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Level3 2016-05-21
Bean Brother, a Korean operated café, located at a secluded street in Sunway Damansara. The café is hidden among the warehouse areas, but you can always reach it with Waze.The first impression of the café to me is SPACIOUS. The café is probably the largest café I have ever visited. From what I heard from the staff the café is actually renovated from a two-level warehouse.The coffee is simply good. Rest assured they took the coffee seriously. Probably the best one in town so far. And their art is different from others, not your ordinary coffee art. They do have a kitchen but I don’t know what the main course is tho. Not really into their meals. But I did try their cookies as well. Worth to try!It was 9 pm when I reached the café, be aware that their last call is 930. I saw a lot of students with their laptops on in the café. Ever wonder why would someone drive all the way to Bean Brother just for studying? Probably because of the extremely spacious seating they have haha! The only downside here would be you actually have to pick up your own coffee at the counter.  continue reading
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Level3 2016-04-11
After having my internship interview, I thought of heading to Subang but suddenly my friend told me that she's heading to Sunway Damansara, I thought of it's so near to my workplace, why not i join her for the cafe hop She came from Subang and so it takes longer for her to reach the cafe as compared to me who came from Damansara Perdana. I didn't know this cafe was so near to me till I waze it. It was my friend's second visit to the cafe, I reached there first but I had problem finding the cafe as you know, hipster cafe, often has this criteria that not easy to find. LOL what. Just my theory.Let me share with you my story,going to the cafe. I realized I do not have cash with me, as I planned to withdraw money at Subang till I received the call from my friend saying she's heading to this cafe. So i drive here without going to the ATM. Mian.. Lesson: Make sure you bring cash with me, at least bring 10-20 bucks with you for emergency use. DONT BE LIKE ME!But i'm thankful i have kawan who can be there to pay for me first :') I ordered vanilla latte as I been craving for coffee since internship interview.I waited some time for my interview and I yawn so much. #ThedaybeforeIwasRushingMyReportOkay back to this cafe, the humans here are friendly and the moment I walked in. I feel different, i'm madly in love with their huge door which I doubted if it's the entrance till I see people pushing the door. The interiors are very hipster and the background music are all K-Pops.If i'm not mistaken, Bean Brothers are from KoreaI see posters in the cafe showing the pictures of different branches in Korea.The coffee here is good!So do the cake. A nice spot for pictures I recommend the cheese cake for cake lovers  continue reading
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Level4 2015-10-05
Bean Brothers Cafe - Located in the industrial area of Sunway Damansara and run by Korean baristas. I was greeted warmly by them. the baristas here are super friendly from the moment I stepped in. Had the Velvet White which was a blend of Ethiopia, Brazil and Guatemala for the cappuccino. While we also opted for something fruity for the filter based. So we had J.B. ( El Salvador SHG EP Honey) for our black today& not forgetting we also had the cranberry scones on the side to munch on!  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)