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Level3 2015-10-25
Barra restaurant is located near Jakel and UiTM Shah Alam. I went there to see a friend of mine and we hangout here at Barra due to limited budget  But hey,the food here is definitely a lot per portion and cheap.They are just like any other mamak restaurant as they offered the same typical menu. However the one that caught my attention is the Naan Choc cheese.Usually some other "mamak" will only serve you naan cheese, but this is definitely something different. They also have milo naan cheese as what i remembered . So i ordered the naan choc cheese that cost RM6.00 and a friend of mine just ordered chicken friend rice RM7. I can tell you this, their fried can really share for 2 person as they really serve you a mountain of rice per portion, tho the chicken is just a bit smaller. Well once my Naan Choc Cheese has arrived the first thing that i noticed is the smell of it. I can really smell the chocolate and the cheese mixed together. Its very mouth watering when i started to pull the cheese to taste. It was delicious! i ordered another one to take-away The fried rice taste was okay and the chicken is not too oily but it is worth it as it serve you a very big portion. As it comes to dinner, more people starting to show up and usually the restaurant will be fullhouse because of the students live nearby. Oh! if you would like to order things like fried rice or this naan choc cheese, they will only start to take order at 4.00 p.m and above. From morning to 4.00 p.m they will only have "nasi campur" . I wish to come again here one day, my house is just too far. I will usually go to the shop near maju junction there for the best naan cheese in Klang Valley. But this is totally different. Naan choc cheese really hard to find somewhere else other than this restaurant. Its gonna be worth it for you to go all the way to Shah Alam for food hunting (there are a lot other places to try out around barra.Overall: the first time i tried naan choc cheese, fullhouse for dinner continue reading
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