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Level3 2016-03-25
Took the opportunity to finally catch up with some of my friends before classes commence next week! We decided to catch up over dinner at SS15. Since it has been awhile since we ate chilli pan mee, we decided to have dinner there! After dinner, the 3 of us agreed to have some ice cream as our tongues were burning. We decided to walk a few steps to try out Aboong!The name itself was hilarious and we laughed quite a lot at the name. Surprisingly the shop was packed with people queuing up for their signature yogurt ice cream on top of a fish shaped waffle on a thursday day night?!We decided to share one just to try the taste of the ice cream. We had the large one since we are sharing and chose the special flavour ice cream which was milk cheese ice cream which required us to add on extra RM 2! In total, the large fish waffle ice cream costed us RM14.The waffle itself was really crispy and tasty, especially when the waffle goes very well with the Nutella filling! However, the Nutella filling was quite little and the cheese ice cream was a let down. It was a weird combination having cheese in our ice cream thus I did not enjoy the ice cream part. We should have went for the original yogurt flavour. I think it was really pricey for such a small waffle ice cream and I wouldn’t come here again. continue reading
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Level3 2015-12-18
The potential growth of artisanal ice cream industry in Malaysia for sure could not be underestimated. Now the industry has one more new comer- Aboong (a famous Korean Street food). Before Aboong opened in Malaysia, every time we want to beat the heat by indulging into ice cream inside a fish shaped cone, the thought would easily fly off to Korea. If you are actively on social media, you will know that now you can hunt the fish in SS15!A cosy ambiance that will make you feel right at home.For those that wonder what the fish shaped thing is, it was actually a waffle cone. Brilliant idea! The cute little fish has its mouth open stuffed with frozen yogurt and choices of red bean and custard. I must admit that the options of fillings into the fish belly was lesser than I expected. The sourness of the yogurt freezing your buds along with the hearty fillings to form the perfect combination for a nice refreshment. The stick was two chocolate-covered grapes that were surprisingly tasted well! You could hardly taste the grape itself with the chocolate on it. Definitely an interesting plus point!Just a kind reminder! The crispy waffle cone came in fresh and hot and somehow it melted the ice cream! So eat fast before the ice cream goes all messy! Like this …..Korean dessert is no doubt the star attraction that’s increasingly casting a cold snap over the Klang Valley. Overall, despite a small menu, this place is great for hanging out .Worth a try. At least you don’t need to board a plane to get this. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)