Top 10 Must Try Waffles in KL & PJ!
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Waffles – in the recent years had gone through revolution before you even know it! From the plain janes of butter and honey to toppings of chickens and bacons used now; they are indeed sweet and savory at the same time! From the old fashioned waffles to the latest fusion style, let us go through these 10 picks of waffles that you should really try and snap your pics up to OpenSnap too! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. The Daily Grind @ Bangsar Village

The Daily Grind, Old Fashioned Waffle, Waffles, Bangsar Village, KL
Let’s start off with something classic – Old Fashioned Waffle from The Daily Grind! Waffles done the old fashioned way, filled with whipped cream, strawberries, a scoop of ice cream and maple syrup! Goof job to their chef for this waffle because the whipped cream isn’t even cloying if you’re eating this whole piece yourself! Freshness of the strawberries compliments the whole piece of waffle too! Remember to drizzle some of the maple syrup on top of the waffle to achieve that sugar-crush!

2. Inside Scoop @ Bangsar & Damansara Jaya

Inside Scoop, Ice cream Waffles, ice cream, bangsar, kl
Inside Scoop – an ice cream parlour that you need to visit immediately if you haven’t had the chance previously! Ice creams with waffle might not be new but freshly made ice cream daily with concentrated flavors is indeed the bomb! Freshly made waffles daily to ensure that are good – crispy outer layer, fluffy and warm in the inside; with two scoops of ice cream to ensure the hot and cold combination are there to spice up your taste buds! Creamy texture of their daily made ice creams are totally a must try when you’re at Inside Scoop!

3. Brewmen @ Solaris Mont Kiara

S'mores Waffles, Mont Kiara, Solaris, Waffles
A place for good coffee? It got to be Brewmen. Here, they take their coffee seriously from picking the best beans and brewing it to perfection. Apart from those good cuppa coffees, there’s something else that worth your time here - S'more-Ffle. Smores and waffles too can turn out to be a good pairing; or at least a very unique combination from what we’ve got here! First bite, their waffle here is crunchy, while the ice cream is creamy smooth. With those perfectly toasted marshmallow, it is soft and melts in your mouth, surely the pure ‘foodgasm’ you get to taste on a piece of waffle!

4. Standing Theory @ SS2

Bacon Waffle, Waffles, SS2, The Standing Theory
Waffles that has bacon topped on it? Yes, at Standing Theory they have it! Name it B.B.C Waffle, comes with 2 slices of waffle, smoked bacon, banana, Fat Baby Ice Cream and Gula Melaka syrup! Smoky, savory and sweet in taste, everything seems complimenting one another! The waffle is indeed more to a crunchy scale here, which makes it better even when the ice cream starts to melt on it. Ripen banana slices is another key thing in this waffle. Mushy texture makes it just nice and soft to munch on it! Remember this combination of B.B.C = Bacon, Banana, Cornflakes Ice Cream!

5. Meltz Café @ Subang SS15

Fruit Waffles, Butterscotch waffles, Waffles, SS2, The Standing Theory
Nothing beats a good waffle date here, especially when it is located near colleges and universities here in Subang SS15! Ordinary looking from the outside, you might not know that they actually served delectable waffles here! Classical looking waffle, but it is topped with fresh fruits to choose from Bananas, Strawberries and Kiwis. Good taste doesn’t just stop right here. With choices of Butterscotch or Chocolate to drizzle all up onto that piece of lil’ sin, or both – get them drizzled right onto your waffle! Not forgetting it does comes with a scoop of ice cream too! Bring your date in and confess your love, of that piece of waffle to them today! For more satisfaction guaranteed waffles selections, here are the Waffle Hot Picks to choose from!

6. Bites Café @ Lake Fields

Bites, Lakefields, Sungai Besi, The French, Waffles
Bright looking signage in front of their shop here, nice and cozy interior in the inside makes it a nice visit when you’re at Bites! Tweaking from the normal waffles we had, they too serves waffle sandwich here too! Their waffles here are crispy and thin, which makes it a good texture too! Apart from savory waffles, they too serve something sweet too! Topped with caramelized bananas, strawberries and most important – that scoop of Salted Gula Melaka ice cream! Get delectable bites from their food today!

7. The Owls Café @ Bukit Jalil

Rebecca Waffle, David Waffle, The Owls Cafe, Bukit Jalil, Jalil Link, KL
A café that is specialized on Waffles, cakes, coffees and flower teas; their interior is very attractive with owl decorations! Recently gained fame through internet, their café serves the best yet attractive waffles! You will see some crowd, especially over the weekends, which means is prepared to queue for seats too! The most talked-about waffle – Rebecca, is a piece of fluffy and crispy on the edge waffle topped with blueberries, strawberries and banana slices together with a scoop of Earl Grey flavoured ice cream! Besides Rebecca, they do have David, The Queen, The Classic and more! Remember, they serve delectable waffles from 12pm – 5pm daily!

8. Lewisgene @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Rebecca Waffle, David Waffle, The Owls Cafe, Bukit Jalil, Jalil Link, KL
Located on first floor, this café gives you a comfortable ambience and it makes you feel relax while you indulge on a cup of good brew. Besides going there for their coffees, their waffles too would be the key factor its worth to stop and relax too! Looking at a triangular plate that serves one of the yummy Belgium waffle from Lewisgene, it is actually one of their popular dessert here. Warm and fluffy piece of waffle served with cream, fruits and ice cream; this will sure to cool you down on a hot and sunny day. They do have other variety of waffles like Chocolate chip waffle and Mocha Waffle too!

9. Frisky Goat @ TTDI

Frisky goat, TTDI, Waffle, Chocolate Waffle
A place for comfort food and cravings satisfaction café at TTDI here, it got to be Frisky Goat. Limited tables here as they are fully occupied most of the time – this includes looking for a good parking space too! Over the weekends they are usually crowded as well. But nothing stops you from hunting great food! Waffles a L'Americiane, a good plate to kick start your appetite! The portion served is actually good for sharing, especially for girls! It comes with caramelized bananas, and spiced roasted walnuts, drizzled with melted chocolate and topped with ice cream! Besides waffle, cakes and coffee too a good choice for some long talks with your bestie!

10. Chequers @ TTDI

Chequers, TTDI, Waffle, Waffle specialist, PJ
Looking for a place that serves sweet and savory waffles as their mains? Then you can get them here. Waffles and chicken – it seems to be the best match in the recent food industry now. At Chequers, the savory tastes of waffles include Chicken Cobb Sandwich, Chicken Square, Moo Moo, Eggs Benedict and more from their menu. For something sweet, there are too choices like Melting Moments, which consist of deep fried bananas, salted caramel sauce and ice cream. Their menu does have a section that is ‘waffle-less’ that serves pastas! A place that suits for comfort food, it got to be at Chequers! For more satisfaction guaranteed waffles selections, here are the Waffle Hot Picks to choose from!

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