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Grilled Beef with Cheese Grilled Pork Belly With Chinese Char Siew Sauce Grilled Fresh Squid on Skewer Garlic Fried Rice Grilled Tiger Prawns with Tamarind Grilled Chicken with Lemon Leaf Skewer
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The main reason I came here was due to the Open Rice RM 10 voucher I got for here but the voucher could not be used for set meals and only ala carte. The Chicken Sticks cost quite little, at just a minimum of RM 5 a stick. The prawn on a stick just cost RM 13 per stick. The prawns are so succulent, fresh and juicy. To our surprise, the Australian pork ribs were the smallest we have ever seen. We felt like dogs trying to suck a bone as there was very little flesh on it. I ordered the mussels with salsa dip which my friend did not fancy due to the smell of mussels. I love it and finish every shell. My friend loves the Thai Spicy Octopus with the spiciest Kerabu Mango Salad ever. It was a bit too spicy for me even though I am usually well-known for my love for spicy food. The BBQ Beef with Salad was also tasty. The only one not to order is the Lemongrass Chicken Satay which was way too coarse. We ordered a Sangria which cost a whopping RM 90. My friend said it is not that expensive because 1 glass cost RM 29 already. I would never have paid so much for a drink. But the Sangria is the most amazing I ever had and very close to the one I had in Barcelona. The red wine inside is also very strong and beat those I have drank elsewhere. All the BBQ meat here is not over grilled till black but barbecued just nice over the fire. We have the choice of doing the BBQ ourselves or letting the waiters do it for us in front of us or at another separate table. The place has a wonderful and romantic ambience, being on top of the roof of KL Life Centre, despite being at the third floor. It was very windy and thank god it did not rain. If we go to another corner, we could actually see KL Tower from there. It is definitely the right place for couples to go to. I heard it was only opened for 3 months. The service was incredible probably because the few people who go there cause the waiters to be ever eager to serve. Our whole bill came up to over RM 200 probably because of the Sangria otherwise it would be over a RM 100.  continue reading
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Level2 2014-12-02
在Barbecue Garden用餐还蛮有fu的。无论是环境还是食物都不错吃。来到这里被店员热情的招待,还为我们准备了食物和帮我们烤,虽然说吃烧烤应该是要自己亲自烤,不过有时候还是有点懒惰啦。哈哈。翻开菜单有超过130种不同的食物,有猪肉、牛肉、羊肉、海鲜、还有鳄鱼肉和野猪肉呢。是不是很惊讶呢!在这里可以吃到不同口味的腌肉,如奶油sotong、海鲜酱猪肉还有rendang猪肉呢!其实还蛮local的味道,虽然只是一家来自越南的烧烤餐厅。让我很惊讶的是这碗炒饭,虽然不是店里的招牌菜,可是我认为这碗炒饭可以作为招牌之一了。第一口吃下去的时候,饭是脆脆的,就像在吃着瓦煲鸡饭烤焦的米饭,然后还有蒜米也是脆脆的。其实仔细看,是有两种不同的米,看起来不怎么特出的炒饭,可是吃起来超爽的。用来配烧烤的食物还不错呢,因为炒饭不是很油,而且味道不浓呢。其实我对牛肉有点敏感,可是吃一点点应该ok的。这道Grilled Beef with Cheese其实相当不错。咬下去还有芝士流出来,然后肉烤的刚刚好。嫩嫩的肉配上芝士,很不错吃。Sotong一向来都是我喜欢的海鲜类之一。其实sotong被腌的有淡淡的奶油味,我以为sotong是很难入味的海鲜,可是这道奶油sotong我给80分。忘记是什么口味了。一向来是喜欢吃虾,可是超懒惰剥壳然后又要去洗手。可是这是已经剥好了的,一口一个还不错呢。我还是喜欢这道叉烧酱wild boar。我以为wild boar的肉会很结实和很难咬,其实不会哦。没有入口即溶那么夸张可是不会吃到塞牙齿那种啦。肉还蛮嫩的。终结来说呢,个人是给80分。最重要的是这里还可以看夜景。 continue reading
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Level1 2014-09-14
Great food and the marination is nice for some of the dishes. Loved the view there and even when it rained a bit, there was a nice roof which covered while still allowing us to barbecue in the rain! Because it is a table top barbecue restaurant, food arrived very fast and we started cooking very fast. They also had a special large cake for birthday celebrations and it was rather interesting. I enjoyed the pork dishes the most especially the pork belly and pork neck and to top it off, the filet mignon is good if cooked perfectly. The smoothies and fruit juices are also nice!  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)