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Antipodean 这家由澳洲老板开的店在Bangsar 存在蛮久了, 我吃过几次他们家的早餐, 印象中价钱属于中上, 食物的味道还可以, 不过Bangsar 距离我家有点远, 刚好看到他们在Mid valley 也开了家我非常的高兴, 下次想吃他们的早餐不用特地去Bangsar啦! 跟原店的风格一样, 餐牌都是写在长长的黑板上, 密密麻麻的餐点让不熟悉的朋友需要花上好长的一段时间来思考要吃什么。搞笑的是黑板有些的部份被灯挡住了, 不少跟我们坐同一排的客人在那里把头左右晃, 想把餐牌看清楚点。过后我才瞄到原来这里的餐牌是可以Scan QR Code 的, 可是给我们这些久久来一次的客人是不是有点太麻烦了呢? 其实把餐点写在黑板上不是什么新鲜事, 可以环保不用打印, 有新产品又可以随时擦掉更新, 不过那字实在写太小了, 苦了我们这些四眼的啊!Big Breakfast with bacon- RM23Big Breakfast 里头的材料竟然没有一样是热的! 你可以想像那Omelete, hashbrown, bacon.. 放入口中全是冷的感觉吗? 冷了还加重了油腻感, 整个变得很难吃。 哎。。。。实在让我太失望了。Egg Marlborough with Salmon- RM25这个有比Big Breakfast 好, 至少还是温热的, 不过Poached Egg这个那么容易做的东西, 这里的2颗竟然有1个是过熟的, 切开竟然看到已经近乎全熟的蛋黄, 我脸上的三条线越来越深了。说实在的以这个价钱的早餐, 加了饮料随随便便一份早餐就要价40零吉, 我对它的要求自然就比外头的早餐要求高些, 没想到送上来竟然是这样水准, 郁闷啊!除了食物让人家沮丧以外, 整体的用餐经验也不太好, 这家店的面积不大, 座位和座位之间靠得很近, 有时候隔壁桌的客人要离席的时候一转身, 臀部和桌上的食物和饮料靠得非常近, 让人大倒胃口。。 这样对我, 下次我不光顾啦! ♡♡KC continue reading
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Level2 2015-06-22
I always wanted to visit this cafe/brunch place ever since I kept seeing my friend's post on Facebook. The decoration of this place gives you a feeling that you're in a forest and that's really my 'zen' place. Dining area in a forest-like decor.Storefront.Both photos courtesy of Mid ValleyBut when I got to the place, I realised that it's a brunch place that serves Australian's style breakfast which make me feel a tiny bit disappointed because I have had Australian breakfast back in last year when I spend 3 weeks in Melbourne. (I don't feel like having Malaysian-cooking-Australian breakfast~)Nevertheless, LGB's sister is in town hence we feel like it's a nice place to introduce to her. Photo courtesy of LindySim.com I couldn't get a good shot of the menu from where I was sitting. As me and my bump already seated I'm so tired to get up again :-p (As of time of writing, I'm already 40 weeks pregnant! LGBB is comfortably nested in my tummy and no indication of coming out yet.)Unique menu that is only found on their wall. It's a good neck and eyes exercise as you lift your head up and train your eyes reading from the wall which is several feet away from you.. :-p go away double chin!Sister-in-law ordered the Eggs Benedict @ RM26.80 (after service charge and GST)(Too much eggs for her apparently but to be fair, she's a light-eater.)This Eggs Benedict is served with 2 poached eggs (Runny eggs cooked in water; this is how the Australian like their breakfast eggs.) on 2 brown toast lay over with a thick Hollandaise sauce. I couldn't have taste this because I am avoiding raw/runny eggs during my pregnancy in risk of catching salmonella. But from physical look the poach eggs look totally satisfying with the egg yolks oozing out slowly to the bread.LGB ordered the Big Breakfast @ RM23.30. From right clockwise; sauteed fresh mushroom, scrambled eggs, brown toast, hashbrown and pork bacon. I like the brown toast (trying to be healthy and avoiding white food such as bread and rice), eggs and mushroom. The hash-brown assumed to be homemade (not your usual McD's crunchy ones) is lack-lustre and taste-less meanwhile bacon is your normal bacon.This is the Australian version of American Big Breakfast that serves a generous portion of fresh mushroom. However, this plate look a bit lackadaisical to me compared to the version of homemade Australian Big Breakfast I had last year.HOMEMADE Big Breakfast - From right clockwise; Sunny side-up egg and ham on toast, baked bean with a hint of sri-racha sauce, sauteed tomatoes and mushroom and stir-fried baby spinach.Cost AUD7-9Asparagus wrapped in bacon with scrambled eggs and toast @ RM23.30This is my version of healthy brunch and I always have loved asparagus. They baked this asparagus to the verge of crunchy skin but not dry-out and wrapped with a nice bacon. I like this dish except for the fact that it's lack of salt nor pepper nor taste. Maybe that's how it's healthy!Hot Honey Lemon @ RM9.35We're not a big fan of coffee and I'm on caffeine-free diet hence we order the hot honey lemon instead. Pretty good considering the good amount of honey and lemon.The verdict :Taste - 2/5 (required more taste)Service - 4.5/5 (very friendly and helpful staff and also there is a cute Australian guy!)Ambience - 4/5Hygiene - 4/5Value for money - 2/5 (approx. RM30/person but this pregger is not even full!)Please note that all pricing is after service charge (10%) and GST (6%).Details :Name : Antipodean CafeAddress : G(E)-011A, The Boulevard, Mid Valley Megamall, 59200 Kuala Lumpur. (At EAST entrance facing The Gardens and share the same row with Delicious)GPS location : 3.117592,101.67722,16Phone no. : +603 22023411Operation hours : Daily 7.30 am - Midnight continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)