Top 10 Fragrantly Scrumptious Fried Rice in KL & PJ
Fried Rice, KL, PJ
Rice is a staple food that one could never live without. There are so many types of rice depending on the grains that is used to cook it. But the fact that we know we love to have our rice being fried rather than the plain ones! Fried rice comes in so many different style and taste, therefore this round it got to be Fried Rice! Let us explore where you can get some most talked about and the best fried rice in KL and PJ! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

1. Fat Spoon @ Damansara Utama

Fried rice, Ulam Fried Rice, Fatspoon, Damansara Utama, PJ
Let’s start with some ‘herbaliciously’ good fried rice from Fat Spoon. Start off with their special twist of Ulam fried rice – wok fried rice with sambal and aromatic hebs served with fried chicken, belacan long beans and pappadum! Frangrantly good and it doesn’t have the raw vegetable taste because of its name – ‘Ulam’. It might be a little bit spicy but add some sambal and eat it together for that extra taste! Tasty!

2. Yut Kee @ Jalan Dang Wangi

Yut Kee, Belachan fried rice, fried rice, kl
Being known for their famous Hainanese food, they too have fried rice –Belachan fried rice! Their fried rice is one of the best fried rice in KL. It is aromatic, light and fluffy and spicy! Each grain are cooked till perfectly wrapped up in flavors and noticed that they uses bean sprouts in their fried rice too! This changes the texture because it adds in some ‘crunchiness’ in each bite! Wonderfully addictive and while they are known for so many good food, remember to pay them a visit again at their new location; which is just steps away from their old outlet!

3. Old Man Restaurant @ Bangi

Ebiko fried rice, wok hei, fried rice, bangi
Looking at something different, we have this seafood fried rice that gives you a touch of ‘freshness’ in it! With chunks of fish paste and prawns, they are exceptionally fresh and crunchy. Topped with lots of Ebiko (prawn roes), this makes it even better as it taste crunchy and pops each time you bite on it! To make it taste even and better, mix the Ebiko with the rice together and eat them up instantly! Besides fried rice, Old Man Restaurant too has many other delectable dishes that you should try too! Head there to get the best fried rice from them today!

4. Mango Chili @ Nexus Bangsar South

Green curry fried rice, thai food, fried rice, bangsar south
Their first flagship store is finally here in Nexus, Bangsar South. Under the same franchise of the famous Mango Tree Restaurant from Thailand, this restaurant is quite special and meaningful in a way that each meal that is ordered, they will contribute a meal to underprivileged kids. To begin, look forward to their best fried rice, Green Curry fried rice and Tom Yam fried rice that will spice up your taste buds! Fried with green curry paste, it tastes creamier and mild spiciness – a unique blend of taste from the green curry. Tom Yam fried rice too taste fragrant with a blend of sourness and spicy at the same time. So why not head over for some good food and at the same time doing a part for some good cause?

5. Ploy @ Damansara Heights

Black fried rice, PLOY, fried rice, Damansara heights, PJ
A modern Asian cuisine, Ploy is the place for some fusion invention good food. Looking at their menu, you’ll spot a special kind of dish – Ploy’s Black Fried Rice! Uses squid ink to get the black color, fried with seafood, crunchy Thai sweet basil, egg yolk and chili; this is indeed one of the best fried rice in KL as the egg makes it creamier and the rice is nicely done plus the seafood is fresh too! Besides their great invention of black fried rice, they too have another recommended dessert of Durian Panacotta. Smooth, aromatic and the sweetness is just nice! Head there for some good food and ambience today!

6. New Yew Sang Restaurant @ Kelana Jaya

fried rice, food court, kelana jaya, PJ
Not forgetting to look for best fried rice from hawker stall that comes in good portion and price. This is the place to be. Located behind Giant Kelana Jaya, the stall is in this restaurant. Full of ‘Wok Hei’, their fried rice is fried with long beans, pork meat, prawns, and finely chopped carrots too! Their rice is fragrant and the sweet taste comes from the waxed meat of ‘Lap Cheong’ bits in it! Just top up a sunny side up as they are perfectly cooked as well!

7. Wondermama @ Bangsar

Black spider fried rice, soft shell crab, fried rice, wondermama, bangsar
Nice ambience and decorations upon entering, they too have an extensive menu of good food to keep you happy and satiated! Serves food that offers a fusion mixture of culture and tradition, they are indeed delicious. Looking at the fried rice selection that they had in their menu, the name of Black Spider Fried Rice caught our attention. With ingredients like long beans, egg, vegetables, black ebiko, pepper and the main star – Soft shell crab. Their rice is perfectly cook, not like most soft or moisten rice being fried. Pair it up with the soft shell crab is indeed a good match! While the black ebiko too, makes it sort like crunchy as it pops when you bite on it! Be sure to try this fired rice in KL when you’re at Wondermama!

8. Pigs & Wolf @ Pavilion Dining Loft

pigs & wolf, pavilion, dining loft, kl, bukit bintang
Recently opened at Pavilion’s Dining Loft, they are a hit too! While they served everything with pork, nonetheless you can get some interesting and delicious fried rice here too. Uses Japanese pearl grains, the rice is less starchy and smaller looking round grains. Each grain is perfectly coated with flavors and pieces of roasted pork can be spotted in it. Apart from a plate of flavorful fried rice, Pigs & Wolf are famous for their carbonara pasta that is so creamy and topped with pork bacon bits! Besides, they also have another special dessert of Fried Mars Bar too!

9. Din Tai Fung @ Various Shopping Mall

Din Tai Fung, Xiao Long Bao, fried rice, kl, pj
Originated from Taiwan, this chain restaurant is spreading steadily across Klang Valley! It is also the top Chinese restaurant in KL & PJ. Known for the best specialized Xiao Long Bao, they serve the best Cha Jiang La Mian too. Extensive menu ranging from appetizers, dumplings, soups, dishes, fried rice, noodles and desserts; you cannot miss out their noodles and fried rice! Fans of fried rice will surely be amazed with the best fried rice from them. Their shrimp fried rice, shredded pork fried rice or pork chop fried rice would be seen being ordered on most tables! Succulent pork cutlet and fresh and huge shrimps used, their fried rice is being fried with egg and it is very fragrant and the oil level on the rice is just nice!

10. Nong & Jimmy Thai Restaurant @ Ampang

Nong & Jimmy, fried rice, Thai seafood, kl, ampang
Thai food would be the best choice for dinner because it is sweet, sour, spicy and appetizing! When you stopped by Ampang, remember to pay Nong& Jimmy a visit. Looking at their fried rice, it might look plain and nothing much special, but never judge a book by its cover! It is fried with full of ‘Wok Hei’ and fragrantly delighting! With some eggs and shrimps in it, this plate is surely a good demand when you would love to have carbs intake! Each spoonful of it is indeed addictive! They are indeed one of the best fried rice in KL. For some lovely barbecued crabs, they serve good seafood too! Discover more hottest restaurant In KL Hunt for the hottest PJ restaurant

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