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Level4 2016-06-12
-- BBQ THAI is not a stranger among thai cuisine in klang valley , and Located at Old Klang Road will be easy to be spot on the left of the road if from Federal Highway .-- BBQ THAI adalah terkenal di kalangan masakan thai di klang valley , ianya terletak di Jalan Klang Lama dan mudah untuk dinampak di sebelah kiri jalan jika dari Lebuhraya Persekutuan .-- BBQ THAI对泰国美食吃货的人群来说不是个陌生的地方 , 位置就在旧巴生路而是很容易可以发现的到就在大路边 .-- Remember ya , Just focus on the left after drive down from the flyover bridge . They have a large parking spot after turning into BBQ THAI .-- Jangan Lupa ya , beri tumpuan di sebelah kiri selepas turun dari jambatan itu. Mereka mempunyai tempat letak kereta yang besar selepas pusing ke dalam THAI BBQ .-- 记住你哦 , 从桥下来过后请注意左边 . 他们还有很大的停车场 .-- BBQ THAI have a big open space in the middle and nine air-conditioned room with different theme on every rooms . The place will get crowded when comes to dinner time and make a reservation if you’re dining in a large group .-- BBQ THAI mempunyai ruang terbuka yang besar di tengah-tengah dan sembilan bilik berhawa dingin dengan tema yang berbeza pada setiap bilik . biasanya tempat ini akan penuh semasa makan malam dan buat tempahan jika anda makan dalam kumpulan yang besar .-- BBQ THAI有一个大露天的空间和在九个冷气房间有不同的主题 , 这地方到了晚上时就会爆满如果您和一般朋友想来这里用餐请订位 .-- All the 80's and others wall poster on the wall of all the room was imported from thailand with Creative used of old basket with hanging bulb to light up the room and every room was build up with recycle used wood .-- Semua poster dinding 80-an dan lain-lain yang pada dinding di semua bilik itu diimport dari thailand dengan lampu gantung yang menggunakan bakul lama dengan mentol untuk menerangi bilik dan setiap bilik dibina dengan papan kayu .-- 所有在房间的墙壁上的80年代和其他海报是从泰国进口的 , 满有创造性的挂灯泡用的是旧篮子来点亮房间 , 每个房间是用回收来的二手木材起上来的 .Papaya Salad / 木瓜沙拉Spicy Sour Squid / 酸辣鱿鱼Deep Fried Kale / 炸通心菜Fried Chicken With 3 Taste Sauce / 泰式三味炸鸡 Thai BBQ Crab / 泰式烧螃蟹Thai BBQ Kerang / 泰式烧士蛤Thai BQQ Squid / 泰国烧烤鱿鱼Thai BBQ Pork Neck / 烧烤猪颈部Grill Shrimp / 烤虾Thai BBQ Chicken Wing / 泰式烧鸡翅Thai BBQ Platter / 泰式BBQ四宝BBQ Pork Ribs / 烧烤排骨Seafood Tom Yum / 海鲜冬炎Lemon Fried Fish / 泰式酸柑鱼Thai Style Pork Ribs Spicy Sour Soup / 泰式酸辣肉骨汤Pad Thai / 泰式炒稞条Look Choob & Foi Thong / 泰式黄豆沙小水果 /泰式甜丝卷Thai Rice Cracker & Amara / 炸麻籽 & 木薯椰丝糕点 Thai Style Water Chestnut / 泰式马蹄Thai Style Cendol / 泰式 Cendol-- BBQ THAI Started their business Since 2013 that offered Thai Street Foods from Experienced Chefs From Thailand . Craving for some hot and spicy food? Welcome to BBQ Thai , the finest Thai restaurant serving authentic Thai cuisine to Thai food lovers .-- BBQ THAI Bermula perniagaan mereka Sejak 2013 yang menawarkan Makanan tepi jalan thai yang dimasak oleh Chef berpengalaman Dari Thailand . Keinginan untuk makanan sedap dan pedas ? Selamat datang ke BBQ Thai , restoran Thai terbaik yang menyajikan masakan Thai asli untuk penggemar makanan Thai ..-- BBQ Thai开始了他们的业务自2013年起即提供泰国街头食品从经验丰富的厨师来自泰国 . 渴望一些辛辣的食物?欢迎来到国BBQ THAI , 最佳的泰国餐厅 , 供应正宗的泰国美食泰国美食爱好者 .BBQ Thai , Old Klang Road NO.17, Lorong Jugra, Off Batu 3 1/4 Jalan Klang Lama.58000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.Tel: 03-7981 9888E-Mail: info@bbqthai.com.myHours : Mon - Sun , 12PM - 12AM continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2013-12-30
Strongly recommend Authentic Thai Cuisine here!This is their menu Sayur Kangkung fried with garlic, delicious (y)pandan chicken!lemon steamed sotong!(RM38? not too sure, but i guess it's around there) love the soup! it was so spicy that i keep on drink their pandan water! but the food was really good! one of their must try!grill pork neck!(RM28) thumbs up for this dish!! this is one of their must try!! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
BBQ Thai Street food is an outstanding new place to dine if Thai food come across your mind, and while you are at old klang road. The signboard is very unique, its a cube with the word "BBQ Thai" and a skewers are seen in the logo. A very cosy and nice place to dine, and there are lots of coconut tree swaying on a breezy day during dinner and the feel is very lovely. The food is a little - or to say very princely, only the place and environment is well sought after. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-07-08
来到这里怎么能少得了东炎汤。这里的东炎汤汤头是属于比较浑浊的。不是说很肮脏那种感觉,而是加入了虾子鱿鱼一起下去熬煮的那种感觉。所以味道都很浓郁,很鲜甜,里面的配料也是很丰富 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)