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Level1 2017-04-15
I like their interior, feel very warm however the food I think is abit slight expensive. I recommend the pork chop, (didn't manage to take that pic) Portion are small n expensive but taste is good. Wedges with bacon (Around RM18 if not mistaken)Please check properly whether did they miss out your bacon or not, because that's why I get. Wedges bacon without bacon. Disappointed with this, how can they just miss out, if those ppl didn't realize means they're just eating a plates of plain wedges 🙄Overall, I think big eater will spend more money here as the portion are small haha. continue reading
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Level3 2016-04-30
We celebrated a friend's 21st Birthday in Awesome Canteen and it was brilliant! The dishes served were awesome like its name. I recalled I went to the same place one or two years ago, and I could say that they improved a lot on their food choices and the qualities! Besides Western cuisines, they also serves Japanese Food now!The awesome canteen serves a paleo menu whereby the menu has less or no carbs, and mainly proteins and some veggies. I order the paleo beef burger but the waiter keyed in my order wrongly and I get the paleo beef patty instead. Nonetheles,I had no regret trying this though! The big chunks of meat does not look appetizing to me for I thought that it would be tough. Surprisingly the food flips my thought around at my first bite. It was so succulent, flavourful and tender that I can't stop munching bit by bit. The portion of the beef patty, was also very generous, it's thick and huge, rather satisfying. The service crews were very helpful and friendly, though the service is slightly messed up that day, but they kept the smile on the face despite the hectic turnover.  continue reading
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Level4 2016-01-12
A café situated in Taman Paramount which is walking distance from a park nearby, Taman Aman. It can also be said to be opposite the Giant Hypermarket. Awesome canteen has a very nice interior design, of which most of them are vintage.My sister had lunch here and we ordered chicken burger sets and extra fries. The chicken burger set costs RM12.90 each whereas fries costs RM8.90 per basket. Each chicken burger set includes chicken burger, fries and coleslaw. Hence, I find RM12.90 for this set is reasonable and affordable, thus making it awesome ;)After trying the fries in the sets, we found that it is extremely delicious. So, we decided to order a basket of it and continued munching on it. Some may find that RM8.90 is too expensive for fried sliced potatoes, but trust me, you will not regret a single penny spent on it. We did not manage to take any picture of the fries as we had finished them as soon as the waiter served us the fries.One flaw that I have seen here is that we have to order our meals at the cashier instead of having the waiter to take our order at our seats. It was our first time there, so we did not know that we have to order at the counter. Hence, we sat at our place and waited for quite some time for someone to take our orders, but eventually no one did. continue reading
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Level4 2015-09-16
Address : 19, Jalan 20/13, Paramount Garden, Petaling JayaHours : Open 11am­10pm, closed MondaysTel: 03­7865­8048A quirky place with a primary school canteen like setting like how the name suggest.​This place is started by a group of designers in Kuala Lumpur. Furniture here are very vintage and retro looking. Famous for their gourmet Paleo burgers.The Jamaican Queen and Carrot cake.Had the Jamaican queen which was a chocolate cake with coconut, caramel and pecan. Moist and rich with chocolate flavours and the coconut complemented with the chocolate very well.Also had their homemade carrot cake and it has a generous amount of crunchy walnuts in it! Both were very delightful for a teatime treat!I had the walnut caramel pie & a glass of banana broccoli smoothie. Though it has caramel, it wasn’t too sweet and never left me feeling cloying unlike how most pies usually do.Grilled saba lunch meal (the top right of this collaged picture.)Also had to try out their grilled saba lunch set which came with rice, a grilled saba and two side dishes plus a bowl of miso soup. I really liked the miso soup a lot and even requested for refills but unfortunately they can’t do it for us. The grilled saba essentially a grilled mackerel was done well without any unpleasant fishy smell at all! It was so appetizing. The condiments and side dishes that came with the set were what completed the dish flavour­wise, I think, so that’s something to consider the next time we visit.Had an iced black (bottom right of the collaged picture) and according to the barista,they were using Artisan’s Blackbird Blend of Indonesian Wahana and Brazil. It has a very bold chocolate flavour to it and with the addition of ice, it makes it a much easier cup to down. What intrigued me was the paleo banana cake. It has slices of banana at the center with a layer of chocolate frosting in between. Love the fact that it was very moist and not dry at all. continue reading
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Level3 2015-06-22
Yesterday marked the first day I landed in Kuala Lumpur, Seapark to be precise, going to start my intern on 1st June! Thank you my bf, Wei Sheng bring me to eat food of my choice, so I chose to eat here. Awesome Canteen in Taman Paramount, Seapark here. I not sure is it me, or every girl out there. For a sweet-tooth like me, it's very hard for me to resist those delicious looking cake! The bright light inside cafe form a strong contrast with the daylight outside. Which kindda make it instagram-worthy. Mushroom Swiss Cheese Melt Chicken Rm 17.90(Opt for beef then it would be Rm 19.90)Initially, I was thinking of having carbonara. But they only have seafood carbonara, then boyfriend chose this for me. He knows that I like cheese and mushroom. Trying to show the combo within, I believe their patty in home-made one , cause it's quite soft and tender. The condiment inside become watery after awhile, However, it is the last scoop I like it the best, various mushroom topped with the sauce and cheese, YUMMY! Ordered this Banana-Broccoli smoothies. Photo taken by bf. Very messy, but the lighting is so good! Strawberry- Lemon Butter Cake Rm 12.90Banana-Brocolli Smoothie Rm 8.90Girls and dessert are always inseparable, both these were my favourite choice.The buttercake is quite nice, but a bit pricey to my expectation. Nevertheless, having lemon in the cake just make the cake more pleasantly delighting!I don't used to drink Smoothie, cause for me they were colder than cold juice. But I am quite tempt by looking at the name: Banana-Brocolli. It make you a bit full, taste more like banana than broccoli.Part of the efford to imitate the school canteen ambience. Awesome experienced by This pair love bird, hehehe.Why that I picked this cafe? The cafe name itself and the ambience that it radiate, like relax and instagram-worthy~~~Awesome Canteen:19, Jalan 20/13, Taman Paramount, 46300 Petaling Jaya, SelangorContact Number: 03-7865 8048Operation Hour: Sunday - Thursday : 10am - 10pmFriday & Saturday: 10am - 11pmKitchen close at 3pm -6pm (meaning burger, sandwich , pasta and food that prepare in kitchen would not available in 3-6pm, but the front bar is still on, meaning drink and cake is still available) continue reading
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