Top 10 Best Korean BBQ Restaurants to Satisfy Your Cravings in Klang Valley!
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K-wave has been trending worldwide, accompanying by it, is the rise of Korean restaurants, especially in Klang Valley, there is a lot of great Korean BBQ restaurants that you will not want to miss. Here are the 10 Best Korean BBQ Restaurants in Klang Valley that satisfies your cravings for these delicious BBQ meats! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are non halal.)

1. San Nae Deul

Being one of the most discussed Korean restaurants in town; San Nae Deul offers the rare treat of ‘all-you-can-eat’ that makes everyone eyeing on them. The meat selection for barbeque here are pleasant, few of the many meat choices that you would love to taste would be the LA Beef Rib, Squid and Pork Bulgogi and Grilled Slice Pork in Korean Spicy Sauce. Besides grilling, San Nae Deul has included other variety of a la carte dishes in their buffet menu as well. Make sure you check them out!

2. Kajak-Kajak Korean Roll BBQ

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The first Kajak-Kajak Korean Roll BBQ is located in Kuchai Lama and it has now added Kepong into their list of expansion. Kajak-Kajak is known for their rolled pork, to meet the name of the restaurant, barbecue the thin sliced pork to crispy finish for a new meat tasting experience. Next, sample the juicy and tender Honeycomb Pork for a different texture adventure. Lastly, you will want to end your barbeque feast with their bestseller, Special Bacon Wrapped Rice. Nicely grilled bacon slices wrapped around hot and steamy rice, finger-licking good!

3. Sae Ma Eul BBQ

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In Sae Ma Eul, baby octopus can be seen almost on every tables as it is a must try here! You will have to do the barbeque by your own. What’s good is you get to grill the meats according to your preference. The DIY fun is including but not limited to grilling, Sae Ma Eul’s signature Spicy Rice Balls allow you to ‘play’ all you want. Mix all the provided ingredients together and shape them into little balls to your desired size, grill them up for a crispier texture!

4. BBQ K Korean Buffet

Run by a Korean boss so you can definitely expect some authentic Korean tastes here. The buffet menu not only provides various selections of meats for barbeque, but also a-la carte dishes too. One particular thing that’s worth mentioning is BBQ K provides wide selection of Kimchi, up to 7 kinds to choose from. If you’re a pork knuckle lover, just be sure to try out their signature Herb Braised Pork Knuckle that is braised for 8 hours using 28 kinds of herbs, it’s really tasty and nourishing.

5. Jung Won Korea BBQ Restaurant

Jung Won serves one of the best Korean BBQ in Ampang area. Aside from fresh and juicy barbeque meats, this beautifully renovated restaurant takes pride on its Kimchi Stew too. A real foodie will know that Kimchi Stew and Korean BBQ is the best combo ever! Also, it’s recommended to try their Sam Gye Tang (Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup)! Good food accompanying by breathtaking environment, Jung Won surely is a good place for you to release stress and fill your stomach!

6. HWANG HAE Korean Style Lamb BBQ

What comes in your mind when you heard about Korean food? Bibimbap, Kimchi, or Kimbap? Whichever it is, we bet you will never think of this – BBQ Skewered Mutton! BBQ Skewered Mutton or Chicken are common street snacks in Korea, but when it comes to Malaysia, it has become relatively rare. So this is why you should come to Hwang Hae! The skewered mutton that has been marinated using Korean spices tastes great when it’s cooked. Its tender and juicy texture will definitely leave you with strong impression, causing you to ask for more! Besides, you can also find the no-where-to-be-found Mak Chang (pork large intestines) here!

7. Seoul Korea Restaurant

Be ready to wait when you come to Seoul Korea Restaurant, as it is extremely famous to the point that there is always long queue lining even on weekdays! Korean barbecue is its specialty, and what’s making it more special is the charcoal grill. If you would love to have barbequed meats with delightful smoky flavour, this is it. Seoul Korea Restaurant also offers variety of side dishes with unlimited refills, which is a very pleasing service to all customers.

8. Korean Wang BBQ Center

Aside from charcoal BBQ, Korean Wang BBQ Center serves the most welcomed pork dish among youngsters, which is the Cheesy Pork Ribs. The pork ribs are cooked in Korean spicy sauce with generous amount of cheese topped on it. Another remarkable dish in Korean Wang would be the Hae Mul Tang (Korean Seafood Soup), do give it a try if you’re a seafood lover.

9. Mr.Lim Korean BBQ

Mr.Lim Korean BBQ is known for its amazing food and substantial portion with affordable price. Steamed egg is a really common dish but this restaurant totally rock it. The steamed egg is served in a hot stone bowl and surprisingly, it is one of the side dishes and it is refillable. Do enjoy your BBQ feast with bottomless steamed egg for a fresh BBQ experience!

10. Palsaik Korean BBQ Malaysia

Palsaik in Korean, means 8 different kinds of colors. As the restaurant’s name suggests, its signature BBQ dish is the 8 flavored pork bellies. Garlic, miso paste, curry, hot pepper, herb, pine leaves, Ginseng and wine - each and every flavor is expected to give your taste buds a flavor explosion! Do not miss out their scrumptious seafood soup too! All seafood goodness in a pot, delicious!
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