Vegetarian GO GO GO! Top 5 Vegan Meals to try from Chinese, Western & Japanese Style!
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Noticed lately that more vegetarian restaurants are rising around the Klang Valley area? While we are getting more health conscious, the choice of food we choose makes us go towards the healthier part too! So many creative vegan food to look out for now, what should you eat? Let’s find out more! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

1. D’life

Located at Kepong, D’life would be one of the best choices here for vegetarian food. Relaxing and cosy ambience, you should try the food too! Cream sauce vegetarian spaghetti – light yet appetizing and the mushroom sauce is flavorful too. Hawaii pizza too a must try, thin crispy crust, cracks up upon biting it. Soft and fluffy ingredients, many patrons ordered this too. Affordable price and friendly services, no wonder they are recommended by the neighborhood!

2. Restaurant Vegetarian Tong Hoe

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Also located at Kepong, they are known for the special vegetarian sushi! Colorful and looks quite appetizing, they do have vegetarian meals of Chinese, Western and Japanese style too. Looking at the sushi, it is made from mango and other vegetables! Don’t miss this out!

3. Harmony Life Organic Café & Mart

Choose to serve their patrons the best healthy food, their signature dish would be Organic Hakka Lui Cha dish. Consist of many types of vegetables; smells greenish, but they are just good and healthy! Not just Lei Cha of course, enjoy delicious vegetarian food like noodles, rice, soups and snacks! Known for using organic produce and organic fruit juices, come and choose your dish here today.

4. Organic Express

Never expect a vegetarian restaurant gets crowded especially over the weekends? Here at Organic Express, do try the green sauce spaghetti out. Made from basil, mint and cashew nuts, refreshing yet very appetizing! Besides, another best seller would be the mushroom pizza. Most dishes here are scrumptious and you need to try it out!

5. Simple Life

A great place for vegan dishes, Simple Life wouldn’t be new to your anymore isn’t it? More than 10 outlets around the Klang Valley; they uses less salt, less sugar and less oil and high in fiber, food there are indeed healthy yet delicious. Lei Cha here are one of the patron’s favorite too. Not only that, come and try other dishes like noodles, snacks and the fruit tea! Healthy dishes taste equally good too!
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