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Level1 2017-06-27
For those of you feeling up to something a little Italian with a Malaysian twist, the pasta is worth a try. The char siu curry cream is an entirely different take on the idea of a creamy Italian pasta. continue reading
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Level4 2016-11-11
ANTE Publika Is all abaout Pork and lard on every dishes , Burgers , Chops Pastas ans salads . Known infamously for it's pork dishes , Ante opened its doors in October 2012 . The restaurant serves Australian fusion with Western dishes , The restaurant comes to cozy environment and relaxing atmosphere , Decoration with exposed fixtures, hanging spotlights and leather couches . Ante Kitchen & Bar have been around for a while and it is run by young owners who work themselves in bringing the hog in their menu. The friendly staff are always ready to serve too . ANTE restaurant situated at the ground level of Publika , Ante is an all day dining cafe/restaurant offering brunch right up to dinner . With indoor and outdoor seating , the place was definitely crowded at night and also the place would be full during the weekends/public holidays for dinners . Reservations is recommended if you are going in groups . Miso Pork BellyThe miso-glazed pork belly is in its juices , with a herbed crust on top . House Smoked Thick Cut BaconThe 8mm-thick bacon slices dried and smoked with smoky flavour with dip into the mustard . Tasting Platterpremium cold cuts featuring slices of jamón ibérico and cubes of smoked duck breast, paired with a side of rockmelon and ricotta as well as a slice of Lescure butter and sourdough bread . Garden DuckDuck breast slices tossed with grilled watermelons, cherry tomatoes, pecan, and a zesty orange brandy dressing . Crispy trotter saladMango ,young papaya , pomegranate , trotter shavings , toasted pecans , french vinaigrette . Pork Striploinserved with black pepper sauce, accompanied by caramelised onions, fries, frisee and oak lettuce . Signature chargrilled pork ribeye steakLean white meat, marbled dark meat and a strip of fat - served with indulgent truffle butter sauce, roasted russet potatoes, frisee and oak leaf lettuce . Pork shoulder steakServed with fragrant rosemary garlic sauce, mashed potatoes, frisee and oak lettuce . Pork Steak DianePork striploin with green pea mash and roasted russet potatoes drenched with a mushroom brandy sauce . Char Siu Curry CreamHouse made marinated Char siu , shimeiji mushrooms , grilled eggplants . ANTE CarbonaraStreaky bacon , white button mushroom , parmesan cheese Garlic OlioStreaky bacon , button mushroom pangritata Apple Crumblesalted caramel syrup with the pastry and ice cream . Valrhona Chocolate SliceValrhona dark chocolate with a crisp feuilltine base adorned with cocoa soil, almond flakes, Earl Grey tea infused cream and fresh berries . Crème Brûléenice dessert to serve when entertaining. Delicious served . Had a great dinner by then , Just eat and coffee-ing plus a good company over chat and laughter. The food at Ante is brilliant, some can be very homey sweet just like mother’s cooking while some truly salivating fusion dishes . ANTE - SOLARIS DUTAMAS PUBLIKA No.9, A2, G1, SOLARIS DUTAMAS, JALAN DUTAMAS 1, 50480 W.P KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA Opening hours : Mon-Thu : 11:00 am - 10:00 pm Fri-Sat : 11:00 am - 11:00 pm Sun : 11:00 am - 10:00 pm TEL : +60362063364 continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-27
久闻Ante的大名, 知道他们这里的西餐很不错吃, 可是我每次到publika 都是走马看花, 加上这家店的地点还真的不太好找, 所以每次找着找着到最后都被别的店吸引去了。这次我下定决心了一定一定要找到它为止!!!这家餐厅的颜色以黑白为主, 配上昏黄的灯光感觉蛮浪漫的, 很适合情侣来用餐哦。我一推开门就看到门口两排一字排开的服务员来迎接我和老吴, 让当天穿短裤拖鞋加一个相机的我们非常不好意思。。哈哈, 还以为是家普通的西餐厅呢, 没想到那么高级和浪漫。。paiseh paiseh. 我下次会注意的, 哭哭 Paris (tea pot for 2pax)- RM14这茶里头有黑茶, 香草, 柑橘等的成份, 香气不会太招摇,淡淡地围绕在口腔里, 不错! Char grilled Pork Chop- RM56 猪排选用肥瘦分明的部位, 有香香的碳烤味, 才刚端上桌我就好像赶快切开来吃了, 沾着蜜糖牛油酱, 味道不错!配菜有拌了意大利黑醋的沙拉和烤马铃薯块, 份量有点少。Ante carbonara- RM33芝士味道很浓, 培根与蘑菇跟酱料也很搭配, 不错吃。小挑剔下那个蘑菇好像是罐头的, 以这样的价钱应该来点新鲜的嘛。。Valrhona Choc Delice- RM29 这个甜点我非常喜欢! 微苦的巧克力慕丝和底下的甜中带咸的榛果酱很搭!! 旁边还有点新鲜的蓝莓和草莓。。赞赞赞!整体的用餐感觉不错, 气氛好服务好。食物方面也不错, 只是对我来说份量有点少, 哈哈! 这家以猪肉为主打的西餐厅算是我近期数一数二喜欢的, 名单上还有 S.wine, betty's midwest kitchen, brozeit 等。。风格都不同, 目前这家Ante 在我心目中领先第一。。你们呢? continue reading
