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Level2 2016-02-01
The first time walking into this place, I sincerely felt like I was back in Korea again. This restaurant is very simple. It occupies half a shop lot so you can basically tell how simple this place has to be. The decor in here is all white. A very very simple and clean feel to the place. This place is owned by Koreans and while visiting you can often see the owner's daughter walking in and out and talking to her mum, who is is the kitchen cooking, super loudly like what most Koreans do. I simply just love this place! Here, you could order drinks but they also offer water which you have to go get yourself (like in most restaurants in korea). The people here are very friendly too. I would say 80% of their customers are Koreans who live in Malaysia. This place, like its name, obviously tells you that their kimbabs are amazing. Kimbabs are basically koren sushi. They even supply kimbabs to Korean supermarkets around the area but if you want them rolled fresh on the spot, you have got to visit this place. Another nice dish here is their DdeokMandu, which is basically Korean dumplings and rice cakes in a beef broth together with eggs and seaweed. Recently, they have introduced another Korean favourite which is Don-Katsu (Fried pork chop) but with cheese so it is cheese don-Katsu loved by all koreans in Korea. The cheese here is seriously amazing and springy. As you can see from the picture, I have also tried their kimchi Jiggae and ddeokboki which are both really great as well but not the best Around. (Hint: stay tuned to my profile if you want to find out where the BeSt ddeokboki is in Malaysia, also the where serves the best Kimchi Jiggaes). So, there's no need to ask further, no need to think anymore. Just get yourself to 88kimbab to try out their food and you'll forever see yourself returning to the place over and over again!  continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-01
这是家小小, 在Sri Hartamas 这里一点也不起眼的韩国小吃店, 会留意到它全是机缘巧合, 刚好那时下着大雨, 而同伴刚好肚子饿, 我们跑了进去点了韩式饭卷的外卖, 隔了约1个小时后我原对那个冷冷的饭卷不抱任何希望的了, 可是没想到, 还是好好吃哦!!! 所以我告诉我自己一定一定要再到回来这家小店来尝尝别的食物。也有在买拌菜哦!这个就是我觉得好好吃的饭卷Sizzling dongaseu with cheese- RM23份量超大的猪排, 上面有融化的芝士, 热腾腾的又充满芝士香, 喜欢芝士的朋友一定要试试。Gun mandu- RM12火热的炸馒头外皮非常有嚼头, 内陷有蔬菜, 豆腐等材料, 沾上酱汁一个接一个。Spicy stir fried squid with rice- RM18和墨鱼一起拌炒的酱汁有很浓的辣酱和胡椒的味道, 对我这个喜欢吃辣的人, 它的辣度还是有点高, 酱的味道好可是墨鱼略微煮太过, 有点太韧。整体的食物不过不失, 味道还可以, 价钱算中等, 今天吃的跟那天吃的饭卷亮点欠奉, 不过还算可以接受。地点很好找,就在Seoul Mart 的隔壁! continue reading
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Level2 2015-06-03
I visited Korea last year, and fell in love with their Kimbab. They had lots of different fillings inside, and it made for a very simple, delicious and filling meal.When I came back, the only place I ever had it was in Sunway, but that's really far away from where I live!My Korean friend (who is a native of Desa Sri Hartamas) recommended the Kimbab here, so we tried it one day.The food is very authentic, and very tasty. It also is very affordable, at RM10 for a basic kimbap, up to RM 15 for a meat filled kimbap.They also have very simple meat dumplings which are tasty, and they also give you side dishes (which I didn't expect, but enjoyed). They also serve you a simple soup to go with your meal. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)