Yum Cha So Easy at Bandar Menjalara!
Kepong, Menjalara, Yum Cha, Cafe, Japanese Ramen, Coffee, Cakes, KL
Always think it is so ‘sien’ because you don’t know where to go for food? Come over to Menjalara, Kepong here because they have these café for you to enjoy!

1. The Townsmen

The Townsmen, Cafe at Menjalara, Coffee, Brunch, Kepong, KL
Simple and nice to chill here, they have cakes, meals and don’t forget to order the coffee here. Bright lighting from the glass panels is just nice! Good for selfies, gatherings and some short coffee talks, why not at The Townsmen?

2. Mille Caffe

Mille Caffe, Cafe at Menjalara, Coffee, Cakes, Kepong, KL
Mille Caffe here would be a nice place for a cup or two as it is located at the inner side of the shop lots, they are really a hidden gem! Dimly-lit place with good food like pastas, burgers, cakes and coffee, you should really come here!

3. Wefie Six Café

Wefie Six Cafe, Cafe at Menjalara, Coffee, Cakes, Kepong, KL
A place for the ones that is young at heart, indeed a wonderful café to chill and joke with your friends! Famous for their freak shake, they are very good for sharing too! Creative wall with lots of doodles on it, yum cha starts early tonight!

4. Mizuiro Ramen + Coffee

Mizuiro Ramen + Coffee, Cafe at Menjalara, Coffee, Cakes, Japanese Ramen, Kepong, KL
Want some ramen and coffee at the same time? Come to Mizuiro ramen + coffee! Satisfy both cravings at once here. Springy ramen noodle and clear broth that suits your palate order a cup of coffee from the menu and enjoy it!

5. Hinz Café

Hinz Café, Cafe at Menjalara, Coffee, Cakes, Kepong, KL
A famous café to chill and enjoy cakes and coffee, none the less at Hinz Café! Spend your lazy afternoon here because you will sure to enjoy this place! Pastel colored front door, they are quite good for cakes, dessert, brunch and coffee. Come here!
Hinz Cafe
The Townsmen
Mizuiro Ramen + Coffee
Wefie Six Cafe
Mille Caffe
Freak Shake
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