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Level4 2015-09-29
My sister loves Carbonara Spaghetti therefore I asked myfriend the Best Carbonara Spaghetti in PJ as she is also a big fan of CarbonaraSpaghetti and she tired almost 90% of Carbonara Spaghetti in PJ. According toher, Ante Kitchen & Bar and Tom, Dick and Harry severs best CarbonaraSpaghetti is PJ. Therefore, I planned to bring my sister to Ante Kitchen &Bar for dinner. I called them one day inadvance to make a reservation as I scared it will be full house at night butonly couple people occupied the restaurant when we arrived and most of thetables are reserved for the guests for dinner. The restaurant serves limited choices of main course but wide varietiesof options for beverages (Alcoholic). The ambiance of the restaurant was okayas it located next to the car parking entrance and we can hear the noise of thecar moving in and out and it makes us uncomfortable for dine-in, as we prefer aquite environment for dine-in. They have indoor and outdoor seating area forthe customers and outdoor would be a great option for dinner. I orderedCarbonara Spaghetti. Carbonara Spaghetti was served with Bacon, Mushroom and garnished with parsley and chilli flakes. I loved them. The sauce was just enough for the spaghetti and I wish to have more. Every spoon was heaven. It was creamy and the portion was big. Ante Carbonara Spaghetti @ RM 33It was a good dinner for us. Food was delicious, friendly service but very limited choices of foods. Make a reservation if you plan to go for dinner, as it will be full house. It will be quite difficult to find a Shop or Restaurant in Publika as the Shop and Restaurant are shattered around therefore if you wanted to go to a particular place, it’s better to seek help from the Reception counter instead of walking around and getting lost like us.Service Charge: NilGST: 6% (Price in the menu is inclusive of GST)Ante Kitchen & Bar,Solaris Dutamas continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-18
I never knew this place till I stumbled upon it in one of the popular blogs. This restaurant is famous for everything pork, of so, I thought. Since I ran out of ideas to bring my friend somewhere in Publika since he has never been there before, I ran out of ideas of a restaurant that I have never been there and also one that is quite reasonably priced. So in the end, after an hour of searching through the blogs, I decided on Ante even though I am not a fan of pork. Ante has a very sophisticated and elegant ambience and interior and seems to be the favourite of gatherings with friends and families and also couples since they have wines. A great ambience for a reasonable price is difficult to get these days especially in places like Publika. My friend ordered the Grilled Chicken which was recommended by the waiter. However, for me, it is not much to shout about. In fact, the chicken was quite small and dry without any sauce. The Pumpkin Soup was quite tasty. But too bad it was not served with bread and just croutons. The Enoki Bacon Skewers was the winner here at RM 26. The bacon was not grilled will charcoal stays on top. The bacon strips were used to wrap the enoki straw mushrooms and the combination of the tenderness and sweetness of the bacon and also the enoki mushrooms was a delight. The Char-Grilled Pork Steak (New York) is also a favourite amongst patrons here so I had to order it. The pork was very succulent and not overly grilled and again, no traces of black charcoal on top. New York indicates that it is the small size whereas Boston would mean a larger size. The price was quite reasonable at less than RM 40. Everyone at my table liked my Lychee Freeze Mojito which had the blend of lychee and also mojito and resulted in sweet and sour taste. My friend's Cuban Mojito did not have such a strong taste. continue reading
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