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3G Seafood Braised Rice 3G Special Seafood Noodle Carbonara Hainanese Chicken Chop with Rice Mushroom Soup Nestum Fish
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Level3 2016-11-28
The first question that bump into my mind when I saw the name of the shop is that Why the name 3G?? It actually stand for Good Food Good Quality Good Service3G Food Gallery is a western fusion restaurant that serve western cuisine like pasta, chop, asian fried, exotic hot pot and also their main special delicious large deep fried pork knuckle that you couldn't found anywhere!Overall, I like the portion of food here is large enough that make people full and delicious. Crispy Deep Fried Luzon Pork Knuckle – RM48.90 The pork knuckle is tender inside and crispy outside. It is so sinfully delicious as it has the juicy fat remain inside, and the portion is so big! The standard serving size here is 1.5kg. When I knew giant pork knuckle only cost Rm 48.90, I instantly felt this is so cheap! As we all know, a pork knuckle of this size normally cost around Rm 70 -80, but this superb pork knuckle here only cost less than Rm 50. Hmmm, interesting. Whereas for the source of pork knuckle, it is first pre-booked by the lady boss from supplier, then she or her parents will go then choose some fresh and good pork knuckles every day. The pork knuckle would be seasoned and simmer and keep in fridge for ready serve. Once any patron order it, then they will take it out simmer, and deep fried the pork knuckle, this explain the tenderness inside and cripsyness outside. OMG, I miss their pork knuckle as I am typing this….. Crispy Spring Chicken – RM18.90 All the meats serve here are freshly selected daily. 3G Food Gallery didn’t rely on supplier to supply the meat, but go to hypermarket, or morning market to choose them daily. I guess this is one of their step to ensure Good Food as stated in one of their 3G. Their spring chicken is soft and tender, It has certain herbs inside that make it so flavourful. People who like to try different kind of fried chicken should have try this! Signature Wild Mushroom Soup – RM9.90 Unlike the ordinary mushroom soup that we had which is creamy, this wild mushroom soup here is dilute, yet it has crunchniness as more of it is solid mushroom pieces!! Although it’s not creamy, but it’s my favourite!! The bite of mushroom pieces in every inch of my mouth is really an indulgence. It consist of 4 type of mushroom which is Shiitake Mushoroom, King Osyter Mushroom, Button Mushroom, and Abalone Mushroom. Pasta Al’ Fungi (spicy / non-spicy) –RM14.90 Homemade Pork Meat Ball Bolognese – RM16.90 I like that the pork meat ball is nice to chew, combine with the tomato pasta, it make a hearty choice of lunch. And past Al Fungi is my favourite, it is oily and patron can opt for choice of spicy or non-spicy. Personally, spicy one taste better than non-spicy. Grilled Salmon With Special Homemade Sauce – RM28.90 The grilled salmon here can be make better cause I like it to be a bit oily on the surface. Cutting into the section, the original salmon meat expose, it remain soft and tender inside. Sprinkle a few drops of lemon juice onto it….this is one of the dishes that serve on the table and gone in less than 5 mins after photo-taking. Krap! Krap! Chicken Burger – RM16.90 Just like the name sound. The crunchiness when you bite the chicken burger , it is so appealing. Comes together with french fries and healthy choice of salad, make it a balanced diet. Connie’s Special Pork Chop – RM27.90 Layered with melted cheese on top, the taste of the pork chop is very similar to bbq pork (char siew). Can you notice that the portion of the pork chop is so BIG?? Grilled Chicken Chop RM 18.90 The chicken chop is grilled to perfection and remain juicy. It is actually flavourful even without the sauce. However, you can still op for choices of mushroom, black pepper and BBQ sauce. Not forgetting the homemade mash potato. It has the crumble of some of vege like carrot in their sauce. MUST TRY! Honey Grilled Pork Chop Burger Rm 19.90 Hot Pot (You can customize your ingredient and even add on with rice, ramen or vermicelli too. ) Seafood: RM18 Chicken: RM14 Pork: RM15 Vege: RM12 3G Food Gallery serve not only the 4 type of hot pots above. There are plenty of other hot pot inspired by their country’s specialty such as Indonesian Lemon Grass, Thai Style Tom Yam, Malaysian Curry and Italian Tomato. Japanese Cheesy Milk Hot Pot Among the 4 hot pots above, Japanese Cheesy Milk had caught my heart /stomach. It is really so delicious all the food reviewer keep asking for refill of the soup. It’s dilute texture with cheesy taste, combine with some other taste (milky, salty) make a perfect combination. Bear in mind that It’s not like the carbonara type of concentrated western cheesy. Tempura Fish Nuggets (6pcs) – RM9.90 Promotion Okotoberfest Breakfast special Dinner special There is also special promotion for UTAR student! Environment The location of the 3G Food Gallery is at the same row with CIMB bank once you turn into C180 in Cheras. And this is the outlook of the eatery. Sat - Sun (Public Holiday) 11:30am - 10:30pm (10pm last call)Til then, see you again! continue reading
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