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Level4 2015-08-16
I saw a voucher for 20% dining ala-carte at Bari-Uma in The Star so I decided to use it today before its expiry on 15 August 2015. Bari-Uma is said to have derived from Singapore. It was touted to be very delicious by the blogging community. It was said that the service is so good according to the Bari-Uma culture of smiling no matter what happened. But it was so difficult to get the waiters' attention because they are always hidden behind a pillar. I ordered the Bari Uma Nori-Tama Ramen with seaweed and also half-boiled egg. In fact, the egg was halfboiled on the inside despite being served as a whole. I hated the bamboo taste inside because not many people can cook bamboo that well. The taste was so weird and nauseating. I totally hated it.The Yakitori Combo of 5 types of chicken and pork parts was so worth the price of RM 13.90. The meat was juicy and tender and so delicious. The only part I disliked was the hard and rough breat meat part which was too hard for me. Other than that, this is definitely the place to go to for Yakitori.  continue reading
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Level3 2015-08-08
Visited on 23th July 2015 It was during THursday weeks ago, I insist to watch Paper Towns, so my boyfriend and me went for a movie date in Jaya SHopping Centre, as Jaya SHopping Centre has TGV Cinema, on which Maybank card user would enjoy the offer of buy 1 free 1 promotion!Our movie was on 9.30pm, so we went here to have dinner. It has the ramen that is recommended by my housemate, and it rarely goes wrong when it comes from the mouth of the housemate.SO here it is, we went to this Ramen eatery, Bari Uma, in Level 3. FYI, Level 3 is full of eateries.NOt bad ler, got nice view overlooking the not-so-high skyscraper also. And the interior design also.Do you know that this Bari Uma is actually a franchise in Japanese? It's so famous in Japanese, and slowly spread to Singapore, Thailand before it came to Malaysia. It also open it's second franchise in Mitsui Outlet in KLIA Sepang recently.A sweet moment of us. I not sure if you are interest on this pic. But these are the muka of whom eating the food below. OK? so must show a bit also.Ajitama-Uma RM 28Ajitama meaning flavoured egg in Japanese. This ramen is a pork flavour shoyu (soy sauce) soup with thick slides of BBQ pork (chaoshu).Honestly, it is expensive. It reminds me of how expensive the food in Japanese is. I tried to find the highlight of this ramen. But basically, every single ingredients here are the highlights!BBQ pork- tender and juicy. I guess you can see from the pic also .Ajitama-According to my bf, all the Ajitama in Japanese Ramen outlet should be above average, then only it can be the standard of Ramen. It doesnt surprise him that it is delicious, but he just can't stop praising them.Shoyu Soup- my favourite!!! I don't have must experience of eating Ramen. Probably this is my 2nd time, but I could tell / I think it is delicious. Flavourful as usual. I litterally slurp the soup until to the last drop. Noodles- Homemade one, slighly taste the difference, forgotten in which way.Salmon Chaofan Rm 15.90From the photo in menu, I thought it's a smoked salmon. also I thought the portion would be big, judging from the price. Mana tahu, this is the size (as compare to Asus Zenfone 5)A food pornographic of salmon. My camera did a good job!But it actually quite dry, as it served on hot stone bowl. Trust me, you won't be full with only such humble size. The main focus here is basically the Salmon, which also tasteless. LIke how all cooked salmon taste lar.Even though it has 2 big chunks of salmon, but its basically just the salmon and the Japanese rice. Would not recommend this to you.And you can add on to your soup and noodle also!Bf has a soft spot for egg. So, I make a plan to make Ajitama for him. And hey, we use the Wifi here to surf youtube, looking on the making of Ajitama, and planned to buy egg in Cold Storage at Lower Ground floor. But we didn't buy in the end, cause we were going to cinema at 9.30pm.Sevice charge 10%GST 6%our total bill of the dinner is Rm 51.20expensive I would say, but it's on bf's treat, so not an issue! Hahaha.Bari Uma WebsiteJaya Shopping CentreL3-11, Level 3,Jalan Semangat,46100 Petaling Jaya,Selangor.Reservations +603-7932-2958Monday-Sunday 10am-10pm continue reading
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Level3 2015-06-21
Negi-mayo Gyoza - Spicy mayo Japanese Pan-fried DumplingPan-fried dumpling topping with spicy sauce, mayonnaise, and spring onions. In fact, I don't like spicy food, but I love this appetizer so much! The gyoza is appetizing, the spreading of spicy, sweet and juicy feeling in my mouth, it's quite awesome! Highly Recommend! continue reading
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Level3 2014-08-07
Bari-Uma serves some great authentic slurpalicious ramen. Richly flavoured tonkotsu shoyu soup which is thick & creamy. Followed by the home-made noodles which was consistent throughout with a nice bite to it. Pair that with some lovely flame grilled charred pork slices. Tender with a smoky flavour. A real treat.They also have dumplings (gyoza) either boiled or fried. Crispy with adequate filling. We had the spicy version which was a good snack. Simple offerings but done right.Service was quick & attentive. Layout clean & inviting. Will definitely return to try out the spicy ramen. continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-13
Bari-Uma, a ramen restaurant with a handful of branches in Japan (plus one or two in Singapore).Bari-Uma's signature ramen, elegantly striking, with relatively light, pork-flavoured shoyu broth flanked by crisp seaweed sheets, crowned with reasonably thick slices of tender flame-cooked cha shu. RM27 before taxes, sufficient for a not-very-heavy lunch.Two Japanese chefs currently oversee the kitchen, keeping a close eye on how the gyoza turns out; ironically, there's a wider-than-usual assortment of chicken-stuffed dumplings here, from the negi-mayo version with a mildly spicy sauce (RM12 for five)Customers will probably be satisfied with how this aburi salmon salad tastes. But it's the one dish here that could benefit from a more appealing presentation. RM19.90.Ishiyaki chaofan forms the final component of the menu _ rice in hot stone bowls with plenty of pork & accompaniments like salmon or shrimp (RM15.90).Basic sake should be offered by next week; for now, there's beer (RM20 per can). continue reading
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