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Level2 2015-09-18
If you've been a vegetarian for a long time, you should know about Be Lohas. If you're not a vegetarian BUT looking for healthy food you should visit Be Lohas, they have many choices of food for you! Be Lohas is a restaurant by BMS Organics. LOHAS stands for “Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability” which means living a lifestyle that is healthy and environmentally friendly. I went to Be Lohas which located at One Utama last week. I have to say, their service is so good. The staffs are so polite and friendly. They even ask if you can consume garlic or not! Oppss, Before I forgot, they got special discount for dining on Monday I know, there are many vegetarian restaurant out there but what make Be Lohas special?Why is Be Lohas food is healthier?The food is prepared with love, patience and careThe food is prepared in low-salt, low sugar and less oil cooking methods.Selection of high energy, natural and organic ingredientsUses only natural seasoning and vegetarian food with non-GMO, no artificial colourings, no preservatives and no MSG added. We were given a complimentary of 2 organic spirulina (each person) and a small cup of ginger tea which will aid your digestion! Make sure you drink the ginger tea, it taste so good! Compare with others ginger tea, this ginger tea does not has a strong spicy and invigorating taste. Never try ginger tea before? This might be the chance for you to fall in love with ginger tea!Summer Fruit TeaHighly recommended! The Summer Fruit Tea! This drink can be serve in cold or hot, BUT i suggest you guys to order for the hot one! Refillable. If you think its sour, you're wrong! This is the first time I taste on a hot fruit juice. Surprisingly, its so delicious and comforting! Five Colours Energy Chinese Ulam Rice (Hakka Lei Cha)Be Lohas has a very special Lei Cha. They have 5 different colours of organic vegetables as a solid base for the total nutrition boost. I know a lot people out there don't like lei cha. Each of the ingredient contribute a health benefit, texture, and taste which makes the lei cha so unique! High-Fibre Lei Cha Soup. A flavourful soup made from organic tea leaves, premium cashew nut, bsil, mint leaves, peanut and specially made stock. It doesn't taste bitter. Not many people can drink this green vegegetables and herbs tea. Different type of vegetables or I should say different colours represent different parts of our body organ, different colours nourish different organs. Black ( Kidney ) - Organic Black Fungus high in proteinWhite ( Lung ) - Organic Cabbage high in Vitamin C, E and carotene - Organic Home-made Dried White Radish increases appetite and aid digestionRed ( Heart ) - Organic Carrot help strengthens heart, nourishes liver and eyesGreen ( Liver ) - Organic Lettuce high in vitamins and minerals - Organic Cucumber refreshing and promoting urination - Organic Long Bean enhances immunity, stimulates bowel movement and help losing weightYellow ( Stomach ) - Organic Millet nourishes stomach and blood, stimulate bowel movement - Brown Rice helps lowering blood sugar level, preventing cardiovascular disease - Cashew Nut strengthens brains and kidney, nourishes spleenYou may just scoop the green tea into your bowl, or just pour all the green tea and mix it all together! Yum Yum Yum!Chinese Traditional Herbal Soup with RiceThis Herbal Soup look like Bak Kut Teh. At first I thought it's a vegetarian Bak Kut Teh, but after taking the first taste of the soup, it surprised me! This herbal soup do not have the smelly herbal smell that gonna make you feel so uncomfortable when drinking it. People always say too much of herbal ruin a soup but not for this! Many types of ingredients have been mixed in and it created a soup with multiple layers of flavours. Rainbow Claypot RiceClaypot rice with thin-sliced veggies. The claypot rice was milder and it taste so good and of course healthy! The rice is topped sprouts and cashew nut. Some people might think it's a little too dry to eat, you're wrong! The veggie is so juicy and crispy!Soy Cheese StickSoft bread covered with soy cheese. It doesn't taste too salty, suitable for those who don't like salty food. The stick is come with a salad. Bread sticks with salad, perfect match! If you're thinking to order this for old people who do not have strong teeth, go ahead! The bread sticks are soft! You don't even need teeth for this XD You may check out their menu online now! Official Website : http://www.bmsorganics.com/Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/bmsorganicsfanpage Be LohasBandar Utama LG310, Lower Ground Floor, New Wing, One Utama Shopping Centre, 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, 47800, MalaysiaTel : 03-7725 08 continue reading
