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Chicken Involtini Dark Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Gelato Strawberry-Lychee Margarita
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Level4 2013-12-31
Yeah, nasi goreng kampung is not just confined to roadside warungs or Malay restaurants. You can even find it in places that sound Italian!The rice was flavourful, and the portions were huge; but I was very upset with the service. Service took almost half an hour, and almost an hour to get my food served! continue reading
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Level3 2013-09-30
We were seated at the enclosed room inside Alessio which has the portrait of Marilyn Monroe printed on cushion. Very eye-catching colour tone of red and yellow at the bar.Nasi Lemak IstimewaCoconut flavoured rice with a scent of pandan accompanied with a whole leg chicken rendang, chili paste, peanut, anchovies & cucumber topped with a sunny side up Everything done right to complement each other on this plate of Malaysia symbolic dish, but rendang chicken excels with its tender texture. Apricot & Chestnut Chicken InvoltiniChicken involtini with apricot, chestnut & smoke duck bacon served with arugula salad & toasted focacciaAs Involtini means rolls in Italian, it implies a small bite of food consisting outer layer wrapped around the filling. Its complicated process paid off as I indulge in sequence like how one door leads to another: crisp layer of chicken skin, to soft and cushion layer of fat, to firm chicken meat, and finally to smoke duck bacon with apricot & chestnut. Spaghetti Vongole Spaghetti tossed in virgin olive oil, basil, garlic butter & clams dripped with Alessio's house basil & mint sauceDistinct from those with sauces, it forefronts the simple flavors of Alessio house basil & mint sauce on Vongole (clams in Italian) and good quality olive oil on al-dente spaghetti.Grilled Aubergine & Mushroom BruscettaGrilled marinara aubergine on Alessio's house focaccia bread and fresh button mushroom baked with cheddar & mozarella on Alessio country wholemeal breadAn appetizer combination made specially for KL restaurant week in getting the best of both worlds: Grilled Aubergine Brucetta and Mushroom Bruscetta. Grilled Norwegian SalmonGrilled deep sea Norwegian Salmon on a bed of creamy mashed potato served with coral & rucola salad, garlic butter focaccia & fresh mango sauceGrill salmon might be of no challenge but it takes master to have crispy skin. Mango sauce comes in great with its tinge of freshness. Crème BruleeFresh vanilla crème brulee with caramelize raw sugar touchRich custard base topped with right amount of sugar as contrasting layer of hard caramel and served in ramekin. Overall it was a pleasant dining experience at Alessio with affordable price. continue reading
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Woweee... definitely one of the best Hazelnut Lattes ever, I reckon! Intensely full of flavor, this rich latte beverage certainly does not disappoint. Definitely perks anyone up, I say.. especially when served and taken iced-cold! Super yums Not sure which is the organic part (probably the hazelnuts ?) and not sure why it's name Musetti (maybe the creator of the drink is an Italian named Musetti ? ).. Irregardless, super loved it ! continue reading
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Level4 2012-10-17
A comfortable and cheerful entry into Solaris Dutamas this month, Alessio strives to serve something satisfactory from morning through nightfall.After the sun rises: the Croque Madame, featuring Alessio's own-baked wholemeal country loaf topped with a sunny-side-up (sure, feel free to request it runnier), smoked turkey ham and melted three cheeses.Also brilliant for breakfast/brunch: a rustic sausage platter of duck, lamb and chicken options, made fragrant and creamy with basil and parmesan fillings.Time for lunch, but here's where Alessio might be facing teething troubles. The menu describes this as tagliatelle with grilled portobello mushrooms and black truffle cream sauce. What emerges: spaghetti with a sauce that's earthy but entirely lacks the signature scent of truffles.Dark chocolate cake with vanilla gelato for tea. Not bad, but not a knockout.Dinner: chicken involtini, tender and tasty, thanks to an apricot-chestnut-duck bacon stuffing.Bar snacks for supper: potato crisps, almonds toasted in sea salt and olive oil, as well as U.S. Yukon Gold french fries.Wake up with a Musetti organic iced toasted hazelnut latte, then wrap up the night with a strawberry-lychee margarita. continue reading
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