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9 Berries Natural Frozen Yogurt Café has a really fresh-looking décor even from the outside. This humble café was opened by a Korean couple who have been staying in Malaysia for nearly 2 years. And from my brief conversation with the wife especially, found out that they really love Malaysia and often visit Penang for its food. Don’t be surprise they do love Durians! Haha…This cute café is located at KL City Walk, which is very convenient and within walking distance from KLCC. With lush green environment, makes it a great place for everyone to slow down the pace and enjoy the various menu they got to offer.All the yogurt flavours were very tempting. Being a fan of berries, thus I opted for Blueberry Yogurt. You may choose your other favourite toppings as well. There were also some dry toppings available at your convenience such as nuts like walnuts, cereals, cornflakes, muesli etc. I love them so much for oats is one my daily must-take menu The interior décor design is very comfy and you may instantly feel the Hallyu wave. Especially with all the displays of famous Korean bands like 2PM, CNBLUE, etc on the white shelves. Some even with their autograph! Cool! ^^The yogurt itself tastes heavenly! Unlike the usual yogurt ice-cream you have, at 9 Berries, their yogurt texture taste exceptionally creamy and smooth! Not too sweet and it is freshly made daily. As for my Blueberry yogurt, I actually enjoy the natural sourish taste even if I were to go without any toppings! Simply love it!Kamsahamnida ^^ continue reading
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9 Berries Natural Frozen Yogurt Cafe is situated at KL City Walk, don't be surprised if we tell you this is our first time to KL City walk.The KL City walk is located between KLCC and Jalan P Ramlee, it seeks to share an authentic food and beverage, retail and entertainment experience for visitors and locals like us. When we walked in, we feel just like a tourist.This cafe is run by a korean couple. We went there in the morning, the korean guy owner served us. He is such a polite and nice guy, always with a smile face.Although is just a small area with tables and chairs, but comfortable and cossy. The white cabinets display with some famous korean singer CD and Korean drama. There are some dry topping and syrup at the counter, you can choose any of it for your yogurt, it's free.Here it comes Lilo's frozen yogurt, blueberry flavor with fresh strawberry and seeds (her favourite). Light yet refreshing, slightly blueberry flavor not too sweet and more tart than ice-cream. 9 berries yogurt is a bit different from what we had at La glace, La glace frozen yogurt is a bit smooth like yogurt taste ice-cream , while 9 berries yogurt is slightly tart flavor but once you put in your mouth, it melts and refreshing. This is Nado's frozen yogurt, mango flavor with fresh kiwi and raisins. This is nice too, slightly mango flavor and delicious taste,perfectly balanced between kiwi and frozen yogurt. When we leave the cafe, we found out something interesting. They are selling their frozen yogurt at RM9.90 with 1 fresh fruit topping and free dry topping, the interesting part is they having 3 promotion for this, which is a) Promotion 1 - say 'How are you' in korean and get 20% offb) Promotion 2 - Rain Down, Yogurt Up. Get 20% off if it rains in the morningc) Promotion 3 - Get 20% off with your lunch receipt from any KL City Walk Restaurant. (Valid with today receipt)We quite like the promotion 1 & 2, should try it some day.We're going to learn how to say "How Are You" in korean. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)