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Level3 2015-12-20
I always have a thing for themed café. So here I’m going to recommend a nice pirate-themed café in SS15. Yes! SS15 again! Nothing is going to stop the new entry café to join the neighbourhood. Ahoy, the name itself has reason enough to give you an impression of the café.Ahoy is strategically located along the ever bustling stretch of café in Subang SS15, just a stone throw away from Cosan Coffee and Brewyard, aiming to whip up a robust appetite among budget-conscious students. In the rise to be one of the students’ hang-out, Ahoy tends to get busier in the afternoon when students from the nearby Inti and Taylor's college drop by to have lunch.Started its operation in the early February of 2015, just like any other cafes, Ahoy offers a variety of cakes and coffees. What makes Ahoy standing out from others is that they serves their foods and cakes in a very cute way! Probably is to embark with the pirate theme of the café.Explore every corners in the café! Enjoy yourself with the natural sun kisses. Thumbs up to the unique design that I could hardly find elsewhere! Interior is anchored with big wooden tables and cozy couches. As the name suggests, you can spot an anchor near the counter.They have an extensive food menu too that covers from savoury and tasty main dishes to hot served sweet cakes. But I came here to have some caffeine fix instead of lunch.Ahoy Oreo Cheesecake! For sure to wow family and friends!Great place for coffee enthusiasts! The menu has variaties of coffee options.The special pirate concept here is reason enough to go for. Hopefully this café will meet your expectation as well. continue reading
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Level4 2015-10-23
It came as a pleasant surprise that another commendable café has sprouted up atthe SS15 neighborhood of Subang Jaya recently, joining the current brisk bandwagon of the raving coffee places around Klang Valley.Ahoy Café started its operation early February this year and has been gracing the folks nearby with homey, comfy food as well as good brew of house blend coffee.As depicted by its name, Ahoy (a common term used for hailing ships), somehow or rather, it does emit the beckoning aura attracting more attention from curious people around.Embarked with a sailor-themed interior décor, one could expect some playful embellishments of the various curios that surprisingly harmonize with the abundantly natural-light filled surroundings, making it one of the best places for shutterbugs who enjoy photographying tiffins.Ahoy Café serves up a fairly large toothsome menu, from sandwiches, light bites to pasta, confectionary and coffee. All of which are very delicious and added with inhouse touch as some of the accompaniments are freshly made from scratch.For their ‘Sandwichlicious Bites’, customers could choose from either bamboo charcoal bun, multigrain panini or bagel to pair with their preferred fillings. For us, we decided to try out that special and intriguing coffee marinade.CAFFEINATED SMOKED DUCK MYR 16Espresso marinated smoke duck salad, fresh tomatoes, sliced onions with homemade cranberry sauce.Served with assorted salad greens like green coral and cabbage, cherry tomatoes and fries. If you taste the smoked duck deliberately, there will be hint of light smokiness hovering between savory bitterly(due to the espresso marinade) but not too overtly. It would be a case of acquired appreciation and guess I still enjoy my usual smoked duck more (=Or if you are up for some bagel delights.SMOKED SALMON BAGEL MYR 19Smoked salmon with cream cheese, purple cabbage, rocket leaves and pinch of capersAwesome interpretation of ploughman's lunch, where the dejeuner is still adequately loaded with the essential nutrients a body needs to kick off the day.As for their ‘Pastariffic lasagna’, they really came up with a mouthwatering pasta-free fare indeed.CHICKEN BOLOGNESE LASAGNA MYR 17Minced chicken in tomato sauce, layered with cheese, pasta sheet and homemade basil pesto sauce.The picture doesn't really justify it. It was actually a decent nosh-up and a satisfying one. The whole combination was very flavourful, not overly cheesy nor cloying with the pasta sheets which usually hinder me from ordering one. But for this recipe from Ahoy Café, I have no qualms to go for a second helping, nom nom……Perhaps some lighter grubs you might ask, then give the candidates of ‘Wrapmmy Treasures’ a try.THE ULTIMATE WRAP MYR 18.50A taste of Korean with American twist where East meets West.Kimchi, mayonnaise, cheese, fresh tomatoes and turkey ham are all delicately enveloped within the tortilla wrap.Served with assorted salad greens like green coral and cabbage, cherry tomatoes and creamy mushroom soup to complete it healthily.Caffeine fix of course!LATTE MYR 12GREEN TEA CAFÉ LATTE MYR 12A terrific marriage of both worlds, East and West! The subtleness of the green tea liberally blends in well with the espresso shot leaving behind a smooth aftertaste trail. I personally love it very much!Now finallly, we have come to the must-have session, desert!!BROWN ICELAND MYR 16Truly an indulgence for chocolate lovers! Remember to enjoy it fast as it tends to melt off pretty quickly.BITTER CHOC MYR 12.90Couldn’t love the velvet chocolaty nuance more, and the best part is it’s not too sweet.3 IN ONE MILLE CREPE MYR 11.90 (Consists of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry)Some interesting twist to these French pastry, with some berries to add some fruitiness and citrusy to it.MUSANG KING DURIAN MILLE CREPE MYR 11.90Only one word to describe it if you are a fan of this King of Fruit, AWESOME!Each layers of the crepes is bountifully spread with the pungent but engaging laces of the fruit itself. Truly an indulgent moment!If you are looking for a cool place to chill out and relax with your buddies, Ahoy Café is one stop you should leave your footprint. Have a casual and fun catch up over a cozy and luscious tête-à-tête session. A place where you find the satisfying combo of the below:Cheers for now and Carpe Diem! ❤ℒℴѵℯ❤COFFEE | DESSERT |FOOD continue reading
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Level1 2015-03-29
There is located in heart of subang jaya and walking distance from Taylor & Inti collage Ahoy cafe conceptual sailing & nautical. Nice environment and friendly crews make you feel comfortable and have a fantastic moments with friends here. Strongly recommend the Cappuccino, Egg Mayo with Turkey Ham Bagel Sandwich, that is value to the money.will come back again! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)