Top 6 Mooncakes with Unique Flavors for 2015
Tired of the same old mooncakes with classic flavors, such as lotus paste, red bean paste or mixed nuts? Here are some creative mooncakes with unique flavors to tickle your taste-buds!
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(The mooncakes are listed in no particular order.)

1. Hilton Mooncake: Fiery Phoenix

chynna, fiery phoenix, hilton, kl, mooncake, snow skin
This year, Chynna, the Chinese restaurant at Hilton KL, surprises mooncake lovers with a brand new sweet and savory mooncake called Fiery Phoenix. It is a snow skin mooncake with a beautiful blend of white and red colors. What’s unique about this mooncake is that it has a savory center that is made of a mixture of chicken floss, dried scallop, dried shrimp and aromatic spices, which gives the mooncake an amazingly well-balanced sweet and spicy sensation! Click here for more information.

2. Tai Thong Mooncake: Cempedak Flavor

tai thong, fruit, mooncake, snow skin
Healthy mooncakes have become a new trend. For this year, Tai Thong features a series of fruit-inspired mooncakes that are both healthy and delicious. One of the most unique flavors is their Snow Skin Pineapple Lotus with Jackfruit Mochi. This light yellow snow skin mooncake is richly infused with the tropical flavor of jackfruit or cempedak, as there is a soft mochi with jackfruit paste at the center of the mooncake. So creative! Click here for more information.

3. Dragon-i Mooncake: Mini Snow Skin Musang King

dragon i, musang king, kl, mooncake, snow skin
Musang King Mooncake has become one of the most popular mooncakes this year. It is offered at many restaurants and hotels, including Dragon-i. Their Frosty Durian Musang King Mooncakes are slightly different from others, as they are in mini size. You can enjoy the mini-sized mooncake loaded with fresh and smooth musang king durian filling in one bite. So convenient and so tasty! Click here for more information.

4. Grand Harbour Mooncake: Sakura Chrysanthemum

grand harbour, sakura, chrysanthemum, mooncake, snow skin
For 2015, Grand Harbour Restaurant has launched a new flavor called Sakura Chrysanthemum. It is a baked skin mooncake with lotus paste that is infused with the flavours of sakura and chrysanthemum. The taste is rich in the fragrance of sakura flower without being too sweet. Another special flavour is the Snow Skin Yam Paste. The texture and the taste of the yam paste is so good that it’s as if you are eating yam itself! Click here for more information.

5. Casahana Mooncake: Blue Danube

casahana, blue danube, blue berry, mooncake, snow skin
Well-known for their beautiful mooncake design and creative flavors, Casahana has created a new flavor called the Blue Danube, which is a baked skin mooncake in blue berry flavor. The mooncake itself is like a piece of art, as it has a beautiful rose shape. It is a mooncake with mug bean and parmesan cheese paste. There are real blue berries at the center too! Click here for more information.

6. Baker’s Cottage Mooncake: Hummingbird

baker cottage, hummingbird, kl, mooncake, snow skin
Baker’s Cottage always brings surprises to mooncake fans with new and fancy flavors every year. For this year, their signature product is the Hummingbird, which is an innovative 5-layer mooncake. The baked skin is made of coconut and butter. It contains two layers of paste, including the banana white lotus paste and the salted cream cheese mung bean paste. At the center, you will find another small round pastry with salted egg yolk crust and pineapple filling. Full of surprises! Click here for more information. Celebrate a different mooncake festival this year with these unique mooncakes!

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