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Using recipes inspired by our mothers, Alison Soup House specializes in using our very own 15 hours pork broth to make a varieties of Asian & western hearty soup - served with rice, noodles or buns. Why Soup? Because it is the international comfort food. Specialty of Alison Pork Borth: - 20 Fresh Ingredients - 15 hours long stew - 0 MSG added continue reading
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Spicy Drunken Pork Yellow Rice Ginger Pumpkin Satay Chicken
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My family and I went to Alison for dinner and to our delight the food is MSG free! We ordered the Miss Spicy Drunken Pork noodles, 7 herbal soup with brown rice and the yellow wine ginger noodles. I especially like the Miss Spicy Drunken Pork noodles and can't stop thinking about it for a few days after eating it. Really love it, love it being spicy, tasty yet healthy! Most importantly i don't feel thirsty after eating despite finishing the whole bowl of soup. My two young kids had the 7 herbal soup with brown rice and they finished it without complaint. I couldn't be happier since it is MSG free - healthy and my kids didn't make a fuss to finish their meal.My hubby had the yellow wine ginger noodle, they are very generous with the portion and the big chicken drumstick which is very succulent. In overall, we enjoy our dining experience there and highly recommend to family with young kids for a healthy meal.  continue reading
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Level1 2017-07-12
Went to Alison Soup house as we heard so much about its no MSG policy and using fresh ingredients. We are parents with small kids and need to find healthy joints to have dinner together with them.We were not disappointed! The place is bright and clean. It has a wonderful smell of freshly brewed coffee and hot home-cooked soup. We ordered the Spicy Drunken Pork, Yellow Wine Ginger and 7 treasure herbal soup for the kids.The spicy drunken pork is not for the faint-hearted but definitely a must-try for spicy lovers. Both my wife and I have to fight off each other to finish the soup. Yellow wine ginger is equally impressive, I can feel the kick from the alcohol and it felt like something my mum would cook.Although the & Treasure Herbal soup has many herbs inside and comes with brown rice, the kids have no issue with the meal. We have not had such a quiet and peaceful meal together as a family for a long time.Remember to finish off the meal with a cup of coffee. Heavenly. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)