Top 5 Dak Galbi You Must Try If You Haven't Already!
If you don’t know what dak galbi is, then you’re seriously outdated. Dak galbi has been pretty “trendy” lately, partly thanks to the Korean Wave. This popular Korean dish involving stir-frying spicy chicken with gochujang (Korean hot pepper paste) has taken the Malaysian youth off guard with its impressive flavours and colourful way of cooking. 

It’s pretty impossible to resist against the combination of chicken, onions and cabbages being stir-fried in a paste that will pack a spicy punch. Sometimes other ingredients are even added. Therefore, it’s totally important that we bring out some of the best dak galbi there is in town!

Is the list really complete if Yoogane isn’t on it? Come on, they’re not known as the dak galbi establishment in South Korea for nothing (they're number one in the nation, in case you've been living under a rock)! Sit back and allow the staff to do the stir-frying for you. Fill in the ring surrounding the whole plate with molten cheese. When all is said and done, you can grab your chopsticks and start dipping those juicy pieces of meat into cheese! The cheese actually pairs very well with the spicy pepper paste; it’s utterly delicious.

There are six types of dakgalbi to choose from at Mr. Dakgalbi. Those who would like to venture beyond the original version can opt for the seafood, which comes with plump mussels, shrimps, squids and octopuses. Allergic to seafood? No worries, they also have a beansprouts and bulgogi variant; and if you’re an octopus lover, they have a variant entirely for octopus, too!

Those who aren’t good with spicy food but have developed a burning curiosity for dak galbi, we have just the thing for you, or rather — Uncle Jang does! A non-spicy version is available and is just as delicious as its spicy counterpart! Chicken is still thoroughly marinated and stir-fried to perfection for your enjoyment. For a more filling portion, don’t forget to throw in some noodles or rice!

Omaya’s dak galbi makes for a perfect family meal as the portion is basically enough to feed a family of seven people. They also stand out for they have other meat variants than just chicken. Pork lovers can now rejoice, as Omaya offers a porky alternative to dak galbi in the form of Pork Chop Cheese Dakgalbi, which, by the way, is very succulent and juicy! A squid and a premium beef steak version are also available, with the latter being the most expensive in Omaya’s dak galbi selection. (But hey, it’s premium we’re talking about. Throw your money, it’d be worth it!)

San Nae Deul’s dak galbi stood out to us in particular, being slightly creamier than its original counterpart but terrifically flavoured all the same. Those who enjoy milder flavours may enjoy San Nae Deul’s take on dak galbi more as it’s not too spicy but not mild to the point that it’s no longer fragrant and flavourful. You might want to mop up the sauce with some rice as well; just an advice.
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