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1Utama outlet is one of the many outlets which adopted Green concept.MATERIALThe outlet is well-designed with natural recycled wood which often available for purchase from several second-hand wood shops.The craftsmen had to spend days just to remove the nails from the wood before they can proceed with the painting and installation works.ENERGY SAVING & CARBON REDUCTIONEnergy saving air-conditioner & LED lamps were installed as one of the contribution towards our lovely Mother Earth.TOILETSBesides all these, their toilets are environmental friendly too!Eco-friendly bidet toilet which is made in Korea come with several useful functions to reduce the usage of toilet paper.DECORATIONSThe repackaging of the old, used items has done by BMS creative team.Very catchy, very friendly to our environment as they recycled the unwanted items instead of disposing them. If you want to enjoy the best things in the world, you need to have a good health.Being healthy doesn't mean have to skip all your favourite food.Instead, you can convert them into healthier options with healthier ingredients. Besides cafe, they are selling all kinds of organic merchandises as well.From skin care range to daily sauces.It is a great place to shop for you needs and wants.============================== FOOD REVIEW We were served Less sugar Ginger tea and Spirulina tablets before meal.If you do not know the benefits of Ginger and Spirulina,Click HERE for GINGER and HERE for SPIRULINA! Fruit Tea RM17.90I always love to have fruit tea at organic vegetarian food parlours.This is definitely to my liking as it is not too sweet with the strong hints of various types of fruits.Besides that, it is also rich in Vitamin C and other types of vitamins.Definitely beneficial for our health. If you prefer it with stronger taste, do press it to squeeze more essence out from the fruits. It is now ready to serve and enjoy it.******SIGNATURE***** Organic Soy Milk Curry Laksa Noodles Set Meal RM23.90Why is this their signature dish?They replace the unhealthy coconut milk with Organic Soya Milk (worry no more about cholesterol)They replace the traditional cooking oil with Grape Seed OilAlfafa Sprout (prevent arteriosclerosis)Home-made grind herbs and spices for better tasteUnbleached Flour and Brown Rice Vermicelli (ZERO burden to the body)Organic Coconut Oil to boost up metabolismSounds too healthy and you don't think it is yummy?YOU ARE WRONG!It is yummy!!!Taste just like the typical laksa but beneficial to our bodies!Don't compromise but switch to healthier options of your favourite food! Five Colours Energy Chinese Ulam Rice (Hakka Lei Cha) Black (Kidney) - Organic Black Fungus (High in protein) & Organic Black Sesame (Nourishes blood and hair)White (Lungs) - Organic Cabbage (High in Vitamin C, E and carotene) & Organic Home-made dried white radish (Increases appetite, aids digestion)Red (Heart) - Organic Carrot (Strengthens heart, nourishes liver and eyes)Green (Liver) - Organic Lettuce (High in vitamins and minerals), Organic Cucumber (Refreshing and promoting urination) & Organic Long Bean (Enhances immunity, stimulates bowel movement and helps losing weight)Yellow (Stomach) - Organic Millet (Nourishes stomach and blood, stimulates bowel movement), Brown Rice (Helps lowering blood sugar level, preventing cardiovascular disease) & Cashew Nut (Strengthens brain and kidney, nourishes spleen) My first try on Lei Cha was good.The High-Fibre Lei Cha soup is smooth and flavourish with a hint of mint taste.How to eat?Just add your desire amount of the ingredients and mix it with the soup! Chinese Traditional Herbal Soup with Rice (Vegetarian BKT)This is another best seller.Unlike the Vegetarian BKT I've tried, this is rich in herbs and well-flavoured with herbal taste.I can now add another dish into my list because I am not a fan of the meat in the traditional BKT but I love the soup! It may look small but trust me, it isn't small.Full of healthy organic ingredients in healthy herbal soup.YUM!The best moment is to have a cup of fruit tea after all the healthy food.Today, I feel so healthy and happy for my body.BMS OrganicsLG-310, One Utama Shopping Mall,New Wing, MalaysiaPhone Number: +60 3-7725 0828Websites: http://www.bmsorganics.com/home/ www.organic2u.com.mywww.biogreen2u.com Be Healthy, be with BMS Organics. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-30
这一款是他们另一种口味的的有机cube。黑芝麻花生酥的外表就非常的吸引人。黑色的色泽非常的明亮。吃起来的味道也是甜甜的,而且很香黑芝麻的味道,除了黑芝麻,还有花生的香。整个非常的脆口。 continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-11
We also tried the mushroom and sausage thin crust pizza. The pizza was such a novelty that it was finished quickly by all of us. Due to the thin crust pizza dough, we do not feel it was too filling to eat. It was more like a snack or appetizer for us, especially when all of us were sharing. The pizza was full of tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms, and zucchini. The sourish tomatoes sauce coupled with the soy cheese was delectable. continue reading
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