Pathumthani @ RM 1.90Ayutthaya (Spicy) was yummy and it was served with ½ pork balls, pork slices and soups was flavourful and really add some kick to the food. Ayutthaya @ RM 1.90Ka Num Tuay is similar to some kind of Malay Kuih. Tasty!! Ka Num Tuay @ RM 1It was super good dinner for us but the foods take quite some time to arrive when we add on the second round but the food was tasty & friendly service. Avoid lunch hours if you don’t want to wait for the tables and go around 6pm so that it is not crowded (Weekdays).Boat Noodle Empire DamansaraJalan PJU 8/8,Damansara Perdana,47820 Petaling JayaService Charge: 5%GST: 6% continue reading
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When I first visited Empire Damansara due to a show I was watching at KLPAC, I was overall very impressed with the layout of the building. I love how the tall structure made me feel like I'm in a building overseas. Having seen how Boat Noodle has expanded in their business in Malaysia, I somewhat notice that amongst all F&B outlets in Empire Damansara, this distinctively show a busier patronage by walk in customers. Queues are a common sight, and the only difference is how long or short the queue is.Not sure how much this is true, I've heard my friends said that amongst the outlets for Boat Noodle, this one at Empire Damansara is the outlet that serves tastier noodle. Hmm.. The concept of Boat Noodle are pretty simple, incorporating interior close to street food style, and I liked that they carry some Thailand-feel with its deco and Thai writing on its signboard etc. Inside and outside of Boat Noodle Simple guide for ordering They have the right marketing gimmick by introducing this style of eating. Small bite size of noodles served in bowls, priced at a low RM1.90, and during the beginning of their operation, I've seen many that seem to be in "competition" (in friendly manner, of course) on who is capable to eat more number of bowls, where the finished bowls are stacked up. Somehow, in all honesty, if one follow their heart, and just eat as they like, they will end up paying much more than eateries that offer a decent size of noodle at a fixed price. I loved both their variant of Chicken Thai Rice Noodle. They holds certain similarity in taste, both comes in tangy gravy that used dark soy sauce (1 with lighter sauce color), chicken broth, fistful of chopped coriander and spring onion, a chicken ball, a strip of chicken, and noodle enough for about 2 tablespoon size. Amongst the many types of noodles available, I really love the Thai rice noodle, the texture and the taste of it. They taste very similar to what you could have tried in streets of Thailand, and I give a big thumbs up in their authenticity of taste. Chicken Thai Rice Noodle (Pathumthani & Ayutthaya). Price-RM1.90 each bowl Their Thai Iced Tea is highly recommended, as it carries strong flavor of tea, and good taste of milk. Of course the small chunks of ice filled up almost the entire glass, but I guess that dilutes the sweetness a little, and overall a delicious glass of tea. Chatting away at Boat Noodle, made me wanting for more. This round, go for their side dish. We ordered the Grilled Chicken Meat Ball. We were pleased with the 2 sticks of 6 meatball, which was grilled to perfection, and the meatball was chunky and filled with elascity. Just the way I would like it. Cha Yen (Thai Iced Tea). Price-RM6.90; Grilled Chicken Meat Ball. Price-RM4.90 The fried chicken wings despite doesn't look too appetizing, as in the size of the wings seems relatively small, but the taste totally made up for it. Fried together with some lemongrass, the spices that went along with the marination comes through perfectly, as the taste was seriously yummy. Something that would make me crave and to return to have more. Chicken Wings. Price-RM4.90 When I ordered my 2nd round of the Chicken Thai Rice Noodle, somewhat the presentation seems fresher with more visibility of the fried garlic, and we got few more strips of chicken, as compared to our first order. We also ordered the Ka Num Tuay, served in saucers, which is the cold coconut milk with pandan dessert. Coconut milk tasted mild yet good, with the slight saltiness, and goes well with the bottom layer of pandan which is sweet. However, if the texture was softer, I would have been much better. Ka Num Tuay. Price-RM1Boat Noodle proves to be THE place to dine, whether for small or big eater, for proper meal, or even snack in between. Kudos. Boat Noodle G3A, Heritage Lane, Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling JayaTel : 019-477 3119 / 016-330 4762Business Hours : Mon-Sun : 11am-9pm FB link, click here continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-08
Bangkok's 'boat noodles' have sailed into Damansara Perdana, stirring up a sweet-&-spicy storm for fans of Thai fare.Boat Noodle _ which isn't officially open but has been hosting test sessions _ plays it somewhat safe by sticking to the beef & chicken versions of its namesake, shunning porcine blood & crackling for resolutely bovine & fowl broths. But even without pork, these little bowls still pack plenty of nuance, with undercurrents of a savoury-sour tang.Customers are advised to order three bowls per person for a fairly filling meal. Each bowl here will likely clock in at RM1.90, more than what they cost near Victory Monument, but calculative customers should appreciate being able to save on airfare to the Land of Smiles.Chilled pandan-coconut desserts that could pass off for Nyonya puddings, served in small bowls as well, constitute the ideal wrap-up to a meal here. Absolutely addictive. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)