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Level3 2016-01-06
I thought this restaurant would have been reviewed and so I didn't take much photos of the storefronts and interiors but only my precious noodlesWould update more the next time I visit the restaurant, as this place worths me to return for their food.First of all, for the small-eater out there, Aroi Thai Express is a great choice for you to have the food in small quantity from the price of RM1.90.Let me clarify it, all their food are at fixed price which is RM1.90 including drinks like Thai Milk Tea, Boat noodles, Chicken Wing.BUT, if you're a big eater out there like me? I ordered the boat noodles in large size which is at the price of RM4.90. The spoonful of Boat Noodles in small bowl doesn't satisfy me.Being a fan of the boat noodles from Jaya One, I would say in term of taste, The Boat Noodles in Jaya One are definitely much better but for the price or value for Aroi Thai Express, I would rate it high as the service there is really good too.I love how the interiors use the striking orange color which it attracted my attention from far.The restaurant doesn't give me a very warm feeling at least when i'm eating the Hot Tom Yum Boat Noodles.This Tom Yum Boat noodles that I'm having is actually specially customized for me, as I am allergic to seafood, so they make me the chicken one instead which isn't stated in the menuHoorays!I visited this place a few times, and the reason that makes me come here is that i always have the moment in which "I am not hungry, but I feel like eating something soupy"TADAAA, Aroi Thai Express became my solution on providing the noodles as low as RM 1.90As compared with The Boat Noodles, they actually have more choices. And most importantly no service chargeLooking forward to come here again see you soon, Aroi Thai Express! continue reading
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