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Level4 2014-07-22
Each meal here comes with a complimentary salad which is really healthy mix with thinly sliced cabbage, carrots and some thinly sliced lettuce. My friend ordered the Pescatarian Pasta (RM 48) which came with 2 mussels, 2 big prawns and also quite a healthy mix of capsicums and tomatoes. The pasta was very smooth and tasty. Unfortunately, the pasta was got cold very fast hence the tastiness was gone. I felt that the prawn was not fresh and crunchy enough. I ordered the Quinoa Quail Stew (RM 32) which was so delicious. The stew contained the slow-cooked quail and was really tasty. We both enjoyed the stew so much. The meat was really tender. There was dhall used to cook it too with the green beans. Even the onions were tasty too. The four pieces of whole meal bread that came with was slightly toasted and tasted so tasty when eaten together. I love the Cardiac Arrest (RM 10) juice that was made of a mixture of pineapple, lemon etc. My friend could not stand the sourness of the drink. At first I thought it was not fresh since they serve in a bottle but actually it was freshly made. I especially like the Mountain Goat beer (RM 20) which had a fruity taste. The beer, when served cold, was so tasty and refreshing. I really love the fruity taste and non-bitter taste. It is a very unique beer and totally unlike any other beer. I totally liked the Chinese waitress and Filipino waiter there whose service were very good and super friendly.  continue reading
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