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Level4 2016-04-21
Ever dreamt of having a huge, enormous and gigiantic teddy bear to hug? And then realised that such teddy bear cost a bomb? Well, now Big Hug got that cover! If you ever want to hug a giant teddy bear, drop by Big Hug. Why? Because they not only have 1 huge teddy, but T-H-R-E-E  I ordered the Big Hug Personal Set RM 11, which is not available on the menu. I utilized a voucher on my Perksense app to get this deal. Big Hug burger has always been my favourite burger because of its cripsy fried chicken patty, the pineapple and their secret sauce! If you dont have a PerkSense app, fret not, you can always order an ala-carte Big Hug Jumbo Burger for RM17. Its worth the price, because it's not an ordinary burger, its a Jumbo burger My boyfriend ordered the Chicken Satay Burger RM 17 instead. The satay sauce on this burger is absolutely delicious; its not very spicy and the best part is - its as nutty as the original satay sauce I strongly recommend this place if you love burgers and giagantic teddy bears  continue reading
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It's kinda tricky getting there because it's in the Subang Square Corporate Tower and not a place where you can see if you're riding a car because it is not by the roadside. We felt very welcome because of the cozy ambiance that this place exudes. The lady boss here was super friendly too and she treated everyone like her friend. She even took picture of customers and make small talk with us. Not something you see everyday.The ingredient for an awesome mouth-watering burger. The patty doesn't feel dry, which is a good thing. Overall, it's okay I guess. Not too shabby. I really liked the sausage though! We changed the fries for the sausage and didn't regret the choice.We only ordered one burger as I wasn't really that hungry because of the breakfast. However, it did fill both of us up. The bottomless fresh lemon juice was a bonus, liked it very much! continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-27
The onion rings was crispy, light and not really greasy. Onion rings normally are pretty hard to chew. That is because the onions were literally cut in a ring shape. Unlike the onions rings here, its chopped onions shaped in rings, making it easier to bite. The onions could be tasted, which was really good. The batter was a little lacking on flavour but the sauces helped covered it. Recommended, 8/10. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-15
The most authentic and simple burger is probably the Grilled Burger with option of either grilled beef or grilled chicken patty, roasted cherry tomato, caramelized onion, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, and fresh lettuce.The Mario’s Chicken Burger is one that I find a little juicier than the rest thanks to the roasted cherry tomatoes. There is the grilled chicken patty, sautéed shitake mushroom, roasted cherry tomato, caramelized onion, roasted garlic aioli, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, and fresh lettuce for RM 21 per set.Once again, caramelized onion wasn’t that great and a little too sweet for me. I would probably ask to remove the onions the next time I return. The shitake mushrooms gave a relatively bad masticating texture because they were rather thick, much to my dislike. Then again, palate can be quite subjective at times.Definitely lots of cheese. Replace to chicken patty with beef patty and you’ll have the Mario Beef Burger .Lastly, a bit of sweet tangy and juicier bites, there is the Honolulu Chicken Burger (RM 21per set). On top of the grilled chicken patty, there is the roasted cherry tomato, grilled pineapple ring, caramelized onion, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, and the key to moist; some bolognese sauce. It would be even better for the texture if the pineapple is a little riper.There are others like the Swedish Meat Balls (RM 16 per set) for those who maybe not up for burgers perhaps. The sauce is great and many would definitely compare this to those of IKEA café. Except the Big Hug takes pride in the high quality jam.The side orders include French Fries (RM 7), Cheesy Wedges (RM 7) and Onion Rings (RM 6). Other than the onion ring slightly a little greasy, the wedges are delicious. Using russet potatoes for their fries, I like them thick with delectable texture.The sauces were impressively made from scratch and some really prevails to linger a little longer in your memory.The concept and the shop interior are beautiful. According to the charitable owner, she loves providing a place for students to hang.So take some time to look at them. continue reading
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Level2 2013-08-14
So when it comes to good food, nice atmosphere and kind people.It can really make up a breezy and lovely day.Weeeee it is burger time in Big Hug Burger! Here, every bites and pieces in their burgers are made from scratch including the freshly baked warm bun and in-house special sauces. Here, there are tonnes of love, and warmth.We have given a try on the Crispy Fish Burger topped with bamboo charcoal bun and sesame bun respectively.Bamboo charcoal bun seems to be a new trend for the latest healthy choice in town.Unexpectedly, the friendly owner made us a free cup of Hainanese butter coffee.It is very fragrant as the butter melts gracefully accompanied with the classic coffee taste.So, just them a nice try babe!BIG HUG BURGER will make your day. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)