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Buta Miso Ramen Tori Karaage Tsukemen
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Level3 2017-02-11
I am a Ramen fanatic! Okay, not really, still some distant gap to claim myself a ramen fanatic. but I really like to eat ramen. I wish to travel to Japan just to try on their fresh sashimi and ramen.  Apparently, there are different type of ramen in different city. But by saying Ramen, my definition is the thick base ramen soup, that kind of ramen is what I yearn for. Hence, a visit into Bankara Ramen, ordering their signature Bankara Ramen that basically taste sweet infused with the aroma of fried shallot which look tempting, but taste sweet afterall. Not really my liking. I prefer the salty thick base soup type. Luckily, I ordered their thick base tonkoyu ramen which is totally satisfying. If I have to moan, it is their scare amount of char siew. It is literally a thin piece of char siew, and that's it. Rm 24.90 if I were not wrong. Their ramen didn't come with soft boiled egg, so we have to order the soft boiled egg, which is bf's favourite separately. Conclusion: You can try their Bankara Ramen if you are okay with sweet type of ramen. If you prefer those salty thick base, then their tonkoyu would suit you. YOu might want to add on soft boiled egg to complement it!  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2016-10-20
认识我的朋友都知道我是拉面控,每次拜访日本我几乎都会特地找好吃的拉面店打卡,在本地,好吃的拉面店我也几乎全都拜访过,这家开在Midvalley3楼,靠近戏院的Ramen Bankara 看起来很不错,唤醒了我的拉面馋虫,我要吃~~ Bankara Ramen+1 Nitamago- RM27.6 有图有真相,满满地猪油膏 >< 应该是拿来解油腻的新鲜蒜头 沉浮在汤面的软软一块块的物体竟然是猪的脂肪!!向来不怕吃肥猪肉的我也被这个吓到了,也太油了吧?难怪桌面上有新鲜的蒜头让客人捣烂加入面里,因为整碗拉面的汤头味道真的很浓很油。。。。完全是重口味的冠军,那颗我另外加的蛋完全让我忽略了,口腔里完完全全都是那个汤的味道。。。我吃了大概3口就腻了 >< Tonkotsu Ramen- RM24.8 这个呈乳白色的汤比刚才的那碗看起来“善良”很多,不过也是属于偏重口味的,胶质把上下的嘴唇都粘起来了,口味还可以。 整体来说这里的拉面完全不是我那杯茶,口味严重不均衡,我大概吃了几口就吃不下了,吃拉面一定要喝完的汤头我几乎完全不敢碰!弱弱地问句,那个有猪油膏浮沉的汤不会隔下渣比较好吗?吓死我啦!东京原店的面也是这样的吗?是的话原谅我真的很不会欣赏。。。 ♡♡KC continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)