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Level3 2016-02-19
It was full of new year celebration every week plus with christmas. We were invited by our client to eat at this royal selangor club which i thought it would be at some fancy restaurant but it turned up to be at this banana leaf corner. I was surprised because i never thought he would like to eat something like this. He was very humble eventho he is quite rich. So he ordered everything for us all. I remember there were around 12 of us. It has everything that you could asked for (refer picture) First i start it with the fish head curry and it was very nice but since im not a big fan of it , i moved to chilli crab. It does look good so i just took it . Can you eat crab without getting your hand dirty? well our client can! I was amazed. I tried to follow his way but i failed. Everyone was getting their hand dirty. hehe. After we had our super full meal, we were served with teh tarik. How can you ask for more? i had a very happy tummy that day and would like to repeat again with my friends as the dishes tasted good except for their indian dessert. Overall: spacious, not cheap, once in awhile continue reading
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