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Ambience:Upon arrival, I would have no second guesses that Battery Acid Club is an ISIS hideout for its sign and seclusion. I gazed into one of Geneva's finest signifying the time being a little past 10 am. As I walked into this clinical-designed cafe which reminded me a little of my visit to the dentist, I was greeted by a man who was mopping the floor with Arabic words uttered over the front of his Tee shirt which further hints the organisation. He promised that I will be served in twenty minutes despite the door stating operating hours are from 9 to 9 on Saturdays.Not fearing the propaganda and believing in good things are worth the wait, I sat myself down not knowing how sour the afternoon was going to turn. The clock struck 11 where two other tables was filled where I learnt that the first come, first served basis is not valid at BAC. Hence I got up and lined behind an obese couple to make my order. I ordered some gula Melaka tart (at 6 ringgit) which was claimed to be made in-house, the usual flat white and took the advice of the barista himself who deems the latte macchiato (both at 11 ringgit) to be his best creation.Coffee + Food:I helped myself with a glass of water while making my way back to where I was sitting. It got me thinking that if one were to spend more than average interior design and magazine collection couldn't they should uniform the team with Tees that has ISIS-inspired logo printed on them. As it was taking quite a while, I flipped an interesting magazine called Monocle which includes travelling write ups and lightly on designs before the tart arrived which was rather positive for not being overly sugary.As soon as I was half way through my pastry I was surprised by Battery Acid Club's further reminder of the Islamic State on their serving plates. Well I'm not biased towards any deluded political view because what's matters most is coffee. Frankly the blend of espresso and Pura milk at BAC isn't too shabby nevertheless could be better. The initial sip of the flat white was pleasing but worsens as the cup nears empty leaving me muddled. It must be said the latte macchiato is creative which is pretty much one dimensional throughout the entire cup."Design as it is and conversation being their USP seems to be cynicalsince the team is not a talkative bunch."Friendliness:The male barista is a self-absorbed off-the-books narcissist who is plagued with obsessive compulsive disorder. This socially inert washed-up designer who's going through some made up crisis has no respect for those who are younger or age better than he does. Heads up, please read their magazines very carefully as flipping in an 'incorrect' manner may very much upset the owners. Battery Acid Club might would do a lot better being a closed community designers-only slum.Bottom line:BAC is no more than an overly though-out cafe fad where form follows function serving coffee that fails to impress. continue reading
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