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Authentic Peranakan dishes from a Malaccan Baba chef
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Cili Garam Fish Pong Teh Chicken Otak-otak Udang Lemak Nenas
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Level1 2015-10-02
感谢Open Rice的邀请,让我可以体验那风土人情的娘惹餐馆。娘惹菜的味道和中餐貌似相同,但是在味道上却大有不同,加上一些与马来风味互相交融的菜肴更是别具一格,值得介绍的是这小娘惹餐厅的外部风格很传统,里面空间也不是很大,装修简单但却很舒服,让你有种“家"的感觉。来这里试过了几道菜肴,大致上都还不错。最值得介绍的是这里的咸菜鸭汤 Itik Tim,味道香浓美味,那天品尝过了这道汤后依然念念不忘,浓郁的香气,都让人回味无穷,值得一试。。。 continue reading
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Level1 2015-09-28
非常感谢 openrice 的邀请,让我来到这家娘惹餐馆,简单的餐馆装饰给人一种舒服自在的感觉今天吃到的菜色有 Poh Teh 娘惹鸡肉,Curry Debael 娘惹咖喱鸡,炒茄子 Terung Masak Tembe,Otak Otak  乌达,咸菜鸭汤 itik Tim,这个我真心觉得不错,想喝都不够喝,哈!Assam Prawn 娘惹亚三炒大虾,Bending Masak Udang Kering 炒羊角豆, Oneh Oneh 这甜品不错哦,当你大力咬下去的时候,里面的椰糖还会喷出来,这个不错!最后还来个饭后甜品 Ice Kacang~ continue reading
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Still looking for a good place for Baba Nyonya food? Come, let you show you a place, Restaurant Big Baba, a peranakan wee family cuisine. Nonya cooking is the result of blending Chinese ingredients with various distinct spices and cooking techniques used by the Malay/Indonesian community. The bright colour wooden door makes the restaurant easy to find! It doesn't have the modern design for the outer part of the restaurant. They keep it vintage, old school and special. I've fall in love with this restaurant! The restaurant is decorated in the manner of vintage peranakan, the traditional Chinese Malays and antique-like furniture. Don't worry they provide air-cond. Pong Teh is actually a Nyonya chicken and potato stew. Generally, it's a chicken stew cooked with potatoes. Suitable for children and elder people as the chicken and potatoes are soft. You don'e need to struggle when you're eating it! Pong Teh RM26 (Braised potato chicken)This is the dry type curry chicken. I prefer eating this type of curry than those will too much kuah. With only this, I can eat 3 bowl of rice. Nom nom nom. Not very spicy, chicken is soft and moist! Curry Debael RM26 (Curry Chicken)Who love terung? This delicious cuisine uses eggplant for the basic ingredients. For those who love eggplant, you definitely going to fall in love with this! The eggplant has absorb all the sauce, the moment you bite on the eggplant, the sauce just squirt out!Terung Masak Tempe RM12Ahhh!!!! I love petai! When petai meet prawn, PERFECT! I couldn't understand why some of the people hate petai! For me, petai smell so good! This sambal petai udang is salty, sweet, sour and spicy. The prawn is fresh so fresh! I can eat this everyday! Sambal Petai Udang RM26This dry-braised beef rendang is extravagantly rich. This rendang beef smells incredible. Beef Rendang RM26 Otak Otak is one of my favorite snacks. I use to eat this whenever I visit Malacca. The portion of this otak otak is quite small. Not sure about you but it definitely not enough for me. Otak-otak RM12Jiu hu char is a dish of stir fried turnip. Jiu Hu Char is a one popular nyonya stir fry dish. The turnip is so soft and moist.Ju Hu Char RM12 (Stirred turnip)Itik Tim is basically a salted vegetable duck soup. If you love salted vegetable, then you gonna in love with this. Dinner is never complete when there's no soup! This soup taste so good. Not too salty, I still can smell the duck in the soup. Itik Tim RM26 (Soup) continue reading
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Glad to invited by Openrice again for the food tasting. This time is with Big Baba.When I arrived and look from far, i think it is a old vintage feel of cafe but when you see clearer, actually it is nyonya restaurant! It is decorated just like the Peranakan nyonya decoration which remain the original heritage!Some of the members are not arrived yet but Uncle Wee, who is the owner of the restaurant already served us with some titbits . Those are my all time favourite!There are something I would like to add on is, Big baba servicing is fast. As long as our members are all here, they directly serve the food to us all together and the foods all are still WARM! That is really well managed!Bendi Masak Tempe RM15 . It is just like the way our mom cooked it.Otak-otak RM12 . The otak otak is actually quite spicy and suprisingly the fish paste is more than the eggs covering! it is not like those you bought outside with less fish paste but more in eggs covering.Sambal Petai Udang RM26 . The prawn tastes really damn good. It is juicy and fresh! For a person who dont like to eat prawn because of skin allergy, i am tempted to taste it because of the petai aroma! For petai lover, you should try this dish!Beef Rendang RM26 . This one is really good too. I found their rendang is heavier on milk taste rather than just spiciness, which bring another new sensation of rendang. Good to try!Curry Debael RM26 (Curry Chicken) . This one tasted abit normal but again, their curry is heavier with milk.Terung Masak Tempe RM12 . Terung masak always my favourite one whenever my mom cooked. Same in Big Baba. It is cooked with moderate amount of oil and the terung is not too soft or hard. It is just good to eat with a bowl of rice!Itik Tim RM26 (Soup) . How can a nyonya family dinner without a soup? Yes. This soup is boiled with duck meat and it is sourish sweet. If you taste it before your proper meal, i am sure you must be hungry by now as it will just make you mouth watering!Overall of the food are nice and served well. If you would like to try some home based nyonya food, Big baba definately is the choice! continue reading
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Level2 2015-09-18
娘惹是一个很有自我特色的的一个种族。 他们的文化与美食都带着让你眼前一亮的色彩。今天来到这家新来的娘惹餐馆,他们装潢简单,给你回到家的感觉。♥ 娘惹鸡肉如果你和我一样喜欢椰浆味,你一定会爱上这道菜。鸡肉很软,配上那个很香椰浆的酱料,很搭,很惹饭啊。♥ 娘惹咖哩鸡热爱咖哩的我,当然不会放过这道菜。不会辣,带甜的咖哩,带着香料味道。赞!♥炒茄子我不爱茄子,所以。。我朋友口述我代笔。茄子软软滑滑的,炒得恰到好处。 ♥乌达用香蕉叶包着去烤,肉质嫩,带着叶子的香味。好吃 ♥咸菜鸭汤味道够,火候够,唯一就是。。。不够喝。。。 ♥娘惹亚三炒大虾这个带酸,微辣,香,甜。 虾新鲜。如果问我好不好吃,我想说。。大家都在抢,你说好吃么? ♥炒沙葛这个有点普通。。。 不说啦 ♥炒羊角豆朋友说不懂怎样讲。。。就炒羊角豆。。哈哈哈 ♥娘惹式心太软来个饭后甜品,椰子丝咸咸的,外面软软QQ的,里面椰糖甜甜的。 ♥娘惹红豆冰再来个饭后甜品! 甜甜的完美结束!终结: 他给我家的温暖,妈妈的味道。 continue reading
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