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All-day Breakfast Platter Croissant Scrambled eggs with Bacon Iced Mochachino Kiwi Lamb Burger with Bacon Lemon Merinque Pie Pumpkin and Sweet Corn Fritter with Bacon
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Level4 2015-06-20
This is my favourite cafe when comes to breakfast and coffee. They serve good coffee and quality food. Yes, this is a non-halal restaurant. Usually this cafe will pack with foreign patrons during breakfast time, even lunch and dinner. Upon entering to this cafe, you will get to see a large black wall on your right which filled with words written using chalks. hmhm.,.. that is the menu. Antipodean does not provide any printed menu but everything have been clearly written on the wall. To me personally I find it a bit troublesome when comes to food ordering. Most of time they will be diners sitting beside the wall therefore you are unable to read the bottom part of the menu. To save this hassle, I will choose to order the top part of the menu.This time, I have ordered myself Bagel with Bacon and Egg.This is my third time having this dish. The taste was fantastic. I just love the texture of the bagel, soft and fragant couple with pork bacon and two sunny side up yet complement with greens, balsamic vinegar dressing drizzled on top to enhance the flavour. Coffee is a MUST for breakfast. I had a cup of Cappuccino. The coffee is really good with beautiful coffee art on top. My friend had ordered All Day Breakfast RM22. Is quite a big portion for breakfast which consist of scramble egg, bake bean, grilled tomato, or choice of Bacon, Chicken/ Beef/ Pork sausage. She opt for pork sausage. Next, Big Breakfast RM22. As it named- Big, almost similar to All Day Breakfast, just a replacement of grilled tomato and bake bean to Harsh Brown and Button Mushroom. The Harsh Brown is not the ordinary that we used to eat at McDonald or other cafe. It claimed that it is housemade uses fresh potato and herbs. Not deep fried but pan fried. hmhm....sounds healthy though.  continue reading
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Oops~ It had been few months didn't update my blog *sorry*.I’ll updates more whenever I've free time.I was so excited to visit another branch of Antipodean. Sowe’d decided to visit Antipodean at Menara Tan &Tan previously. It islocated near KLCC. The ambiance at there is almost similar with the one atBangsar, EXCEPT there is no outdoor seat available. We easily found a table asthere was not fully seated (lots of empty tables available).Frankly speaking, I still prefer the ambiance at Bangsar.YES, menu on the wall.Back to the food. I will always order the same food IF thefood was delicious.So here you go.Big Breakfast (with Bacon) RM 20.00It served with toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, mushrooms andmashed potato.To be honest, I love the mushrooms but not when comes to scrambled egg, as it didn'thave cheese in it, tasted super bland.I still prefer the one at Bangsar, scrambled egg mixed withcheese.Did I tell you that the toast was so hard to chew?All Day Breakfast (with Bacon) RM 20.00It served with canned beans, slices of tomato, scrambledegg, bacon and toast bread.Just same like the comments above, the scrambled egg tastedso bland and the toast was super hard to chew. Overall, I still prefer BACON ONLY.Hopefully there will have some changes as it was really different with the one at Bangsar outlet.P/S: I would like to try ‘Kiwi Style Lamb Burger with Brieand Egg’ for my next visit (in-my-food-list).Ohh yea! Follow me on Instagram to get more instant updatesof pictures!Instagram: @loveeatshop94Facebook: AntipodeanAddress: Menara Tan & Tan, 207, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala LumpurPhone: 603 2161 0752Wifi: No continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-30
the all day breakfast and big breakfast differ from one another is that the all day breakfast has baked beans and the big breakfast has sauteed mushrooms insteadthe all day breakfast also comes with a side of scrambled eggs, bacon, piece of toast and a slice of grilled tomatothe bacon at antipodean is not fried till it is golden brown and crispyinstead it is just turned a few times on the pan and then served so that you can enjoy it as it is continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-25
这里的卡布奇诺味道很香浓。喝起来咖啡的质感算是很浓稠,一点也不会很稀释。所以喝一点点就能久久回味无穷。所以这一小杯还算是很耐喝的。咖啡的味道很香,也很顺滑,很喜欢这种好味道。 continue reading
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Level1 2013-05-29
Have always wanted to try out Antipodean after reading many reviews regarding it, so me and my friends came here by lrt for brunch. It's around 10-15 mins walk from Ampang Park lrt. lt's located at an inconspicuous corner beside the entrance of Menara Tan & Tan, be careful not to missed and overlook it when searching. They even provide a small corner for parents who bring their child! So considerate and thoughtful of them.So here's our order: As the photo above shown, Big Breakfast consists of toasted bread, mushroom, hashbrown, bacon and scrambled eggs. This is kind of their signature dish, it's definitely a substantial breakfast!I considered the price as reasonable since the portion is quite big for a person, sharing with friends is a good idea so that you can try out more variety of dishes. The scrambled eggs is moist and soft, love the thick hashbrown a lot, it's not like the commercial one where you can barely find the potatoes fillings. It's not too salty and you can feel mouthful of potatoes in your mouth. Crispy bread, delicious mushrooms and bacons... mmm! Consists of salmon, feta cheese, walnut, figs, rocket and balsamic glaze according to the menu.We ordered this out of curiosity and it turned out to be a salad, I couldn't recognize what are the ingredients actually except the common ones ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノPersonally, I'm not a fan of salad and raw food so this is definitely not to my liking. However my friends said it's quite okay overall, just that the cheese is a little too salty. This maybe your cup of tea if you love salad and Feta cheese. It's actually a healthy juice that made up of apple, carrot, celery and mint loop.The juice is quite refreshing after having the breakfast. It brings the sweetness of apple and carrot when you first drink it and you can feel the minty taste at the end.Ohh and forget to mention, they served breakfast all day long, that means you can eat their breakfast as dinner too if it happens to be crowded in morning.Looking at these cakes and biscuits photos right now makes me regret as we didn't order any of their desserts and coffee to try out (*´д`*) Definitely coming back for another visit , too many things to try haha. For more photos and details info, check it out at here: http://www.rainbowgusto.blogspot.com/2013/05/foodies-adventure-1-antipodean-cafe.html=) continue reading
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