Top 6 Korean Cafes in KL & PJ
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Korean wave is one of the next most additive vibes after the Japanese. With so many Korean cafes sprouting recently in KL & PJ, how could you not be in the trend to try these cafes that serves coffees, cakes, desserts and owned by Koreans? (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. Out of Seoul @ Ativo Plaza, Bandar Sri Damansara

Out of Seoul, Korean cafe, Ativo Plaza, Green Tea Latte, PJ
A Korean café that features a nice huge korea night view wallpaper, making it looks just so attractive. Located at first floor, they are known as a Korean DIY Café in KL. Stylish, contemporary and cheerful looking background and decorations; Out of Seoul serves a wide range of food to desserts. A green tea latte that is smooth and flavourful, it matches with the grain puff dessert that has ice cream in the middle!Colorful design chairs, lighting and they do have al-fresco seats too for you to admire the overall scenery there!

2. Nabe Bakery Café @ Ampang

Nabe Bakery, Pastries, Breads, Latte, Cakes, Ampang, Korean cafe
How about taking a change in taste when it comes to pastry? Something from Korea will surely entice your appetite! Run by a Korean couple, you can see that their shop is actually quite known among the neighborhoods at Ampang, KL. This Korean bakery cafe sells baked goods like breads and buns, cakes, cookies and even beverages; they have a small corner for you to enjoy the food there if you would love to eat it there. Besides bakery, they are known for Bingsu too! Korean style shaved ice, perfect for hot scorching day too!

3. Café Olle @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Cafe Olle, Latte, Cakes, Sri Hartamas, Korean cafe
Another café in KL run by the Korean, they serve great fresh brewed coffee, cakes, tarts, sandwiches, pastas and brunches too! Quiet, serene and cosy café with nice lightings here, their coffee here isgreat as the beans are roasted by themselves. Apart from wide selections of coffee, they do have some selections of tea for the tea enthusiast too. Having mostly cute and wonderful latte art on cups of latte, something that caught our attention in the menu would be the Bamboo Salt Caramel Latte. Salty in taste, it gives a different twist on a cup of latte that is worth trying!

4. Bungkus Café @ Empire Damansara

Bungkus cafe, Empire Damansara, Bulgogi, Rice Burger, Korean cafe
A contemporary Korean café in PJ, the ambience are comfy and worth spending some time there to chill! Serves Korean fusion styled food, they serve good coffees. For a caffeine addict, they are worth your time to explore. Besides beverages, you should try their Kimchi Bulgogi Rice Burger – a top selling dish from Bungkus. Sweet and sour kimchi and bulgogi, it is fragrant too. None the less, they do have noodles like Bulgogi Beef Noodle that is a mixture of Maggi Mee and BulgogiBeef, would be a good choice if you feel to eat something soupy that day.

5. B Station @ Ampang

B Station, Ampang, Bulgogi, Cheese Ramen, Korean cafe
A cozy and sweet environment that suits gatherings, couples or even small family for a food treats in KL. Upon entering, this Korean cafe is creatively decorated that will give you a wonderful feeling just like home! A wide range of food to order from, they do serve desserts and teas too. From mains like the famous Cheese Ramen, Bulgogi’s or Korean pancakes, they do have pastries like Moji, Cheese Brownies, Lemon Muffin and more available from the chalk board menu! Soft and slow Korean songs played in background, you’ll feel relax and absorbed just like how it is in Korea!

6. Korean Dessert Café – Seoul Bing @ PV128 Setapak

Seoul Bingsu,PV128, Setapak, Genting Klang, Bingsu, Toast, Korean cafe
A Korean dessert café located at PV128 Setapak, this place attracts many youngsters in KL daily for some sweet delights after classes nearby and a place to chill as it is big and comfortable to sit there. You’ll see there are quite some snowflake stickers around the glasses and even as the decoration on the walls too. Their concept is to give you an expression of winter when you’re there! Having quite some selections of Bingsu’s, not forgetting they have toasts, teas, coffees, smoothies and more. It’ll be good for a cold dessert fix to keep the heat off!

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